The Big Gamble

The Big Gamble Michael McGarrity s acclaimed Santa Fe police chief Kevin Kerney is back with his estranged son Two bodies have been found in a burned building One is a missing person from Kerney s cold case files T

  • Title: The Big Gamble
  • Author: Michael McGarrity
  • ISBN: 9780451410993
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
  • Michael McGarrity s acclaimed Santa Fe police chief, Kevin Kerney is back with his estranged son Two bodies have been found in a burned building One is a missing person from Kerney s cold case files The other is a recent homicide Both will lead father and son into a vast network of crimed the darkest places of the soul.

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    1. Michael McGarrity

      With the publication of Tularosa in 1996, Michael McGarrity turned to writing full time Many of his novels have been national best sellers He holds a BA with distinction in psychology and a master s degree in clinical social work As an undergraduate, he held a Ford Foundation Scholarship at the University of New Mexico Additionally, he is an honor graduate of the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy.His career in criminal justice spanned over twenty five years and included creating treatment programs for drug offenders, supervising outreach services for at risk juveniles, and re establishing mental health services for the Department of Corrections after the infamous 1980 riot at the New Mexico Penitentiary As a Santa Fe County deputy sheriff, he worked as a patrol officer, training and planning supervisor, community relations officer, and was the lead investigator of the sex crimes unit, which he established Additionally, he taught courses at the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy, served as a caseworker and investigator for the Public Defender s District Office, and conducted investigations for a state government agency In 1980 he was named New Mexico Social Worker of the Year and in 1987 was recognized by the American Legion as Police Officer of the Year In 2004 he received the New Mexico Governor s Award for Excellence in the Arts Literature He is also the 2015 recipient of the Frank Waters Exemplary Literary Achievement Award and the 2015 Santa Fe Mayor s Award for Excellence in the Arts Literature He has been instrumental in establishing the Hillerman McGarrity Creative Writing Scholarship at the University of New Mexico, the Richard Bradford Memorial Creative Writing Scholarship at the Santa Fe Community College, and the N Scott Momaday Creative Writing Scholarship at the Institute of American Indian Arts.He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his wife Emily Beth Mimi.

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    1. I like this series by Michael McGarrity and I like his main character, Kevin Kerney--but a a bad trend is developing. As in his last book, the ending seems hurried and formulaic. The beginning and middle are good. There are a lot of characters and McGarrity well details the relationships between the various leads. These are well drawn, believable, and interesting. The plot is complicated and takes a long time to unwind. Also good. It's a real page turner, but you reach a point where it all hurri [...]

    2. Darkest places of the soulVery attractive series based on a lawman in New Mexico and his family. This is part of the series called the Kevin Kerney Novels. This paragraph applies to all books in this series. The story’s are great, but what makes this series stand out is how the country is worked into the story, It’s almost as if you are there. The author is a gifted story teller.Do you need to read this series in order: Yes, it helps a lot. Note that Hard Country and Backlands (and one pendi [...]

    3. Always enjoy reading the Kevin Kerney books. This book almost resembled what's going on in the US in late 2017: politicians and actors getting busted in sex scandals, although the book was written in the early 2000's. I am enjoying the development of the relationship between Kerney and his estranged son Clayton. Can't wait to see what happens with the remaining 2 books I have left to read before the brand new one comes out OCT 2018.

    4. Always love these, but the end had a 1 month gap after following the investigation throughout the book. You lost the last month of it and it just jumped a month. Perhaps he was trying a new style. I was disappointed. But, will read on in the series.

    5. Another in the Kerney series. Story of a 10 yr old murder investigated by him originally then brought up 10 yrs later with the discovery of the body. His newly discovered son is in on the investigation the widens to cover politicians, sex trafficking and gambling.

    6. If you are a fan of Tony Hillerman's Jim Chee and Joe Leaphorn novels which regularly serve up a cocktail of assertive storytelling, unusual mysteries, wonderful atmospheric descriptions of Southwestern geography, and accurate portrayals of Native American culture, this offering by Michael McGarrity will not slake your thirst. Sure, The Big Gamble is set in New Mexico and one of the two protagonists is a Mescalero Apache Deputy Sheriff, but that is about as "Native American" as the story gets. T [...]

    7. This book in the Kevin Kerney series was a bit of a disappointment: Too much police procedure, too little plot and character development.The story follows Santa Fe police chief, Kerney and his recently discovered son, Clayton Istee, who is a Lincoln County, NM detective as they pusue two seperate murder investigations that turn out to be related. Their work together is complicated by Istee's ambivalence about having a "white" father. Istee's mother is an Apache.The story goes back and forth as K [...]

    8. An abandoned warehouse burns to the ground. Two dead people are found but one of the bodies has been there for years. Kerney's son, the newly appointed Deputy Sheriff investigates the newly opened cold case. These mystery's are pretty good. I like the southwestern setting. Clayton is married with 2 kids and is trying to adjust to his new job and is new found dad, Kevin Kerney. Kevin is trying to handle a long distance relationship with his pregnant wife and is also adjusting to a new job as a po [...]

    9. 2 stars for it was OK, not one of the best in the series of Police Chief Kevin Kerney of New Mexico. It dragged on a bit for me and didn't get a lot better towards the end. My husband and I are reading them in order so best to understand the personal side of Chief Kerney's life and his relationship with his wife, Sara, a military Lt. Colonel, and also his new relationship with his half-Indian son, Clayton, and 2 grandkids he recently got acquainted with. The two homicides they are working on in [...]

