Crucifixion Creek: A Belltree Mystery

Crucifixion Creek A Belltree Mystery A meth addicted biker shoots a woman during a police siege An elderly couple commit suicide on the terrace of their favorite caf An unidentified white male is stabbed to death in the street For Sydney

  • Title: Crucifixion Creek: A Belltree Mystery
  • Author: Barry Maitland
  • ISBN: 9781250072146
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A meth addicted biker shoots a woman during a police siege An elderly couple commit suicide on the terrace of their favorite caf An unidentified white male is stabbed to death in the street.For Sydney homicide detective Harry Belltree, not long out of the military and a grueling tour of Afghanistan, these three deaths appear to be just another day at the office Until,A meth addicted biker shoots a woman during a police siege An elderly couple commit suicide on the terrace of their favorite caf An unidentified white male is stabbed to death in the street.For Sydney homicide detective Harry Belltree, not long out of the military and a grueling tour of Afghanistan, these three deaths appear to be just another day at the office Until, that is, he identifies the stabbing victim as his own brother in law Greg, and journalist Kelly Pool suggests there s a link between the three incidents It seems Greg and the old couple had ties to the same man, a corrupt money man with a murky past and friends in both high places and low.Harry Belltree can t get officially involved in Greg s murder, but he s not going to leave it in the hands of others That s when he goes off grid to investigate the links between these deaths That s when things start to get dangerous.

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      457 Barry Maitland
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    1. Barry Maitland

      Barry Maitland is the author of the acclaimed Brock and Kolla series of crime mystery novels, which are set in London, where Barry grew up after his family moved there.His books have been described as whydunits as much as whodunits, concerned with the devious histories and motivations of their characters Barry s background in architecture drew him to the structured character of the mystery novel, and his books are notable for their ingenious plots as well as for their atmospheric settings, each in a different intriguing corner of London.Barry studied architecture at Cambridge University, and went on to work as an architect in the UK, then took a PhD in urban design at the University of Sheffield, where he also taught and wrote a number of books on architecture and urban design In 1984 he moved to Australia to head the architecture school at the University of Newcastle in New South Wales, and held that position until 2000 He now writes fiction full time, and lives in the Hunter Valley, Australia.

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    1. 4.5* Set in south-western Sydney, Australia, Homicide Detective Harry Belltree doesn’t play by the rules. Shocked and saddened by the sudden death of his parents by unknown assailants, Harry is determined to find those responsible and deal with them on a very personal level. Investigating current crimes, Belltree reluctantly agrees to provide the occasional tip to Kelly Pool, a nosey dynamic news reporter, hoping the few details he provides aids in discovering any cover ups in Crucifixion Cree [...]

    2. I did not like this book as much as most people who have reviewed it but it was okay. I have to admit I did not like the fact it was written in the present tense. That's just me but it sometimes has the effect of making me feel uncomfortable as it did in this case!That apart it was certainly an action packed story. Harry was an interesting character as was his wife. I was not sure about a cop who goes out and kills people just because he wants to, but it certainly kept the story moving along!I p [...]

    3. Homicide detective Harry Belltree was still grieving the deaths of his parents three years previously; the dreadful car accident which had also left his wife Jenny blind. He was sure their deaths weren’t an accident – and he wanted to know who had killed them. His paranoia and fixation was beginning to annoy his superiors.When Phoebe finally arrived to meet her two old friends for their usual coffee get together, she was shocked and devastated to find them sitting outside the café, holding [...]

    4. Crucifixion Creek, a suburb in Sydney seems to be an aptly named place, full of the worst sorts of evil. Homicide detective first gets called out there when his brother in law found murdered outside his building business. Harry's family is still recovering from the deaths of his parents three years ago in a traffic accident, one his wife survived but lost her sight as a result. Looking into his brother in law's estate he discovers that his business is almost bankrupt and he owes a large sum of m [...]

    5. Terrific start to a trilogy! Detective Harry Belltree has never reconciled with the generally accepted fact that the cause of his parents' death three years previously was an accident.When the car they were driving left the highway and plunged through the barrier into the bush, both of his parents were killed, and Harry's wife Jenny who was also a passenger in the back seat of the car at the time, suffered injuries which have left her blind.Harry is consumed with the idea that their accident was [...]

