The Wisdom of Donkeys: Finding Tranquility in a Chaotic World

The Wisdom of Donkeys Finding Tranquility in a Chaotic World A literary ode to peace presence and fulfillment inspired by a walk taken with a most surprising creature The demon of speed is often associated with forgetting with avoidance and slowness with mem

  • Title: The Wisdom of Donkeys: Finding Tranquility in a Chaotic World
  • Author: Andy Merrifield
  • ISBN: 9780802715937
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A literary ode to peace, presence, and fulfillment inspired by a walk taken with a most surprising creature The demon of speed is often associated with forgetting, with avoidance and slowness with memory and confronting, observes Milan Kundera in his novel Slowness With that purpose in mind a search for slowness and tranquillity Andy Merrifield set out on a journey ofA literary ode to peace, presence, and fulfillment inspired by a walk taken with a most surprising creature The demon of speed is often associated with forgetting, with avoidance and slowness with memory and confronting, observes Milan Kundera in his novel Slowness With that purpose in mind a search for slowness and tranquillity Andy Merrifield set out on a journey of the soul with a friend s donkey, to walk amid the ruins and spectacular vistas of southern France s Haute Auvergne The purposeful pace of the journey and the understated nobility of Gribouille, his humble donkey companion, allowed him to confront himself as well as to consider the larger mysteries of life insight he now shares in his enchanting book, The Wisdom of Donkeys As Merrifield contemplates literature, science, truth and beauty, and the universality of nature amid the French countryside, Gribouille surprises him with his subtle wisdom, reminding him time and again that enlightenment is all around us if we but seek it Traveling with Andy Merrifield and Gribouille, we re reminded of the contemplative and exquisite benefits of nature, passive adventuring, and wild spaces.

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    1. An English man who gives up on the struggle for a literary career in New York City retreats to the Avignon region in central France for a period of rural contemplation. Based on earlier brief forays in Egypt and Morocco, he takes up long hiking trips with a donkey for a companion and pack animal. He learns to accommodate to their famous stubbornness: “You tell a horsebut you need to ask a donkey.” According to a French expression: “A donkey pushes himself; he’s not pulled.” His donkey [...]

    2. In my first grad school librarian class, the professor, the most helpful lifelong of all college instructors, handed each of us a reading list, instructing us to be able to discuss the books in the following weeks' classes. My list had 17 items. Other students had similar sized lists. Every list was different. Students wouldn't be competing for a limited number of library copies. That pace continued it strongly influenced my reading patterns after becoming a public library director. There are t [...]

    3. After living in the noisy and fast-paced atmosphere of New York City for a decade, geography teacher and author Andy Merrifield searched for a more tranquil life. He found it walking across Auvergne with Gribouille, a big chocolate-colored donkey, as a companion. It was a time of reflection and slowing down as they traversed the French rural bridle paths.I had never given much thought to donkeys and their gentle, quiet nature, but was fascinated by them by the end of the book. The author reflect [...]

    4. I ended up enjoying this book far more than I had anticipated. At first I thought, "A book about a man walking around France with a donkey? Sounds like fun." Being a big fan of travel writing, I picked it up at the library, but this book was so much more than travel writing/literature. This is a love song to donkeys, to slowing down, to living life with less but being more content. It's a lovely story filled with Merrifield's philosophies about life, literature, and donkeys. At times, Merrifield [...]

    5. It was good - and teaches us a valuable message about how this equine species can teach us how to be patient, kind, thoughtful, careful, gentle, and calm. But that message could have been conveyed in fewer pages. Like the author's donkey pal, the book is heartwarming, but moved at a very slow pace. I just lost interest and gave up about half way through.

    6. The Wisdom of DonkeysBy Andy Merrifield4 starspp. 258Finding tranquility in a chaotic world is Merrifield's subtitle to The Wisdom of Donkeys and that is exactly what Merrifield was doing following a personal undefined crisis. Merrifield a native of Liverpool, England had wanted two things in his life to live in New York City and immerse himself in academia. He had both of those, a PhD in Geography, an urban Marxist theorist an active author and yet during a crisis of faith he walked away and fo [...]

    7. maybe i'm just not ready to grasp "tranquility" but this book moved too goddamn slow for me. also, it felt like, rather than writing a book about a personal experience, the author SEEMED to go on a personal experience for the purposes of writing a book. i guess you've got to create your writing inspiration when you're living the slow life in a small french hamlet? he never goes into his "why" for the journey, nor the distance or time (at least, i didn't pick up on it - i think it was a few days? [...]

    8. I bought this book several books ago while traveling and the person who recommended it said it was a wonderful read. I finally slowed down to read it and what a wonderful book it is!If you like animals you will enjoy this book. Even if you do not like animals, this is worth the read. It's about life and how what we think we need in our life is not always true.Also learning more how donkeys play such an important role for most of the world, how smart and strong they are gives insight in how speci [...]

    9. This book is fantastic. Musings on the inner lives of donkeys. Walking cross country with a donkey, the author brings together donkey lore and literature and his own experiences having a simple, natural space of time to explore the world.

    10. First, it made me want to buy a donkey, then look after him and stroke him/her, and learn to understand the animal. The author writes so you feel you are on the journey with him and the donkey, and it is a very strong feel-good book.

