Bone River

Bone River From award winning author Megan Chance Bone River is a haunting lyrical tale of passion and identity In the mid th Century on Shoalwater Bay Washington Territory Leonie Monroe Russell works alo

  • Title: Bone River
  • Author: Megan Chance
  • ISBN: 9781612184845
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • From award winning author Megan Chance, Bone River is a haunting, lyrical tale of passion and identity.In the mid 19th Century, on Shoalwater Bay, Washington Territory, Leonie Monroe Russell works alongside her oysterman husband, Junius At night she continues her father s lifelong obsession collecting artifacts and studying the native culture that once thrived in the areaFrom award winning author Megan Chance, Bone River is a haunting, lyrical tale of passion and identity.In the mid 19th Century, on Shoalwater Bay, Washington Territory, Leonie Monroe Russell works alongside her oysterman husband, Junius At night she continues her father s lifelong obsession collecting artifacts and studying the native culture that once thrived in the area.On her thirty seventh birthday, Leonie discovers a mummy protruding from the riverbank bordering her property a mummy that by all evidence shouldn t exist As Leonie searches for answers to the mummy s origins, she begins to feel a mystical connection to it that defies all logic Leonie s sense that otherworldly forces are at work only grows when news of the incredible discovery brings Junius s long lost son, Daniel, to her doorstep Upon his unexpected arrival, a native elder insists that Leonie wears a special shell bracelet for protection But protection from whom The mummy, or, perhaps, Daniel Leonie has always been a good daughter and good wife, but, for the first time, these roles do not seem to be enough Finding the mummy has changed everything, and now Leonie must decide if she has the courage to put aside the expectations of others to be the woman she was meant to be.

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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information Megan Chance is the critically acclaimed, award winning author of several novels Girlposse calls her a writer of extraordinary talent Her books have been chosen by s Book of the Month, Borders Original Voices and IndieBound s Booksense A former television news photographer with a BA from Western Washington University, Megan Chance lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two daughters Visit her at meganchance

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    1. This is both an easy and a difficult review for me to write. Easy because Megan Chance's Bone River is one of the best novels I have recently read, and difficult because it brought so many emotions to surface.It is a slow burn and I love slow burns. They give me the chance to absorb details, to become one with the place, the time and the characters. The descriptions in Bone River are so vivid, I could taste and smell the water, I could see the gathering of the oysters, the drawings in the caves, [...]

    2. I loved the setting and time frame, Washington, Mid 1800's and the tidbits about the Indians who had lived in the area. I think this is a book that could not quite figure out what it wanted to be. It was part historical, part mystery and part romance, too much romance for my liking. The writing was not good in places and it had somewhat of a pacing problem as well. Although there were historical facts that I enjoyed learning, as a whole this was just okay.

    3. Where I got the book: review copy from publisher. This review first appeared on the Historical Novel Society's website and in the Historical Novel Review, issue 63.This beautifully written, lyrical literary novel engages with the themes of the despoliation of the Pacific Northwest’s native culture and 19th-century concerns about race, degeneration and miscegenation.It is 1875 in Washington Territory. Leonie, raised as an ethnologist by her father and married, by his dying wish, at seventeen to [...]

    4. A woman in 19th century Washington Territory finding bones, a mummy, along side a river in her remote part of the world. Sound like this could be exciting! Unfortunately, for me, this novel didn't work as a mystery or as a romance. The writing was mediocre, and some parts were downright awful. In the prologue, before I got to the main part of the story, I read “I looked into his chiseled face, into his deep-set eyes, and he pulled me into his arms, holding me tight against his chest.” Blaugh [...]

    5. Bone River gets a very strong 4+ rating from me. When an author can combine murder, mystery, passion, history, and a riveting plot with an ability to evoke rich and vivid descriptions, they've got a winning combination. Bone River delivers on all fronts. The emotional and sexual tensions are beautifully drawn too.Leonie Russell and her husband Junius operate an oystering business in the Washington Territory in the mid-19th century. On the side, Leonie pursues her father's career and obsession: e [...]

