Homefront The daughter of ex cop Phil Broker andex army major anti terrorist operative Nina Pryce Kit Brokeris no ordinary eight year old She has seen and survived than most grown ups And now she has inadverte

  • Title: Homefront
  • Author: Chuck Logan
  • ISBN: 9780060570217
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback
  • The daughter of ex cop Phil Broker andex army major anti terrorist operative Nina Pryce, Kit Brokeris no ordinary eight year old She has seen and survived than most grown ups And now she has inadvertently invited a nightmare into the lives of those she loves.Phil Broker and his family moved to tiny Glacier Falls, Minnesota, to heal from the psychologicalThe daughter of ex cop Phil Broker andex army major anti terrorist operative Nina Pryce, Kit Brokeris no ordinary eight year old She has seen and survived than most grown ups And now she has inadvertently invited a nightmare into the lives of those she loves.Phil Broker and his family moved to tiny Glacier Falls, Minnesota, to heal from the psychological wounds they received while helping to avert an inhuman act of terror But young Kit chose the wrong adversary when she triumphed over local schoolyard bully Teddy Klumpe for the boy s disreputable clan does unholy business from the darkest shadows of their small town and they do not forgive What begins as a minor feud between neighbors quickly escalates into a major offensive of intimidation, destruction, fear and death And the worst is yet to come because terror has come home.

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    1. Chuck Logan

      Chuck Logan is an author of crime drama and veteran of the Vietnam War, who lives with his wife and daughter in Stillwater, Minnesota.He is best known for his series of novels featuring the character Phil Broker, an ex Minnesota police officer Logan s novels include Hunter s Moon, Absolute Zero, Vapor Trail, Homefront, and After the Rain Homefront is now a major motion picture starring James Franco and Jason Stratham.

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    1. No soy muy partidaria de leer libros después de ver la película pero ésta me llamó mucho la atención así que lo leí de igual manera.Home front es de escritura fácil, te inserta fuertemente en la historia y te hace partícipe de todos los acontecimientos. Buenos personajes y las páginas justas, agregarle una más hubiese sido para aburrir, así está bien.Lo único por lo que no puedo darle 5 estrellas es porque me faltó más drama al final, ese drama que puso James Franco y Jason Staha [...]

    2. I kept waiting for it to get interesting. It should be about 150 pages shorter. It's nothing special but was at least, an entertaining idea.

    3. Read the book & was excited to hear they made a movie about it. Well written, kept me on the edge of my seat. If anyone reads the book they must see the movie!

    4. I did not realize Homefront by Chuck Logan was what they based the movie Homefront (staring Jason Statham and James Franco). I remember really enjoying the movie. I generally don't read a book After seeing a movie. I prefer to read a book prior to the film. But my deal was to read all the Phil Broker books. So I decided I would still read the novel. And man, am I glad that I did.Nina Pryce is a mess. PTSD,  Her shoulder is shot. Her career with the Army as a Major is all but over. She is slippi [...]

    5. Well done!It’s such a shame that Chuck Logan didn’t also write the screenplay, because Stalone cut out the main character and made it into another Rambo movie. The movie was still okay, but the book is so much better. One negative for me were multiple editing misses and/or typos very sloppy.

    6. Interesting read in that something like this could actually happen with people wanting to get back at others.

    7. Full disclosure. I ordered this 2005 Chuck Logan release from our local library for a couple of reasons. First, I was curious to know if the Sylvester Stallone movie by the same title as released in November 2013 duplicated the novel. (It turns out; there are apparently some major discrepancies. The film version has the lead character, Phil Broker as a widower. His spouse, Nina Pryce, doesn’t appear in the cast. Their daughter Kit is called Mandy in the film. The screenplay version is set in t [...]

    8. I saw “Homefront” by Chuck Logan at the used book store. The repackaging of the cover with the picture of Jason Statham worked, as it is what caught my eye. I enjoyed the movie, so I decided to check out the book that Sylvester Stallone turned into a screenplay.First of all, the book and movie are quite a bit different. While many of the characters are the same, and there are similarities with the story, there are also some very big differences. The biggest being that Phil Broker's wife is n [...]

    9. Just let the kids handle itI go this book because I had watch the movie adaptation and wanted to compare the two. As is usually the case the book was different from the movie, but in a good way. Both movie and book show what happens when parents get involved in their children's problems. What starts as a fight between two children ends up turning into a wholly different thing. I don't want to give to much of the story away, but when the big kids get involved things get taken to a whole new level [...]

    10. Great, complex characters, especially Nina, who suffers from a bout of severe depression throughout most of the book. This author is clearly familiar with the condition as his description of symptoms is right on target. Her husband, Phil, is flawed but still likable. The most interesting aspect of their relationship is that, although he is a tough ex-cop who has no trouble handling himself in a fight, his wife is the real dangerous one in the family and a hero(ine) in her own right. The other ch [...]