    6. The Good:It’s fast paced, exciting and very brutal. The Sydney portrayed here felt authentic, as did most of the characters. Insights into policing and journalism were interesting, though I wouldn’t know if they were accurate. It was a very enjoyable book. The protagonist was badass (or is it badarse?)The Bad:There were more than a few moments where my suspension of disbelief was sorely tested. In fact there were plenty such moments. A couple of the characters felt cartoony.'Friends' charact [...]

    7. Crucifixion Creek is the first book in The Belltree Trilogy and the fourteenth novel by Scots-born Australian author, architect and urban design expert, Barry Maitland. A former member of the Crows bikie gang shoots his girlfriend during a siege at Crucifixion Creek, in Sydney’s south-west; an elderly couple take their own lives at a beachside café; a builder is stabbed to death in an apparent mugging. Bankstown Chronicle journalist, Kelly Pool believes the incidents are connected, and she wa [...]

    8. Id seen some decent reviews on this and saw it also had some awards/nominations attached so gave it a go. The story was solid but slow in some places, the characters just felt lazy and to me uninteresting. The ending was good and I do believe theres a part 2 and 3. Not sure why it didnt gel with me. Normally I love this style if crime fiction. I might have to give book 2 a check when I have the time.

    9. A superb and well written thriller! It covers contemporary Australian issues and culture. Harry, a cop, is convinced that the death of his parents and the blinding of his wife in an accident was, in fact, no accident. A double suicide leaves him suspicious and a fatal stabbing turns out to be his brother in law.Kelly, a journalist, is concerned about the number of deaths and gets together with Harry to interview him. The two of them discover powerful people who want to keep dark secrets well hid [...]

    10. Sydney cop, Harry Belltree is carrying out his own personal investigation into the suspicious death of his parents in a car accident, the same accident in which his wife Jenny was left blind. Meanwhile, the police are investigating the stabbing of Harry's brother-in-law Greg, an investigation that Harry has been ordered to steer well clear of. He decides to feed information gained, to journalist Kelly, in the hope that he can discover the reasons behind these deaths, and most importantly who the [...]

    11. Great start to an Australian-based crime trilogy that is a little different to the norm.Detective Harry Belltree is still reeling from the events three years ago that left his parents dead and his wife blind. He's the only person who doesn't believe that it was an accident, and he just can't leave it alone, which doesn't please his superiors. Journalist Kelly Pool is investigating a spate of recent deaths. They all keep leading her back to the Crucifixion Creek area of the city. Initially unwill [...]

    12. A must read!!My View:I am very pleased to make the acquaintance of Barry Maitland. I want to read all of your books!This is the first book written by Barry Maitland that I have read – and again I ask – why haven’t I come across your writing before Barry?And when is the TV series/big screen movie being released? This book – the first is the Harry Belltree series is written in contemporary Australia but could probably be sited almost anywhere in the modern world – issues relating to war/ [...]

    13. Harry Belltree is an Aboriginal detective in the NSW police. His father had been a Supreme Court Judge but he and Harry's mother were killed in a mysterious car crash three years ago. Harry's wife Jenny was blinded in the same crash and although there was evidence that a second car was involved, somehow it was found to be just an accident and Harry's suspicions an outcome of his tour in Afghanistan.Now he is called to a bikie siege where both the woman hostage and bikie shooter are killed. Then [...]

    14. Barry Maitland's Brock & Kolla series is notable for, amongst many things, the way that he always takes a location in London and builds it into the story, almost as another character. In the first of the Harry Belltree trilogy, CRUCIFIXION CREEK, set in Sydney, there is a similar approach, this time with a location of notorious reputation. Crucifixion Creek is the scene of a massacre of Aboriginal people by early colony British marines. Extending that history into the current day, Harry Bell [...]

    15. The Blurb:Homicide detective Harry Belltree wouldn’t usually be looking too hard at an elderly couple’s suicide pact. Especially now, when his brother-in-law Greg has just been stabbed to death. But it seems Greg and the old couple had ties to the same man, a bent moneylender with friends in high places—and low.Harry can’t get officially involved in Greg’s murder, but he suspects a link with two other mysterious deaths: his parents’. And when he goes off-grid to investigate, that’s [...]

