Lucky Man

Lucky Man The SIXTH subtle and humorous adventure in the Tubby Dubonnet series WHEN THE DA HIMSELF SETS YOU UP YOU KNOW YOU RE GOING DOWN In Tony Dunbar s books New Orleans is The Big Sleazy squared No one is

  • Title: Lucky Man
  • Author: Tony Dunbar
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The SIXTH subtle and humorous adventure in the Tubby Dubonnet series WHEN THE DA HIMSELF SETS YOU UP, YOU KNOW YOU RE GOING DOWN In Tony Dunbar s books, New Orleans is The Big Sleazy squared No one is safe, especially from their elected officials Even if they are an elected official So what if Judge Hughes shared a few special moments with Sultana Patel why is this aThe SIXTH subtle and humorous adventure in the Tubby Dubonnet series WHEN THE DA HIMSELF SETS YOU UP, YOU KNOW YOU RE GOING DOWN In Tony Dunbar s books, New Orleans is The Big Sleazy squared No one is safe, especially from their elected officials Even if they are an elected official So what if Judge Hughes shared a few special moments with Sultana Patel why is this a matter of public interest The stench from that courthouse fills the city, roars D.A Marcus Dementhe Those hypocritical men and women who wear the robes are filthy with deception And Dementhe has a zany plan to snare them Hughes, happily, has had the good sense to hire epicurean lawyer Tubby Dubonnet, whose laconic air is belied by his zeal to protect his clients And what a web they re ensnared in But no matter how dire things get, Dunbar never loses his sense of humor I think he s going to shoot us once we re out in the Gulf, Tubby whispered to the girl His aura is green, she agreed Half the fun of a Tubby Dubonnet book is watching his sly creator fit together a plethora of fascinating yet seemingly unrelated jigsaw pieces to form a picture you never saw coming And the other half is hanging out with Tubby and his crew of eccentrics, sleazeballs, goofballs, and enticing, confusing babes in the Big Easy to Love WHO WILL LIKE IT Fans of Trem , softshell crab po boys, Domilise s, the Upperline Restaurant wait, let s start over ok, legal mysteries, particularly Parnell Hall s Steve Winslow series and anything by Lia Matera, comic mysteries, El Leonard, funny lawyer movies like My Cousin Vinny, TV shows like Ally McBeal and Night Court and everyone s favorite New Orleans yarn, Confederacy of Dunces.

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    About "Tony Dunbar"

    1. Tony Dunbar

      Tony Dunbar started writing at quite a young age When he was 12, growing up in Atlanta, he told people that he was going to be a writer, but it took him until the age of 19 to publish his first book, Our Land Too, based on his civil rights experiences in the Mississippi delta For entertainment, Tony turned not to television but to reading mysteries such as dozens of Rex Stout s Nero Wolfe stories Among his favorites are Dashiell Hammett, author of The Maltese Falcon, and Tony Hillerman, and John D MacDonald, and Mickey Spillane.He has lived in New Orleans for a long, long time, and in addition to writing mysteries and serious fare he attended Tulane Law School and continues an active practice involving, he says, money That practice took a hit in the Hurricane Katrina flooding, but the experience did produce a seventh Tubby Dubonnet mystery novel, Tubby Meets KatrinaThe Tubby series so far comprises seven books The Crime Czar, City of Beads, Crooked Man, Shelter from the Storm, Trick Question, Lucky Man, and Tubby Meets Katrina The main character, Tony says, is the City of New Orleans itself, the food, the music, the menace, the party, the inhabitants But Tubby Dubonnet is the actual protagonist, and he is, like the author, a New Orleans attorney Unlike the author, however, he finds himself involved in serious crime and murder, and he also ears exceptionally well He is 40 something, the divorced father of three daughters, a collector of odd friends and clients, and he is constantly besieged by ethical dilemmas But he is not fat he is a former jock and simply big.Tony s writing spans quite a few categories and is as varied as his own experiences He has written about people s struggle for survival, growing out of his own work as a community organizer in Mississippi and Eastern Kentucky He has written about young preachers and divinity students who were active in the Southern labor movement in the 1930s, arising from his own work with the Committee of Southern Churchmen and Amnesty International He has written and edited political commentary, inspired by seeing politics in action with the Voter Education Project And he has had the most fun with the mysteries, saying, I think I can say everything I have to say about the world through the medium of Tubby Dubonnet Hurricane Katrina and the floods, which caused the mandatory evacuation of New Orleans for months, blew Tony into an off resume job serving meals in the parking lot of a Mississippi chemical plant to hundreds of hardhats imported to get the complex dried out and operating It also gave Tony time to write Tubby Meets Katrina, which was the first published novel set in the storm It is a little grimmer than most of the books in the series, describing as it does the chaos in the sparsely populated city immediately after the storm It was a useful way for me to vent my anger, Tony says Still, even in a deserted metropolis stripped of electric power Tubby manages to find a good meal.The Tubby Dubonnet series has been nominated for both the Anthony Award and the Edgar Allen Poe Award While the last one was published in 2006, the author says he is now settling down to write again But about what Birds and wild flowers, he suggests Or maybe television evangelists Or, inevitably, about the wondrous and beautiful city of New Orleans.