    11. #6 in the Phillip Broker series. I guess with only a few exceptions, when I hit the end of a series it doesn't feel like a natural ending and I expect that lack of contract renewal or declining author's health forced the series cessation. This is not one of the exceptions; the series end took me so by surprise that I sought a sequel for years.Author Logan did write a non-series novel a few years later, South of Shiloh (2008), but nothing since.Phillip Broker moves his family to a friend's cabin [...]

    12. I think as much as I like the troupe of South Florida fiction writers, the Minnesota group can be as entertaining and thought provokingjust as John D. MacDonald is the "Godfather" of the 1st group, John Sanford serves the same purpose for the 2ndLogan is amongst the best of this 2nd groupe Broker series continues the knight-errant hero's story of righting wrongs in the Great Northern Plains by getting into the middle of a meth-making conspiracy and the long-arm of a biker-gang who wants revenge [...]

    13. I queued this one up because the premise sounded interesting. As I work through my reading queue I often forget why I added books to it, and a chapter or two into this I had to stop and look it up to figure out why the hell I had added it. Then I was like "Oh, right. That DOES sound interesting." I slogged away at it but I just can't do it. The writing is pretentious and overdone, littered with isolated sentences and choppy wording that's designed to hype up the drama. There's a complete lack of [...]

    14. I wanted to like this book. There are some wonderful parts, particularly in how Logan chronicles Nina's struggles with depression. Very interesting physical descriptions but at times, everything is just a little too much. The action scenes are mostly just crazy jumbles of words, lacking coherence. There are weird jumps through time. And also, this book has not been copyedited, which is a problem. The really sad part is how Nina was written out of the movie entirely but that is a different topic [...]

    15. I picked up this book because it was available immediately on Overdrive and I needed something to listen to while walking. Had no idea what it was about. I stumbled on the Phil Broker series set in my home state of MN and throughly enjoyed. It was fast moving and kept me guessing. The reader did great voices. This happened to be #6 in the series. I am now starting back at the beginning of the series.

    16. Another good book by Chuck Logan. It portrays a very interesting process his wife, the elite Army soldier, goes through. That said, it's apparent that it's picking up where a previous novel left off, so this series should really be read chronologically.Logan does a good job with character development and a fair job with plot. His sense of place, northern Minnesota, is refreshing. Made me chilly just to read it.

    17. I've been slogging through my reading selections recently but that is no reflection on this book. It is pretty good. I wish there were half star ratings though b/c I can't quite bring myself to give it 4 stars but it deserves more than 3ya feel me? Despite Sylvester Stallone's attachment to the movie I'll probably go see it.

    18. The plot was engrossing, but it was a little loosely woven making it hard to follow at times. In fairness, I haven't read any of the earlier books in the series - perhaps the plot-line would have been easier to follow if I had that experience behind my reading. I liked the characters and the general story type, but I'm don't know whether I will go back and catch up the series.

    19. This started off strong but I struggled through the last couple hundred pages. I am more upset that the movie just may end up better than the book in this case. After watching the trailer for the movie and noticing all the changes they made for the movie, I think the movie looks way more intriguing!

    20. Excellent thriller in the Phil Broker serieswould rate it a strong 4 1/2 stars. Hoping he's writing a new book in this series as I am now finished the Broker series and plan to read his 2 stand alones next.

    21. This story was an action story. It started off a little slow, but with characters with intriguing pasts. I enjoyed the characters and their development very much, and was totally drawn in by the story -- for the second half of the book, I couldn't put it down. Can't wait to see the movie.

    22. A very good book. Struggled with a American language a bit, although still remained attached to the story. Glad of the outcome. I liked the kitten - Ditech (cute thing). The characters are strong. Now I'll enjoy watching the movie.

    23. Exciting book as special-ops family (Dad, Mom & 8-year old daughter) take on drug induced, crazed, lunatic family. Add a contract killer for good measure. This was an easy book to read and it packs a whallop.

    24. Interesting book I would say my biggest thing is I kept waiting for the big moment or twist and it never really came! In the end it became somewhat predictable

    25. This is the best Logan book I've read. Good story, developed characters, minimal preaching. If you are going to read oneke this one it.

    26. Was a really good read, I have only read one other Chuck Logan book before this and I liked it. I'm excited to see how this book will be made into a movie!

    27. This one was pretty decent. Lucas Devenport, in one of the "Prey" books, was reading a Chuck Logan book so decided to give them a try.

    28. Wow! An amazing, engaging read from beginning to end. I only wish I had read the series before to get a better feel for the referenced preceding events.

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