Code Red Christmas

Code Red Christmas This book is the fifth in the Coach s Boys series Because of the mystery involving a secondary character the books should be read in order When she promised until death do us part she meant it When

  • Title: Code Red Christmas
  • Author: Kristy K. James
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This book is the fifth in the Coach s Boys series Because of the mystery involving a secondary character, the books should be read in order When she promised until death do us part, she meant it When Darby O Hara believed in something, she believed in it forever, and her marriage rated at the top of that list But she hadn t counted on a husband who devoted most This book is the fifth in the Coach s Boys series Because of the mystery involving a secondary character, the books should be read in order When she promised until death do us part, she meant it When Darby O Hara believed in something, she believed in it forever, and her marriage rated at the top of that list But she hadn t counted on a husband who devoted most of his life to his business As the years passed, and he spent and hours away from home, her dreams of becoming a mother seemed to be just that a dream One that would never be fulfilled Being patient hadn t worked Talking hadn t either, and one day she decided she d had enough It was time to make a new life for herself Maybe with the handsome and attentive Dylan Achieving success had always been important to him No one had ever loved their wife than Cal O Hara loved his, but he d never figured out how to balance his personal life and his business And then came the day she announced her intention to divorce him In that moment he knew he d do anything to win her back When a holiday reprieve comes his way, he knows he s got one chance to make some serious changes He s willing to give everything he has to win Darby back The question is will everything be enough to make her want to stay

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    1. Kristy K. James

      All it took was the encouragement of a student teacher in a ninth grade writing class and Kristy K James was off and running She has been writing for years than she ll ever admit to, and loves every aspect of it From creating characters who are so real that they sometimes take over the writing when they don t like where she s taking a story, to adding as many twists and mysteries to her plots as she can get away with She is the author of Reluctant Guardian, A Fine Mess, and The Stranger in my Head.Kristy currently lives in Michigan with her family, too many pets and the occasional spider She spends her time living in her make believe worlds, cooking and baking up a storm, and doing her best to learn to say no when stray animals wander into her large country yard Reading is one of her favorite pastimes, as is traveling around the state, especially to coastal beaches to enjoy the sound of the waves crashing on the shore and gulls screeching overhead.

    594 thoughts on “Code Red Christmas”

    1. Amazing fifth book in the Coach's Boys Series. It was also by far the hardest book to read. Cal and Darby are both deeply wounded by their present and their past. Darby has finally reached the end of her patience with Cal. She's done waiting for him to make her a priority. Eight years of neglect, eight years of promises that they would start a family, eight years of apologies for coming home late and eight years of his job coming first. She faces Cal with the declaration that she's done with the [...]

    2. At first, while reading Code Red Christmas, I was a little frustrated with Darby and Cal. They both have some areas that they needed to work on and they needed to figure out how to communicate with each a little better about their individual struggles. Thankfully, after seeing the changes they each need to make and coming to some realizations about themselves and each other, things in their marriage are on their way to improving. **Spoiler Alert**
Darby starts out the book, talking with a male [...]

    3. Code Red Christmas – Book 5 in the Coach's Boy's Series by the AMAZING Kristy K. James.This is the story of Cal & Darby O'Hara. If you have read any of the other books in the series then you will remember Cal is the one who owns the catering business (the guy who makes all the great food). Darby has stood by her man for better or worse and believes in forever. She has one dream, a loving marriage and children. Years of standing in the background waiting for Cal to slow down with his busine [...]

    4. The fifth book in the series, it was the first one I have read. It works as a standalone, but could,tell,there is some back story that would have made it more cohesive. This author has brought a wonderful second chance romance to its forefront. The story, unlike so many others brings forth some true feelings felt by long term relationships. The story of Cal and Darby is very true to life. i love how she brought Darby's angst to life. Her unhappiness can be felt down to your core, and the way she [...]

    5. I was very fortunate to receive an ARC copy of this book. I really love this series and Darby and Cal's story didn't disappoint.I don't like it when an author separates a couple just so they can put them back together again. That's not what this story is about, I think most of us who have been married for awhile have periods in our marriage similar to what this couple are going through. It's nice to read a clean story that shows real people just trying their best to live a happy life.

    6. OMG kristy you have done it again delivered a great story with some action and tender love at the end and I am so glad this was a story that had friends like that that stuck to you like glue when things get rough it was a very gear read for me and hope you have an ending for Ed he deserves it btw I had a feeling it was the other daughter by how pissed she was thx bunches can't wait for next story or series whichever one comes first

    7. Best book in the series!! Sadly, also the end of the series.If you enjoy a clean romance series, and won't be turned off by some extra words showing up here and there on the page, you will enjoy this series. You do need to read the books in order (unlike many other series)I enjoyed how this was a different type of love story that I haven't read before.

    8. This was an amazing series and kept you gripped right to the end with lots of surprises you didn't expect.The thing I loved most about this book is the bond they all share and help each other through everything.I really hope theirs another book!

    9. this was a great series to read i loved each book and each character (although my fav is Sam ) this is a great holiday read and i have to admit read all 5 book in a week as could not wait to get on to the next one great writing and i loved the romance of the books Fab read

    10. Great Series!!!I loved this series and hope that there is a continuation of it!! Hearing how Ed's world turned out and about the new babies would be great!!!!! Can't wait to read more by Kristy K. James!!!

    11. Not all of life is a bed of roses even after the marriage, and not all families are the piture perfect ideal as shown out in public. You think that one big problem of the series is solved, but is it? Can anything be done to fix that one problem?

    12. Code Red Christmas: The Coach's Boys Series, Book 5: Kristy K. JamesBook 5 in the series finds the gang still together, except Darcy wants to divorce Cal. She feels neglected because of all the time he spends with his catering business. The listener gets mystery, suspense , romance , and lots of whiny drama! I read this as an e-book a few months ago, but I wanted to hear the audiobookI was very disappointed, not so much in the story, even though it had a different feel than earlier books.The nar [...]

    13. Another really good addition to the series. Entertaining, engaging and enjoyable. Mystery, suspense, misunderstandings, second chances and a little good clean romance. I have enjoyed all the books in this series and this one was no different.This book is a bit different than the others as it deals with a divorce. Relationships take work. When you don't nurture your relationship, you drift apart and lose focus on the things that should really be your priorities. Most of us have ups and downs thro [...]

    14. Code Red Christmas is fifth book in The Coach's Boys series and honestly I think it’s the best one. The main plot of this book focus on the marriage of Darby and Cal. They’ve been married for several years and they both been through a lot. After losing his mom Cal started to spend more and more time in his work and neglected his wife. Darby can’t stand being so lonely, she wants to have kids and loving family, not a husband whom she doesn’t see anymore. Despite the fact that she still lo [...]

    15. A very enjoyable Christmas story! Even though this is #5 in the series, it is the first I have read. I did feel like I was missing out on things with the side characters and stalker, but I still enjoyed the story. I'm a sucker for second chance love stories, and this did not let me down!

    16. I really hope that this isn't the last book. Cal and Darby's story was great. They were a loving couple in the other books and it was sad in this one. Thank goodness they finally got the stalker. It did cross my mind in the last book that that's who it was.

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