    11. At the beginning, it all seems very boring, and the author seems like he's not getting anywhere with his words. But once the journey really kicks in, it's like you're in it with Merrifield together. Gribouille is charming. You have to read this book.

    12. Jealousy. The emotion you may experience in reading this book about the author's walking journey through southern France, enjoying life at a pace the modern world has forgotten, in the companionship of Gribouille - a donkey.Merrifield shows he is a soul-mate of Robert Frost.

    13. A nice read written by a man that backpacks around southern France with a donkey as a companion. He relates a lot of stories of donkeys in literature (he is an encyclopedia of literature) to how they are viewed today as he walks from town to town with Gribouille.

    14. I often read lists of favorite books famous (or not so famous) people suggest. I think THE WISDOM OF DONKEYS was on Deborah Madison's list. No matter. I thank the person whose list this wonderful book was on. It is a keeper. It's going directly to the shelf holding my favorite books. A book I took my time reading and now want to go back and read again to see what I missed! First, it is a marvelous animal book, a study of the donkey. From the history of the donkey that takes Merrifield from the S [...]

    15. let's put it this way: i have a pacemaker that is set so that my heart rate doesn't go below 60. i'm fairly certain that my pacemaker was working 100% of the time while reading this book. i wanted to like this book about a man with his donkey in france but it was so slow, and there so many books in the world. moving on

    16. This was an arduous read. I would have preferred more translation for the French words sprinkled among the sesquipedalian English verbatim. The text was very meandering and serpentine. I doubt I ever read this book again.

    17. This is a lovely book that lets you meander through the French countryside and Merrifield's mind. The book is dotted with educating about donkeys and their plight in the world. I found it an enjoyable read.

    18. Three stars, barely. The book was pretty slow - though it was meant to be and I knew it going in. Maybe it was that the author didn't distill as much wisdom as I would have preferred. I think I expected the book to be more like a parable - which it really wasn't.

    19. Andy Merrifield has had a troubled life and he has found peace in a French village and with the companionship of donkeys. This book describes a journey he took through the Auvergne with Gribouille, a donkey hired for the occasion. The book describes this lovely quiet journey with the most cooperative Gribouille and the writer's thoughts and musings on donkeys and life. Sometimes it hits the right spot but there is too much information about the historical mistreatment of donkeys for me to relax [...]

    20. I felt my anxiety level drop as soon as Merrifield described the dewy gentle eyes of his patient companion, Gribouille,(the scribbler). It's a blow to my head whenever I'm face to muzzle with a good assessment of a tranquil life. Why do I need constant reminders? I loved this book. Loved the author's idea of a summer journey with the flexible goal of walking through the rural French Auvergne accompanied by a willing donkey. I learned about donkey history, donkeys in literature, and their traits [...]

    21. Gribouille is French for scribble and is also the name of the donkey in this book.Andy Merrifield is a Marxist urban theorist and is also the name of the human in this book.Gribouille is kind enough to walk with Andy around the French countryside and inspire him to remember other donkeys in real life and in literature. Andy does lots of thinking and writing about donkeys and the philosophy of taking it easy and then he wrote this book about it.This book is chock full of donkeys.It’s rather too [...]

    22. This is a wonderful little book and I've never really read anything like it. It is something of a self-help text and I usually run in the opposite direction of books of that ilk. This seemed different to me however. "The Wisdon of Donkeys" is also a travelogue, an extended meditation and a plea for empathy with fellow sentient beings. Merrifield's donkey could have been written as a metaphoric argument for slowing the hyper-pace of our lives. The book could have been just about the lost pleasure [...]

    23. I was traveling in the Grand Canyon for the New Year and taking in the beautiful panorama of the Canyon in winter and stopped at the Angel Ridge Lodge to warm up and purchase some souvenirs and came upon this book which was highly recommended by one of the Navajo working in the shop. I immediately purchased it thinking it was about the donkeys out west. Imagine my surprise once I started to look at the book that it was actually the story of a humble donkey and finding tranquility from the noisy [...]

    24. Donkeys are amazing creatures - kind, gentle, trusting, calm, and very strong. Let's hope they are also forgiving after the way humans have treated them throughout history. The Wisdom of Donkeys is a story about slowing down life. Andy Merrifield takes a journey through southern France with a borrowed donkey, and we are constantly reminded that the art of daydreaming or "passive adventure" is the greatest piece of wisdom to be learned from these animals.In our modern frenetic rat race, we are un [...]

    25. I enjoyed this book, and perhaps I am biased since I have donkeys and I hike with them almost daily- so I have my own views of donkey-nature. This tale is about a man who walks across southern France with a donkey, and like many such memoirs the story weaves in present experiences with history of the area, history of donkeys, other tales about donkeys, and tales from the author's past that are brought forth as a result of his long trek with the donkey. An enjoyable book for those who like storie [...]

    26. A charming tale of a man and a donkey on an amble through a part of rural France. My impression is that the author had no previous experience of caring for an equestrian friend. For that reason, it was a pleasure to read about how he’d prepared for the trip and then subsequently how the relationship grew over the turning of the pages. This is a slow paced book of calm and tranquillity. To fill in what could have been repetitiveness of the landscape and quiet days, there is contemplation and so [...]

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