The Vampire Who Played Dead

The Vampire Who Played Dead Two years ago a woman is murdered in cold blood Now a son she d given up for adoption returns to claim his inheritance To verify his claim a DNA test is ordered Except there s one problem Her grave

  • Title: The Vampire Who Played Dead
  • Author: J.R. Rain
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Two years ago, a woman is murdered in cold blood Now a son she d given up for adoption returns to claim his inheritance To verify his claim, a DNA test is ordered Except there s one problem.Her grave is empty.Spinoza is a private investigator who specializes in finding the missing He s good at what he does Damn good But he s also a recovering alcoholic and a royal meTwo years ago, a woman is murdered in cold blood Now a son she d given up for adoption returns to claim his inheritance To verify his claim, a DNA test is ordered Except there s one problem.Her grave is empty.Spinoza is a private investigator who specializes in finding the missing He s good at what he does Damn good But he s also a recovering alcoholic and a royal mess Hired to find the missing body, Spinoza will follow a set of clues that leads him to the unthinkable, a world of nightmares and dreamscapes A world inhabited by the living and the dead Acclaim for the Novels of J.R Rain Gripping, adventurous, and romantic J.R Rain s The Lost Ark is a breakneck thriller that traces the thread of history from Biblical stories to current day headlines Be prepared to lose sleep James Rollins, international bestselling author of THE DEVIL COLONY and ALTAR OF EDEN I enjoyed this immensely Piers Anthony, New York Times bestselling author of A SPELL FOR CHAMELEON and ON A PALE HORSE J.R Rain delivers a blend of action and wit that always entertains Quick with the one liners, but his characters are fully fleshed out even the undead ones and you ll come back again and again Scott Nicholson, 1 bestselling Kindle author of LIQUID FEAR and DISINTEGRATION Dark Horse is one of the best books I ve read in a long time Gemma Halliday, award winning author of SPYING IN HIGH HEELS and VIVA LAS VEGAS Moon Dance is absolutely brilliant Lisa Tenzin Dolma, author of UNDERSTANDING THE PLANETARY MYTHS Moon Dance is a must read If you like Janet Evanovich s Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter, be prepared to love J R Rain s Samantha Moon, vampire private investigator Eve Paludan, author of LETTERS FROM DAVID and TAKING BACK TARA Impossible to put down J.R Rain s Moon Dance is a fabulous urban fantasy April Vine, author of THE MIDNIGHT ROSE Powerful stuff Aiden James, author of CADES COVE and PLAGUE OF COINS Jim Knighthorse is a throwback to classic detectives, which is probably why I love him so much Funny, street smart, and tough as nails I love this series Summer Lee, bestselling author of ANGEL HEART and KINDRED SPIRITS J.R Rain is the new modern master of vampires H.T Night, 1 bestselling Kindle author of THE WEREWOLF WHISPERER and VAMPIRE LOVE STORY I love Jim Knighthorse Please write faster, Mr Rain Elaine Babich, 1 bestselling Kindle author of FALLING AGAIN and JUMPING DOWN

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      I m an ex private investigator now writing full time in the Pacific Northwest, where I live in a small house on a small island with my small dog, Sadie, who has energy than Robin Williams.As a kid I was always making stuff skates, skateboards, skimboards, skis, sleds, clothing, furniture, wood carvings, Easter baskets, comic books, you name it I was the mother of all nerds Anyway, I think I was searching for the one thing I wanted to keep on making for the rest of my life Then one day I discovered Choose Your Own Adventure books Remember those You as the reader were asked to make choices for the characters Choose Your Own Adventures were a lot of fun and I just had to make my own And so I did, writing three of them, and I ve been hooked on writing ever since Just think, I could have been hooked on making Easter baskets In high school, I was a fine balance of jock and nerd I played football and baseball and somehow managed to write five complete novels So how was I able to write so much and play sports and study at the same time Easy No girlfriend In fact, I didn t kiss a girl until I was in college In college, I still managed to write two books and over 80 short stories Even with all the kissing Eventually, I graduated with a perfectly useless degree in anthropology, got married two weeks later, and shortly thereafter started my career as an insurance claims investigator I ve made better choices I would spend the next four years researching and writing my first adventure novel, THE LOST ARK At the age of 28, I landed one of the biggest agents in Hollywood Welcome to Hollyweird I discovered that I had a natural knack for writing screenplays Go figure For the next two years I worked exclusively with Paramount Pictures and Alphaville Productions developing various movie and TV projects Some things worked out most didn t I learned much and I m thankful for the experience Ultimately, I realized I had strayed far from my true love writing novels but never very far from my other true love donuts And so, with a little bit of money in the bank and some time on my hands okay, fine, I got fired from my insurance job , I moved to Carlsbad and wrote three books DARK HORSE, MOON DANCE, and CURSED Being married to a dreamer is tough Being married to a dreamer and a writer is damn near impossible Yup, you guessed it, after seven tough years my wife was gone, baby, gone Not to worry I eventually met another girl poor thing , and together we moved up to Seattle Things turned ugly fast I lost my job, my car, my money, the girl, went bankrupt, and yet somehow wrote THE MUMMY CASE in a freezing cold basement in the middle of a rainy winter, unemployed and stealing food usually donuts from local grocery stores Like the prodigal son, I eventually moved back home to southern California, where I got a new job, got my private investigator s license, got a new movie agent, moved to Hollywood and was fortunate enough to have my first novel published in November 2005 by Mundania Press In 2006, I wrote ELVIS HAS NOT LEFT THE BUILDING, and in 2007, I moved up to Oregon where I eventually became a vegetarian for moral reasons , and wrote the first draft of my ghost story, THE BODY DEPARTED In 2008, I moved back to southern California to help with my sick father Now in 2009, you guessed it, I m back up in the Pacific Northwest, living on a small island in a small home with my small doggie It s a simple, peaceful lifea life filled with writing, hiking, and Beggin Strips Remember life is too short to work at a job you don t love So follow your dreams, my friends, even if it means living on a faraway island in the back of beyond As you can see, I ve come far from those days of stealing donuts Full circle, if y