    6. This novel takes place around 1850 in the Pacific Northwest. Very carefully the reader learns about the characters, a father and daughter who collect artifacts and study the native Indian culture. We also meet the daughter's husband, Junius. The story picks up speed when a mummy is found and Leonie, the daughter, is determined to find out who she was. Dreams account for the forces that makes Leonie suspicious of how and why the mummy was buried and why her father's necklace was entangled in the [...]

    7. Atmospheric Novel Captures Breaking FreeThis is my second Megan Chance novel - "Inamorata" being my first immersive experience in Chance's incandescent prose. To say that my expectations were high was an understatement. While this book is far and away different than the other, that beautiful Chance prose captures the atmosphere and surroundings, as well as the people, their feelings, thoughts, more`s and cultural beliefs. I was not disappointed."Bone River" is about deathbed promises and their i [...]

    8. Although this book was very slow to gain my interest, it became a read that I simply couldn't put down. Not only does it maintain the reader's interest with a thrilling mystery with a historical fiction setting, it highlights many issues that include feminism, free will, ethics and culture. Personally, I find a good book blends multiple genres and peaks the interest of the reader - and not just interest in the story and how it will end, but rather intrigue and contemplation at topics presented. [...]

    9. I am not sure how I came to read Bone River, but I believe it was a Kindle Daily Deal. These Daily Deals can be hit or miss, but I found this one very enjoyable. It is the story of Leonie Russel. Leoni livesd in the Pacific Northwest with her father collecting Native American artifacts. When her father died, she marries Junius. Fast forward twenty years when Leonie discovers a lovely Native American mummy in a basket along the river. She is strangely drawn to this mummy. Around that same time, D [...]

    10. I found Meghan Chance’s Bone River riveting. The writing is emotive and immediate. The author’s powers of description captured frontier life in the Northwest, and made the characters that populate her story (settlers and Native Americans) very real to me. Toward the middle, I found myself skimming as the protagonist, Leonie, struggled and struggled with the decisions she was trying to make. I felt the book would have been improved by shortening and tightening this part of the story. This is [...]

    11. I admit I'm somewhat torn on what to feel about Bone River. It was very well writtern and plotted but took so long to get to the crux of the tale (plus I figured out what the experiment was well before they revealed it and was just left waiting for the protaganist to get to it) that I found reading the book somewhat of a chore.Once, though, they get there the book picks up speed and drives itself toward a complete and satisfying conclusion.

    12. This was an interesting read about a woman called Leonie, who when young became a dutiful daughter, helping her father discover and take historical artifacts from First Nation communities in the late 1800's. As well, as a dutiful wife marrying her father's friend, and who carries on with her father's work. One day discovers a body buried in the mud by the shore. This is where the story starts to unravel, not only is it a discovery of what is considered an artifact, but it also enables the main c [...]

    13. Bone River is a mystery, but it's less a "who-dunnit" than a "what was done." Leonie Russell was raised in the Pacific northwest by her ethnologist father, who trained her to take up his own line of work and study. She always tried to be a good daughter and a good scientist, and when her father died, she trustingly married the man he chose for her, his associate Junius Russell. Together they made a life collecting Native American artifacts and selling oysters, and Lea's only regret is that she n [...]

    14. This is a fabulously haunting book! The mystical and the psychological elements combine to make this an unforgettable story.When at 17, Leonie's dying scientist father makes her promise to marry his 40 year old employee and friend, she reluctantly agrees. After all, living on the oyster banks in Washington Territory is all she has ever known. She marries Junius Russell, and for 20 years oystering and studying and selling Indian artifacts to museums has been all she has ever known. She has loved [...]

    15. "Bone River" takes you a mystery trip through the life of a passionate and yet pragmatic woman from the 1870s, who lives in the Pacific Northwest. After her father, an ethnologist and collector of Native American artifacts dies from tuberculosis in 1855, Leonie, age seventeen, marries his partner, Junius Russell, who is much older. At 40, Junius is already married, though he claims he will take care of that issue. Fast forward 20 years, and Leonie finds what at first looks like a mummy, in the b [...]

