Siren Song

Siren Song A wolf For eighteen years Duncan Tremain has been able to control his wolf only letting the beast out to play when the moon is full This unyielding discipline has given him the ability to conquer wha

  • Title: Siren Song
  • Author: A.C. Warneke
  • ISBN: 9781477407943
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • A wolf For eighteen years Duncan Tremain has been able to control his wolf, only letting the beast out to play when the moon is full This unyielding discipline has given him the ability to conquer whatever hardship should come his way until Lexi Darling appears in his life With her joie de vivre and innate sensuality, he is enchanted from the start but the time heA wolf For eighteen years Duncan Tremain has been able to control his wolf, only letting the beast out to play when the moon is full This unyielding discipline has given him the ability to conquer whatever hardship should come his way until Lexi Darling appears in his life With her joie de vivre and innate sensuality, he is enchanted from the start but the time he spends in her company the he can feel his control slipping and the chains that bind the wolf breaking Determined to keep her safe, he desperately tries to keep his distance, which is a challenge since he is her new boss and Lexi is persistent A Siren A virgin in a temptress s body, Lexi wants Duncan the first moment she lays eyes on him Just as Duncan is determined to keep his distance, Lexi is determined to break down his defenses and waltz with him in the moonlight She pursues him relentlessly, accidentally using her newly discovered Siren gifts to lure him to his downfall A love that has other plans Giving in to temptation has never been so wonderful even as both have their reasons to make sure the relationship doesn t get too deep But the wolf knows what he wants and he wants the Siren Warning This book contains adult content because it is a romance between a wolf and a Siren

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    1. A.C. Warneke

      Like most writers, I spend most of my time telling myself stories and occasionally writing them down when they get too loud to remain in my head The characters are also very demanding, wanting to go out into the world to be discovered by millions of adoring readers, though they are most satisfied with having only a few readers that truly love them From the gargoyles that sit on top of the roofs to the Siren who lures her wolf astray to the Aradians and Apocritae to those who battle evil, the characters are everything Instead of going through the traditional gatekeepers of the publishing world I have leapt over the walls with the help of digital catapults kindle direct, smashwords, and createspace and messenger e birds , facebook, twitter, RNC, etc , going directly to the public It has been a year and while my strong hold is small it grows larger every day as I connect with other rebels throughout the lands and the readers who support our work It is a glorious day to be a writer.When it comes to the actual writing I have discovered that every single one of my books likes to be created in a different way, which makes establishing an environment that is most conducive to my writing is not likely, though it occasionally involves chocolate covered raisins, music, minesweeper, occasionally Mahjong, lots of solitaire, notebooks and scraps of paper, doodling and day dreaming, and fruity, sugar free bubble gum, not necessarily in that order and not always at the same time.Of course, none of this would be possible without the love and support of my very loving and very tolerant family my husband who encourages me to keep writing even when I act a little insane in regards to the worlds in my head, and my three kids who help out so much when I get lost in those same, darn worlds They politely listen as I go on and on about my characters motivations and back stories, their connections within the worlds created and how they fight to gain control of their destinies But I am a cruel writer and make them earn their happy endings Since I am also a Romantic at heart, they are all happy endings.Available books Darkness Comes February 2012 PNR Blight March 2012 UF Stone Lover March 2012 PNR, romantica Siren Song May 2012 PNR Stone Romance September 2012 PNR, romantica Blind Attraction Jan 31, 2013 Contemporary Coming soon ish Awakening PNR UF Stone Destiny PNR After Blight UF Darkness Comes book 2 PNR title to be determined author awarnekefacebook ACWarnekeacwarneke.wordpress

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    1. I LOVED this book! Duncan and Lexi were fantastic! I truly enjoyed the sexual tension in the book; it gripped me in the first chapter, and kept going, all throughout the book. Excellent storyline!Initially, I thought the book would have a more mythological, paranormal feel to it, since Duncan is a wolf, and Lexi (Alexandra) is a Siren. One usually doesn't find that type of a match-up in books, but the author made this one work. The book is set in a modern-day setting, similar to 50 Shades or Bar [...]

    2. Author, A.C Warneke wrote to me on a trend when I was looking for a novel with a particular theme-She wrote hoping she wasn't ''stepping on my own toes'' and suggested her novel.I have got to sayI Loved it!I literally couldn't get this book outta my head! I mean, during a study class, I sat there thinking about this book and how many hours were left in school until I could go home and read it on my laptop(ebook).I adored the heroine and her vivacious way of life! It surprised me to see myself as [...]