    538 thoughts on “Lucky Man”

    1. There are plenty of New Orleans descriptions. However there were too many characters for any development to happen. The start was slow and the ending not complete.

    2. Good but not great! This book was free on Kindle and is in the middle of a series.I would like the first book in series ,if I can find it

    3. Lucky Man is the third novel by Tony Dunbar I have read, and it won't be the last. His main man, Tubby Dubonnet, is in the class of protagonists with Sandford's Virgi Flowers, whose antics keep you up late with the light on. The action takes place primarily in New Orleans, and the story is peppered with images of the local scene. Tubby Dubonnet is a New Orleans lawyer, divorced, with three daughters and a cast of unique friends. A number of apparently unrelated subplots come together in a logica [...]

    4. poor. lots of typos. wish I had the time back spent reading this. the publisher pays you to submit their typos. so I guess this is a beta version of a book.

    5. The last of Tubby Dubonnet books. Tony Dunbar is a delightful writer. Funny, good characters and a good plot that is not so extreme that you can't follow it. I'd highly recommend thios book and all the other Tubby books.

    6. Relaxing readNot great literature or a great mystery, but quirky characters put through weird plot lines make this book an amusing diversion, which is just what I was looking for.

    7. This is one of my favorite Tubby Dubonnet mysteries. Tubby has stopped drinking "on a trail basis" and he is not in a good mood. He tells his best friend that he can no longer stay at his house , his long-time secretary gives notice, he realizes that he is disconnected from his daughters and he is even thinking of moving out of New Orleans. Then his friend, and recently re-elected judge, comes to him for professional advice. The newly elected District Attorney is accusing the judge of sexual imp [...]

    8. The problem with starting a series in the middle is that you spend a lot more time than you want trying to figure out the 'regular' characters. Once past that, I thoroughly enjoyed the first part of the book - well, 3/4 of the way through. And I didn't minds that it wasn't all packaged up neatly at the end. I don't need my novels to have a bow tied on them when I finish. But just seemed at the 3/4 point, the author got tired of writing the story and just wanted to be done with it. Too bad. I lik [...]

    9. I have read two books in this series, and read them out of sequence. It works, anyway. Tuby Dubonnet is a genial, not particularly driven attorney. He likes food, he loves his city (New Orleans), and he isn't dumb. In this case, a client falls into his lap: a casino. It seems like an easy gig, and Tubby is already busy, involved in the estate of his murdered friend. Of course, things are never as easy as they should be in the Big Easy, and Tubby has to sort out the tangled webs. Tubby is a fun c [...]

    10. likeable character I've read several books by Dunbar all starring the likeable lawyer Tubby Dubonett. They are light reading and present a who-done-it plot that keeps you guessing. In this book, Tubby deals with a corrupt DA, a possible lover, a depressed assistant and a down-on-his-luck friend. There are enough story lines to keep you reading. Dunbar writes in a clean, concise way and before you know it, the book has ended. Enjoy.

    11. I'm a New Orleans native, but not a current resident, so I often read books about New Orleans for the nostalgia. The book does a great job with New Orleans as a character, mourning for the ain't-there-no-more cultural icons such as the K&B drugstore, and capturing the unique characteristics of the people who live in the city. The story line? I couldn't entirely figure it out. Was there a murder or was it something else? But maybe that doesn't matter, since the ambiance is good.