    10. #7 in the Kevin Kearney series.Kevin Kerney series - When two murder victims turn up after a fire in an abandoned fruit stand on a rural highway, Kerney, now the police chief of Sante Fe, N.Mex takes a personal interest in the case. One blackened corpse is a John Doe, stabbed three times, who is soon identified as a homeless Vietnam vet. The other remains belong to a 29- year-old college student, Anna Marie Montoya, who disappeared 11 years before. As it happens, Kerney was involved in the searc [...]

    11. Plot line was interesting with two victims from murders years apart being found at the same site. Everything in life is coming to order for Kevin in this 7th book in a series. He has a good job as chief of police in Santa Fe with good people on his staff. He has a beautiful, intelligent, pregnant wife. His inheiritance has allowed him to purchas ranch land and have an architect draw up plans for a dream house. The son he didn't know he had, is begining to thaw their frosty relationship. And he g [...]

    12. 2 bodies are found after a fire in an abandoned building, one from a missing person 'cold case'. Clayton Istee investigates and coordinates with Santa Fe police chief Kevin Kerney and federal agents, finding ties to a prominent politician and wealthy businessmen. A tale of solid investigative work following clues to gather evidence for arrests. Limited character development of the team. Istee has a chip on his shoulder making his interactions stiff, and Kerney is distracted from crime detection [...]

    13. Another great read from McGarrityI like the calm way he weaves a variety of threads within this story and brings them to a central conclusion. There is no rush to his writing style - he just progressively draws one in. I agree with a review by one of my friends that the author does display the typical New Mexican antagonism toward West Texas and El Paso in particular and, while I did attend high school years ago in El Paso, I do concur with his perspective. New Mexico is always almost heaven!

    14. It is hard to say which of the Kerney mystery books is the best, but this easily qualifies if the criterion is the author's ability to spin a darn good yarn. To avoid spoilers, I won't say much more. Only that the plot takes the reader from Santa Fe south into Mexico, with lots of stops in between. A great read, especially if one has been reading the Kerney books in order, starting with the Kerney family trilogy. This one has a subplot that continues from "The Last Ranch," and was brought forth [...]

    15. Pulsing with twists and intrigue. As always the ending comes too swiftly and without satisfaction.I have read half a dozen or so of Kevin Kerney books and this is among the best of the series.Multiple characters, multiple plots, and multiple locations give it a richer dimension than some of his previous books. I agree with other reviewers who state that when father and son are embedded in the story it seems to flow better and indeed it does. Onto the next Kevin Kerney for me.

    16. The Big GambleI truly like this book yet feel it did not end. I know there is another story and I intend to read it. Yet I like everything to have its own ending which I have to honestly say there was yet I am hanging. I love Sara and feel she's a great match for Kevin. This is a book I would recommend to anyone who likes to read.

    17. I really enjoyed this book since I live in New Mexico and know many of the areas he wrote about. The plot and characters can't be classified as literature but I found it very entertaining. I wanted to argue with his dislike of El Paso, but I suspect it represents the standard attitude of New Mexicans: "Poor New Mexico, so near to heaven, so close to Texas."

    18. Mystery seriesHaven't read this series for a while but it was worth catching up to. Very much a true procedural mystery with a lot of attention paid to police procedures and paperwork. Good characters and enough references to the previous books that I was able to keep up.No Canadian referencesPharmacy - murder victim has several prescription vials from CVS pharmacy.

    19. I really enjoyed this book. It is interesting to see the dynamic between Kerney and clayton, though you wish you could ask clayton to take the stick out of him ar-hm and for Kerney to care a bit more, he is very passive when it comes to his personal relationships. That said the 'baddies' were excellent and the mixture of police procedure and mystery was very well done, my favourite to date

    20. Two bodies are found in the burning wreckage of an abandoned fruit stand. Chief Kearney works a the old murder, and his son Clayton works the murder that the fire was covering up. Toward the end, they finally spend some time together that isn't highly charged. Author McGarrity gives a great book of police procedures with a lot of heart thrown in. I'll be reading all of his books!

    21. I read most of the Kevin Kerney series but somehow I'd missed this one. Not my favorite in the bunch. Really not much danger involved. This book was much more about Kerney's son Clayton than Kerney himself.

    22. The stories just never get old least so far as book seven of this Kevin Kerney series. In this one the story is about a ring of five college buddies that run a multi state prostitution, drugs and murder racket. Kevin gets to work with his new found son Clayton at the end.

    23. Police Chief Kevin Kerney and his estranged son Clayton Istee are investigating related crimes in 2 separate jurisdictions. An interesting story as the 2 men put together the evidence on their separate investigations and then tie them together. Good story.

    24. Father and son investigating murder cases in parallel. An interesting concept and read, but not McGarrity's best work or Kerney's most spirited case. But, still fun and enjoyable.

    25. I just got this book from the library this morning and I already finished reading it. I enjoyed the story and the characters in it. will read more of the series.

    26. Still a good read, I don't know what it is about these that I like so much--sometimes an author just does something in a way I enjoy. Can I vague that up for you anymore?

    27. This is the first of this series about Kevin Kerney that I've read. It was an easy, fun read, but not exactly "edge-of-your-seat" kind of stuff. I will try a couple more, though.

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