    3. Lexi has recently discovered that she is a Siren, a pure siren that only has one true love in her life and if that love is not felt in return she is destined to be alone and heart broken. Lexi decides that Duncan is the one man she wants with ever fiber of her being but alas he is forever trying to deny their passion to protect her from his "animal side" (nudge nudge wonder what he is) The chemistry and sexual tension is explosive in this book and I cannot help but love Lexi with her quirky pers [...]

    4. A solid 4 stars. I rarely read mf stories but this caught me from the first page. Lexi Darling is a daring journalist and Duncan Tremain is a successful businessman who buys Lexi's magazine prior to them meeting each other at her roommate's bar.Instant chemistry and she goes home with him and he gets interrupted with a phone call and she passes out during the wait. She sneaks out in the early morning hours. Imagine her horror when she goes into the office on Monday to meet the new boss, and it i [...]

    5. “Clearing his throat, he rumbled, "Miss Darling, a word if you please.""Sesquipedalian," she said, keeping her back towards him.The strange response momentarily stunned him. "Pardon?"Turning around, she leaned against the counter and grinned at him, “You asked for a word and I gave you one. It means ‘many syllabled’ and while it’s exceedingly pretentious it is a lot of fun to say. Sesquipedalian; it tangles up the tongue and then just falls right off.“Or perhaps you would prefer a di [...]

    6. Yes, I admit that what first drew my attention to this book was the cover. It was after I read the blurb that I was curious to see how this all played out and I'm happy to say that it was a very enjoyable read.This is the story of Lexi Darling and her pursuit to satisfy her hunger for wolf Duncan Tremain. Lexi was very determined in her mission and her story of lust and love was very interesting and hot. From the moment their eyes met they were both doomed and try as they might their lust could [...]

    7. Title: Siren SongAuthor: AC WarnekeFormat: 288 ebook pgsGenre: Urban Science Fiction Fantasy Romance Cover: Nice Cover Duncan is a wolf, Lexi is the siren and this is the first book I’ve read that included these two creatures. I can’t remember ever reading about a siren, especially one that is not tied to water and I’m usually not into wolves stories. I’m glad I gave this one a try. The story was a nice brake from the world saving heroines novels that I’m usually reading. This was sim [...]

    8. I received this book at a R2R so thank you A.C. I really enjoyed this book, it was a paranormal romance that did not involve saving the world or any world changing events, but it was a sexy, hot romance with a paranormal twist. I loved Lexi and how she pushed Duncan on a regular basis. She was so outspoken and blunt it was hilarious. We find out during the book that she was not always that way and only with the help of her two best friends and many outfits was she able to come out of her shell. [...]

    9. [image error]HOLY HOT HELL BATMAN! This is one HOT story!Lexi is an enigmatic character that lives life to the fullest and takes a no hold barred attitude. She wear outlandish outfits and doesn’t take crap from anybody. I want to be her when I grow up! Of course, Lexi is a Siren, she just doesn’t know it…YET!Duncan is the typical Alpha Wolf that has to control everything around him. Then he meets Lexi and all bets are off!From the moment I started reading this story I was HOOKED! Right off [...]

    10. OMG This book was completely amazing! A MUST READ!!!!!!!I loved it and read it with in 24hr as i couldn't put it down and i will have to read it again and again.The sexual tension between Lexi and Duncan are steamy and hot!Lexi, a column writer for a magazine, meets Duncan and is instanly attracted to him and has sexual desires for him. Still a virgin, her sexual desires are stirred when she looks in his eyes, she knows there is something about him that she craves, needs and feels addicted to hi [...]

    11. To see this and my other reviews, visit Sharon's Book Nook!This book is a nicely written, emotionally driven read and is especially thick with sexual tension keeping the reader captivated.The characters in this story are equally likeable. The different mythical creatures and their gifts make it an interesting read. Lexi, who finds out that she is a 'Siren,' is struggling to come to terms with this and believes that all the males in her life are only friends with her because of this. However, Dun [...]

    12. Holy Hotness Batman(: wow I was so engrossed in this book! I loved the characters every single one of them! Duncan can rock my world anytimeSexual tension from the get go and stayed right up there thru out. I love the premise of a Siren and the aspects of that and how in this book all those myths are put to rest! Total new spin. Lexi was the strongest according to her familyd she fights who she is. she is wild in her dress up outfits to show off her wild side and her way of going against the gra [...]

    13. Lexi has recently discovered that she is a siren that only has one true love. If her one true love is not felt in return she will be destined to be alone and heartbroken. She later finds out what it means to be a siren. Lexi also is a character that is full of life; she wore crazy outfits and didn’t put up with anybody’s stuff. Duncan is pretty much the typical alpha male–a very hot and very successful businessman. The attraction between Lexi and Duncan is instant, very steamy, and hot! Du [...]