    12. I know I should expect this from a seriesbut I still found the ending disappointing. The characters were interesting and I loved the New Orleans setting. Some series are more episodic, and I enjoy those more. But this one just left me hanging--with too many characters about which I cared left with tales unfinished. Will some of them disappear, or will I be able to track them further? I guess I won't know unless I get the next book.

    13. Not my favorite of the series. It was good, just felt like it didn't have the usual whit that I've come to expect of a Tubby Dubonnet book. I am intrigued to find out what the deal is with his other two daughters. Even with a slight disappointment I will continue to read this series. New Orleans fascinates me so I will read just about any novel that takes place there and the surrounding Louisiana territory.

    14. More Fun from my new favorite!As with the others in this series, Mr. Dunbar delivers both high energy excitement as well as quick-witted fun in this page-turner set in New Orleans. The almost hyper realistic descriptions make the city itself a character not to be pushed by the wayside, which is pure joy to read. Perhaps one can credit my love of Agatha Christie's Poirot, but I cannot wait to continue the adventures of Tubby Dubonnet. Highly recommended!

    15. I had to give Tony Dunbar and his protagonist, Tubby Dubonnet, one more try. This one kept me reading. But I still find the endings of the books in this series somewhat anticlimactic. (They don't feel like they're over, or should be, at the end.) I still don't have a complete conception of Tubby's appearance. And maybe it's because I'm not familiar with New Orleans, but I don't find these books to be as humorous as others do. Different strokes for different folks.

    16. I really like the Tubby Dubonnet series - sort of mystery, procedural, set in New Orleans, complete with all of the quirkiness you would expect in New Orleans. The characters are fun and interesting. What I really liked about this story was the results of the various plot lines are in place and it is pretty clear where everything is going to end up, so the story ends there. So nice to not have to go through all those strings being tied into neat little bows.

    17. I wouldn't recommend this bookThis is the second book I've read by Tony Dunbar it has to be the last. I struggled to get through this book trying to give it a fair chance, this book never got my attention to the point I'm not even sure what the storyline was. The ending made me feel like I totally missed the boat. I won't regret not buying anything else by Tony Dunbar.

    18. I have read the previous book and enjoyed it but this one grew on me. I enjoyed it very much, with all the different characters coming to life. Tubby is a sleazy lawyer, he says, but I think he has a good heart and things happened but mostly things get resolved. I'm looking forward to another of Tony Dunbar's books

    19. After reading this series up to this point, I don't think I want to visit New Orleans. Don't get me wrong, I know there is corruption everywhere, but, this place seems to have it all over the place. I enjoyed this series and will look into the next one. It does have humor with mystery which is what I like. Good reading.

    20. Good book e characters are a little off kilterThe characters are very interesting if off kilter. Tubby has a good heart and is a pretty smart attorney with a shrewd way about him.

    21. This book by Dunbar certainly keeps you awake and on your toes because around the bend comes something you had not forseen or planned. Enjoyed reading this book and await others.J. Robert Ewbank author "John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms" "Wesley's Wars" and "To Whom It May Concern"

    22. Tubby Makes AdjustmentsJust because you're a famous personality, doesn't make you admirable. Tubby struggles to help his friends, clients, and his employees. He tries to do the right thing, not the easy, self-serving action.

    23. While I enjoyed the setting (New Orleans) and the characters (N. O. is loaded with them), and I admired lots of the descriptions, the wrap-up was a bit random for me, like those popular songs that wind down rather than coming to an actual end.

    24. I have read several of the Tubby Dubonnet books now and they are all easy and interesting reading. This one is no exception with a fairly complex mystery with plenty of action. Tubby is a likable character with lots going on in his life. Not quite a Sam Spade, but solves the mystery.

    25. Out of orderI've read all of the " Tubby" saga books, not always in order. Really enjoy them and it keeps me thinking to follow the trail. Wanted this one to end differently but still good. On to the next book of Tubby. PSLove the unique characters.

    26. The usual fun storyI use the Tubby Dubonnet series as a change of pace reading after some intense novels. They are easy to read and I enjoyed my time in New Orleans

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