The Woman Who Married a Cloud: The Collected Short Stories

The Woman Who Married a Cloud The Collected Short Stories Described by Michael Dirda in The Washington Post as sexy eery and addictive the fiction of Jonathan Carroll occurs at the point where the ordinary becomes extraordinary the commonplace becomes un

  • Title: The Woman Who Married a Cloud: The Collected Short Stories
  • Author: Jonathan Carroll
  • ISBN: 9781596064942
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Described by Michael Dirda in The Washington Post as sexy, eery and addictive , the fiction of Jonathan Carroll occurs at the point where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, the commonplace becomes unsettling, and yet where we nonetheless always recognize the stories being told because they are always about ourselves and what happens in our deepest, sometimes darkest hearDescribed by Michael Dirda in The Washington Post as sexy, eery and addictive , the fiction of Jonathan Carroll occurs at the point where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, the commonplace becomes unsettling, and yet where we nonetheless always recognize the stories being told because they are always about ourselves and what happens in our deepest, sometimes darkest hearts.Always better known as a novelist readers first experienced Carroll s elegant, eloquent, wondrous, terrible and often surreal fiction in his classic debut The Land of Laughs, which he followed with Bones of the Moon, Sleeping in Flame, A Child Across the Sky, and others Carroll has also created a compelling and deeply moving body of short fiction Perhaps eclectic and slant wise than some of his novels, stories like World Fantasy Award winning Friend s Best Man and Pushcart Prize and Grand Prix de l Imaginaire honouree Home on the Rain stand amongst his very best work.The Woman Who Married a Cloud Collected Stories is the best and most complete collection of Jonathan Carroll s fiction ever published It collects 37 stories written across a thirty year long career, a number appearing here in print for the first time, in a single landmark volume that stands as the perfect introduction to this unique and wonderful writer.

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    1. Jonathan Carroll

      Jonathan Carroll b 1949 is an award winning American author of modern fantasy and slipstream novels His debut book, The Land of Laughs 1980 , tells the story of a children s author whose imagination has left the printed page and begun to influence reality The book introduced several hallmarks of Carroll s writing, including talking animals and worlds that straddle the thin line between reality and the surreal, a technique that has seen him compared to South American magical realists.Outside the Dog Museum 1991 was named the best novel of the year by the British Fantasy Society, and has proven to be one of Carroll s most popular works Since then he has written the Crane s View trilogy, Glass Soup 2005 and, most recently, The Ghost in Love 2008 His short stories have been collected in The Panic Hand 1995 and The Woman Who Married a Cloud 2012 He continues to live and write in Vienna.

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    1. i fiiiiiiinished! and it only took a couple years!i am going to review this slowly, as i read it, the way greg is with his giant anthology. hold your applause until the end. or don't. this "review" might just be for me, as i savor a bunch of stories i have already read and celebrate jonathan carroll quietly with myself. Mr. Fiddleheadthis is probably my favorite jonathan carroll story. it has all the elements that make him him: quirkily-named bull terriers (in this case, "elbow"), fountain pens, [...]

    2. $1.99 Kindle sale, Sept. 19, 2017. Jonathan Carroll writes very quirky and surreal but thought-provoking stories. So far I've only read a few of these stories (the ones that also happen to be free online), but I'd love to read them all. <---- ETA: I just bit on this Kindle sale, so sooner or later I'll read and review the full collection. I have to say this cover is seriously distracting, though: I keep thinking it looks like Barack Obama dressed up like an angel and striking a pose. o.O It d [...]

    3. Ahhh this is more like it. For those already familiar with Jonathan Carroll's novels—unforgettable works like The Land of Laughs, Bones of the Moon, Outside the Dog Museum, White Apples or Glass Soup, to name just a few (and aren't those titles even by themselves evocative indications of what might be inside?)—these short stories are concentrated doses of that same powerfully intimate vision.And for those who are not yet acquainted well, you should be, but if you aren't, The Woman Who Marrie [...]