    14. loved this book, it was sexy, fun, a different twist on the wolf/human mating. Lexi and Duncan were a great couple, the history that the wolf shared with Duncan towards the end of the book was touching.e internal battle that Duncan & his wolf had showed Duncan's insecurity of losing himself, to his wolf, not realizing that he and the wolf really were one. Lexi's family secret was well hidden from her, and once known left her with exposed insecurities, which challenged her relationship with D [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this book! Duncan and Lexi were awesome! I loved the characters all of them, you could even imagine them being your friends and part of your life . Duncan a hot steamy wolf and Lexi a outspoken siren who would have thought! But Warneke makes it work, and the scenes where hot and steamy! I had a blast reading this book! The book is beautifully written both from Lexi and Duncans perspective. Looking forward to reading more from A.C. Warneke!

    16. Uh, sexy! Loved it. Lexi just couldn't shut up and was never shy of a reply. D on the other hand was fighting so hard just to give in as easily. They were so hot together. But there were so many things that was left unresolved.1. What of Cole?2. What's the story with Dima and Ashley?3. What happened between Philip and Thea?4. What happened in the past that stopped the bonding?5. What is the connection between both families, Rudnars and Tremains?Enjoyed it nevertheless.

    17. I liked the character development and the tension between the characters was palpable. What I would have liked to see would have been a bit more plot development/conflict before everything was resolved. The ending would have been appreciated more had the climax of the story had a bigger element of tragedy to it, if that makes sense. I enjoyed the story anyways, but that extra element would have made it spectacular. :)

    18. 4 starsReviewed for InD'taleVery hot and funny paranormal. Could've used more than that, I'm always in for more romance, but I like the author's style! And well her character's attributes *cough*Review for InD'Tale can be found here

    19. What a fun, steamy, action-filled book! There wasn’t a moment where the story lagged or the characters were uninteresting.Read full review in the 2012 July/August issue of InD’tale Magazine.

    20. This book is way better than I thought it would be. It was fun and sexy! I was laughing my ass off. A great heroine (she went after what she wanted - what's not to love!) and a tied-in-knotts sexy wolff. I recommend this to all pnr lovers.

    21. Daaaaaaaamn. Sexy from the very start!!!!! This is the first book Iʻve read with a Siren, so that in itself made it interesting. This book was super funny as well. Her poor office mate. :)

    22. I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS TO BE GOOD- BUT IT WAS SO FUCKING GOOD. i loved lexi and her crazy funny personality i loved her sooooo much! and duncan was such a babe and their chemistry was fucking amazing mY GODDDD. the sex was amazing and every scene between them had me holding my breath holy shit. i loved lexi's bff's dima and cole and i adored ashley! i loved lexi's family and i loved the whole siren and wolf myth and how it wove together! the plot was PRETTY DAMN GOOD. ALSO- one of the biggest [...]

    23. Originally posted on my blog Urban Fantasy ReviewI got a copy of Siren Song from the Read to Review group on , so thanks go out to all that make it possible for me to review this book. I gotta say the first couple of pages of Siren Song had me really intrigued, unfortunately though it kinda turned into a hot mess after that. I actually really liked the two main characters, I just couldn't stand them together. While I realize most romances are predictable this one especially so, there wasn't much [...]

    24. I received this copy free in exchange for an honest review. (2.75stars actually)Make no mistake this is a very sexy book from character descriptions to situations to scenery descriptions. That is not to say there is sex on every page – it is not but there is a great deal of flirting and sensuality. Those items are detailed enough that you know much time was spent getting them just right. What I felt was lacking was character development. The leads (Lexi Darling & Duncan/D Tremain were litt [...]

    25. I can't give it more than 2 stars, I enjoyed reading this and wanted to know hoe it finished but I did not like the writing. The author make the most basic of mistakes often. You know, interchanging: there-their-they're, your-you're, than-then. That could be eliminated by some more editing, but there were also different errors that I didn't write down, but if I noticed them, they must've been pretty apparent since I suck at this kind of thing.Also, sometimes the conversations were cringe-worthy. [...]

    26. I cannot give this a starred rating since it's a DNF (Did not finish!)It just wasn't the book for me. I always give a book to about 25% and if it doesn't keep my interest then I can't finish it. There are just too many other books out there that I'm dying to read. I have nothing bad to say about this book, it just wasn't suited to my tastes.

    27. Great book!I loved this story. The angst absolutely killed me and I just couldn't put the book down. I loved the characters and the romance. My only issue with the story was the grammatical errors otherwise it was really good. I would recommend this book.

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