    434 thoughts on “The Vampire Who Played Dead”

    1. Another J.R. Rain exercise in shameless self promotion with a very slim e'book that has the first six percent dedicated to listing everything he has written (including term papers) and tons of acclaim from authors of note, then the next 67% devoted to a weak sketch of a story with obvious connections between characters (no surprises in this Novella), then the remaining 27% dedicated to samples of books that currently available or coming soon. A total of fifteen books were sampled following the t [...]

    2. JR Rain's Spinoza novels are like Detective 'lite' novels. It's not so much the content which, given Spinoza's tragic past can get pretty heavy, but there aren't a lot of sub plots. He has his outings with his girlfriend Roxi and meets up with Detective Hammer for doughnuts and talking shop but the basic premise is simple: Someone hires him to find someone, he works the case, he solves the case. It's simple and it works. It's a nice departure from having to keep track of many dangling plot threa [...]

    3. I love J.R. Rain books because he's his own publisher. This gives him the ability to do whatever the heck he wants. He fills his books with wit and humor and interesting characters and different storylines. The Spinoza series are short novellas on a guilt-ridden PI, who tries to solve cases in the midst of overcoming sorrows of personal tragedy. And there is always a vampire. This one is no exception. And, Rain always includes characters from his other books. Kind of a cross over. This was a nic [...]

    4. (0,o)That Spinoza is an interesting guy… I like the honesty he has with himself and the true conviction over his son’s death. What can I say… I like him. He is funny in a dry way ;-)I think the story started out good but then became predictable as the book title gave it away. I hoped for more but received not. bummer.I think this is my first novella to read with five sample books at the end. Hmm,I admit since the books are short… if a third one comes out and B&N offer it free I will [...]

    5. Too short. As with most of Rain's books, I wanted more. Since this isn't a subject (vampires)I usually choose to read about, those two sentences are a big compliment to the author. It was actually a compliment to his work that I downloaded it at all. I am a major fan, and have suggested him to all of my friends who, along with me, mourned the passing of Robert B. Parker. When I started reading the Knighthorse series I couldn't help thinking of how much they reminded me of the early Spenser books [...]

    6. Another book that I have enjoyed. Even though this was the second book in the Spinoza trilogy I don't feel as though I should have read the first one to make sense of things. I found it to be well written and had some great characters. The plot line might be a little bit fanciful in places but sometimes it is nice to read a book which gives your imagination free rein. I have noticed that this author has a lot of other material so in time I will read more pieces.

    7. As always a good read and way to short, I like how rain ties in his characters from his other books, story line was decent but could of had a lot of potential, I hope there is more to come with Spinoza, I like his role, you need to intertwine knighthorse, king and moon in one good epic book, but we'll see about that anyway, good easy read!

    8. This was another well done book by Rain. It stays direct and uncomplicated on the plot. I was hoping to see him bring back his vampire from the last book but,it didn't happen. The old characters were still a delight to know more of. love the shortness of the story as well. It isn't too short or long . I can't wait to read the next book!

    9. He earned a lifetime supply of tacos!Spinoza is such a softy with kids and scary when it comes to monsters. Such a tortured soul too. The title gave away the mystery, but I enjoyed the reveal any way. Perfect sized story for an afternoon read.

    10. I love J.R. Rain. Great meaningless fluff mysteries to carry around, reading as catch can between appointments and errands. Good workingman writing, plots and resolutions. Nothing to complain about here.

    11. Wasn't very impressed with the first book, but read the second. It still is not much of a page turner for me. Overall, just ok

    12. I think this one would be classified as a novella. Not that it matters. It was a fun, fast read. For those looking for something to pass a few pleasurable hours, this might be of interest.

    13. Crap just crap. Giving it two stars is me being nice. Also I noticed this in the other books, but there are alot of type-os. I think J.R. Rain should give up in writing.

    14. My Boss made me laugh when he posted on my FB, aren't all VP's dead! Well, this one really played "dead". Again a Novella so very short quick read. Cute, worth the read and interesting concept.

    15. Not a bad read but disappointed that there are only 3 books in the series, I guess the author felt that all the issues were resolved.

    16. I enjoyed this one much more then the first one in this series, but I must say that my favorites by this author are the Samantha Moon series.I am looking forward to reading more from this author.

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