    16. A quick read but pretty terrible and as subtle as an anvil falling on your head. I think this wound up on my list because it's historical fiction about Washington State. Certainly not because I like the author--I found The Spiritualist to be pretty dumb too. If you like plot points like weighty and meaningful dreams, heavy-handed depictions of a woman's stifled personhood (her husband doesn't like her to drink or dance or enjoy sex), and racist descriptions of "what people used to think about Am [...]

    17. This lyrical and atmospheric novel (which is set on the coastline of Washington Territory in the 1870's) tells the story of a young woman who is not what she seems to be.Leonie came to this place of rain, dripping primeval forests, ice-cold water and spiraling seabirds because of her love for one man, her father. When her father eventually passes away from tuberculosis he forces seventeen year old Leonie to promise that she will marry his much older partner. Leonie keeps her word and has twenty [...]

    18. I finished this a few days ago and have been pondering over what I want to say about it. The story drew me in, although I figured out the end long before I got there.In addition to the human characters, the weather plays a large role in this story and becomes almost a character itself. The writing was such that I could feel the atmosphere and environment around me throughout. The author did a good job of portraying the restrictions on women of the time and the struggle that a woman went through [...]

    19. Loved the way Megan Chance writes!! This book is set in the late 1800s in Alaska. Lea, the main character has lived there for most of her life and studies the Indian ruins found there. Her husband, who is 20 years her senior, has kept many secrets from her regarding her past and also his past. The secrets unfold in the amazing backdrop of early Alaska and the difficult lives these people lead. I loved how her closest companion, an Indian who was friends with her father, often speaks in Chinook, [...]

    20. SPOILER ALERT -This tells the story of a 37 yr. old woman who was raised mostly by her father who actually was doing an experiment involving her since her real mother was an Indian so she was a half-breed. This happened in 1855 when Indians were thought to be less than human white people.Anyway she ended finding the mummy of her mother and learned from dreams an and old Indian woman that her father had actually killed her mother. Also her husband's son returned and fell in love with her. They en [...]

    21. To read it is to understand some of the decline in native history. How the white settlers in fact were grave robbers to add to their income. How the interaction of different tribes was restricted by distance and how old legends influenced the individual life. This book has been researched to a level seldom seen. Native resistance to white men abuse was non existent. The plot is of a different type, it combines mythos with crime, a racial experiment with love and hate, a killing without punishmen [...]

    22. Megan Chance has once again returned to the theme of an intelligent, passionate and creative woman suppressed by the strictures of her society and the prejudices of the men in her life. I liked Leonie, and was anxious to see her come into her own. But it was obvious to me by page 50 exactly how it would all play out, and I was right in every particular. It's still an okay read, but I expected a denser, twistier plot from Chance.

    23. I liked her writing and enjoyed the setting of the story in the historic pacific northwest. Since I was born and raised here I really liked hearing about some of the local natives. However, it was less history and more fiction. I would have liked to have read more about the daily lives of natives,and more folk stories. That said, it was a fun read however no serious history will be found here.

    24. I have always been enchanted by Native Americans. I love how the author wove this story from pieces of their culture.

    25. I really enjoyed this! It had romance, action, mystery, Native Americans, mummies and oysters! In other words it kept my attention and wasn't so predictable of a storyline:)

    26. Loved it. Totally sucked me in. I've a feeling this is one of thoes books that is going to stay with me for a while. And as always Megan Chance doesn't fail to deliver.

    27. One thing I did not expect was that I'd like this novel as much as I did. It's not a genre I'd ordinarily choose, and I don't remember why I got the book. Maybe it was a Kindle First selection ?It was interesting to watch Leonie transform from someone just drifting through life, sleepwalking, really, to someone who took control of what she wanted to do.The only flaws I found was I did not believe a man from the late 19th century would be so, I don't know enlightened in how he treated Leonie. So [...]

    28. Leonie Russell has never had a life of her own. Her father wanted her to be an ethnologist, even if she was a woman. When he was dying he asked his assistant Janius to marry her and take care of her after he was gone. Janius married Leonie even though he was already married to a woman in San Francisco.Leonie finds a mummy in the river bank and this mummy gives Leonie dreams of possible ties and connections, her friend Lord Tom tells her this is nothing but trouble. Enter Daniel, the son of Janiu [...]

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