    4. reviewstaphorosis 2.5 starsA large and dense collection of Jonathan Carroll's short stories.If you've ever complained about rising book prices, this book (like (Jack McDevitt's Cryptic) is a value for money response. At over 400 pages of short stories, this is a lot of Jonathan Carroll. If you're a fan of Carroll's unembellished prose and slightly off kilter happenings, there's a lot here for you. If you're only an occasional visitor to Carroll's realities, this may not be the place to start.Mos [...]

    5. This is a very hefty collection of Jonathan Carroll's short stories that assembles decades of his work. While it is a wonderful collection, I would suggest not reading it all at once as his voice, unusual as it is, can feel repetitive if one reads too many stories in one sitting.That being said, Jonathan Carroll is a fantastic story teller and a master at his craft which consists of taking you from the real world as we know it to another dimension in reality, outlandish and totally plausible as [...]

    6. Oh Jonathan Carroll. I just love his work so much. These stories were amazing. Each one. Every one. So good. So SAD. Seriously, I'd say 80% of these stories will rip your heart out. It's ok. It'll grow back.

    7. Wonderful collection of stories that are driven both by character and by a sense of the fantastic. Some are just quirky and serendipitous, others are outright supernatural -- but all are fascinating little gems.

    8. Magia jest wśród nas. Nie każdy może ją dostrzec, wystarczy jednak osoba o odpowiedniej percepcji, by zauważyć, a następnie zaakceptować to, co dla innych pozostaje w sferze mitów i baśni. Z połączenia tego, co codzienne, z tym, co wykracza poza ramy szkiełka i oka, rodzi się realizm magiczny. Jonathan Carroll od wielu lat konsekwentnie wykorzystuje tę konwencję, jego bohaterowie przyjmują to, co nadprzyrodzone, z nadnaturalnym spokojem, a obydwie rzeczywistości płynnie przen [...]

    9. I read my first Jonathan Carroll novel shortly after discovering Graham Joyce. I’d read everything Joyce had written up to that point and was desperate for more. The top recommendation I kept hearing at that time was Jonathan Carroll, probably because there’s a certain similarity between the two writers: they both write fiction set in our contemporary reality with relatively small added fantasy elements. You can call this magical realism, but Joyce disagrees with this classification—he pre [...]

    10. I stumbled upon Jonathan Carroll thanks to Patton Oswalt's new one, "Silver Screen Fiend," and dived in with "Land of Laughs," his first novel. I liked it quite a bit, so I decided to try his short fiction, which I found to be more of a mixed bag-- but when he's good, he's very very good. There are a number of stories in this collection that I'm sure I'll return to again.He does sort of this strange magical-realist / intrusion of fantasy / dreamlike logic thing, similar to Barry Yourgrau, but go [...]

    11. This HUGE book took me forever to read, partly because I originally had a physical copy and its sheer bulk made it impossible to tote around with me. Another reason this was a slow read for me is that I'm not a huge fan of short stories - it often seems as though just as I get immersed in a story's world and characters the piece ends and I feel irritated. Other times, I just don't get the point of a story (I call these stories-that-make-me-say-"huh" ). However, I'm happy to say that most of Jona [...]

    12. Despite having read some of these stories at their original publication over the past few years, I loved this collection. Mr. Carroll's stories always delight and amaze me, taking me into that lovely borderland between the actual and the possible, raising goosebumps, opening my "third eye" onto previously unseen and unimagined vistas of the imagination. The only thing better than a collection of short stories by Jonathan Carroll is a new novel by Jonathan Carroll. Now that I've forged through Th [...]

    13. I have been reading Jonathan Carroll since 1992, when my friend Andrew brought me a copy of "Sleeping in Flame" that he'd found at Half-Price Books.I have every book, every collection, every limited edition he's ever written. His books are the only thing I collect.So, obviously, I had to buy this one, too, when it came out. And while I'm glad I have it to complete the collection, it is not my favorite thing he's written.I'm not a short story fan in general, and was disappointed that I'd read mos [...]

    14. I have always been very fond of this author. Man can turn a phrase & plays with a lot of fun ideas. While saying that, I should mention I always felt dissatisfied by the endings of his novels. It always felt like he wanted more of his own characters but needed to "wrap up" each book. Many if his characters show up elsewhere and I've often had the sensation of glad familiarity like a friend you see every 2-4 years but fall back in rhythm with right away. This book of collected short works is [...]

    15. Очень приличный уровень, без явных провалов, только один рассказ показался сильно затянутым.Живешь себе, потом является некто и убедительно доказывает, что он Бог, а тебе предстоит существенно изменить приоритеты. Делаешь татуировку с загадочным текстом, куда это приведе [...]

    16. This is a wonderful but wildly uneven collection. Some of the stories--especially "Elizabeth Thug"-- are just so good--about as good as a short story can be. And then some of them (like the one about the relocation of Hell) needed major editing or maybe should have just not been included. If this collection had been just slightly more carefully culled, it would have been pretty close to a perfect read. As it is, it's a very good one.

    17. What can I say, it's Jonathan Carroll so of course it was great. I have to say of all the stories the first one stayed with me. I found it to be creepy (mostly the ending) even though it wasn't some terrifying nightmare, not at all it's just the slight edge of evil that slinks in and all for love's sake- Again, short story and still I thought 'creepy'.

    18. Finally! I wish I had taken better notes but overall this was a breath taking collection of short stories. Carrol isn't for everyone. He's classified as magical realism or surrealist fiction. AND my favorite author. If I had to choose, my favorite stories wereMr. FiddleheadThe Fall Collection Jane Fonda RoomThe Panic HandThe stolen ChurchThe Language of HeavenElizabeth ThugEast of Furious

    19. Fantastical whimsyThese short stories take your mind on unexpected and obtuse journeys that give you the sense you're either high, or touching new disparate parts of your brain. The cosmic influence of a world described beyond our reality is palpable. I very much enjoyed the sometimes silly, complex and thought provoking tales this book offered my mind and soul.

    20. Excellent collection of short stories, including more than a few that are simply perfect. They lead you one way, then you think you know what the twist may be and then you get the rug pulled out spectacularly from under you, leaving you gasping in surprise.

    21. I think that Jonathan Carroll is one of my favorite authors. He's certainly one of a very small number whose writing I recognize immediately, the same way I recognize melodies by Monk, or a solo by Miles. I'm very deliberately stretching the reading of this book out as long as i can.

    22. A great selection of stories by Jonathan Carroll. There is everything in here from fantasy to horror. Love, death, heaven, hell, gods, devils, perception of self & others are all covered in these stories. To say more would spoil it, so I will just leave it at that.

    23. Enjoyable read, thought provokingLike going to an amusement park filled with many different rides. Escape and make believe, lots of fun. Fantasy but mixed with real life that you can relate to.

    24. I've become a Jonathan Carroll fan belatedly through my students in Poland. Carroll is extremely popular there. These short stores have a wonderful surreal bent to them. I look forward to the next Carroll novel.

    25. Great book for anyone into the Twilight Zone or The outer limits.There are some good thought provoking stories here. A few were beyond me or just boring. This book is a little long though, 600 pages! It was like sitting down to eat a whole box of corn flakes instead of one bowl. Read in small doses it's a great read.

    26. Having loved Jonathan carrol for many years and collected all books written so far, I was excited to read new stories and tales from one of my favourite writers. I was a little disappointed to find there was little new material for me. But thoroughly enjoyed rereading and rediscovering stories such as mr fiddlehead and tiired angel, Carroll at his best.

    27. Didn't like the end of the first story. Didn't like the end of the second story. Got through the third and fourth stories and quit. This book is definitely not for me.

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