    16. Barry Maitland is one of Australia’s most respected crime writers. He has a slew of titles to his name, but according to the press release that came with my copy of Crucifixion Creek, his latest novel represents a “triumphant change of direction” for him.I haven’t read any of his earlier work, so I can’t say if that is true or not. But what I can say is that this is a rather dark, noirish crime thriller, one that blurs the lines between the good guys and the bad guys, and feels like so [...]

    17. Crucifixion Creek is the first in the Belltree Trilogy and I am looking forward to reading the other 2 in the series. Detective Sergeant Harry Belltree doesn't behave like a real detective in the New South Wales Police force but he is an incredibly volatile character who after three years doesn't accept that the dreadful car accident that killed his parents and blinded his wife, Jenny, was an accident and so is in relentless pursuit of the truth. Despite being blind Jenny develops a method where [...]

    18. When is a review not a review………?You know what? I don’t think I want to write a review about this book. I don’t think I’m going to tell you how good it is, how complex the plot is, how well the characters are developed, how each plays their part. I’m not sure I want to review how all the strands of the plot are eventually plaited together so we can make sense of the events. I don’t want to write about how you won’t be able to put this book down and how much tension there is wit [...]

    19. A better than average crime thriller. Set in Australia, detective Harry Belltree and his superintendent Deb Velasco are investigating the death of Harry's brother-in-law Greg March a high end builder. Harry's father and mother, Danny and Mary, were killed three years earlier when their car was run off a road by a tow truck. Harry's wife, Jenny, was in the backseat. She survived but was blinded in the accident. Jenny was a sophisticated researcher for a law firm prior to her accident. Something i [...]

    20. Shortlisted, Ned Kelly Awards, Best Crime Novel, 2015After years writing top-quality crime set in England, one of the genre’s top writers Barry Maitland has turned his hand to the streets of Sydney with this dark, twisting tale of Harry Belltree, a homicide detective with big fish to fry and personal scores to settle.This is the first in the Belltree Trilogy, followed by Ash Island, published on September 23.‘An unqualified triumph and Aussie hardboiled crime fiction at its very best.’West [...]

    21. If you can overlook the heavy handed approach to the plot and not worry about the detail then you might enjoy this first Harry Belltree story. The character has some interesting attributes, some predictable ones as well. His law breaking habits are fun. The greatest deficiency for me is the glossing over of quite violent and antisocial themes. In quality writing I look for insights that I didn't previously have, about the subject, character or myself. Yes even in crime novels. This writing remin [...]

    22. I am not usually into crime fiction. Over the past few months I have discovered when I am. One situation is when I hear an intelligent interview with the writer on radio or the Internet. The other situation if when I see the writer in person explaining his work at a writers festival. That is how I have come to love the works of Adrian McKinty and now this book by Barry Maitland. I guess I am more interested in the mind of the crime writer than the mind of the criminal. The magic of the writer wh [...]

    23. This book was my first taste of Barry Maitland - the first time I had even heard of him, even though he is a well known Australian crime writer. I will certainly be reading more of his works."Crucifixion Creek" had me in from the first page and I couldn't put it down. It is a fast paced, intricately plotted thriller with a tough, sometimes brutal, but very interesting detective - Harry Belltree. Maitland's prose is tight, well constructed and compelling. His characters are believable, their dial [...]

    24. At first I felt like I had missed a prequel to this series and that I should have had some previous knowledge to the story. But once the backstory unfolded throughout the narrative, the plot roared to a fantastic finish.

    25. I enjoyed the author's previous Kathy Kola and David Brock series. Apparently, after living in Australia for quite a few years he thought he should write something set there. I enjoyed this book as well and hope there will be more.

    26. The character of Harry Belltree probably sums up the character of this whole series. A bit rough and unpredictable but viscerally compulsive. There is never a dull moment as the action lurches from one crisis to another at the main character smashes his way through his grief and a series of ever increasing perils. The Australian setting is refreshing after the seemingly endless Brock and Kolla series in London, which will excellent also, was starting to feel slightly stretched over the last coup [...]

    27. This novel is more thriller than mystery as the villains are obvious, so only the details of their misdeeds must be discovered. The action is steady and gripping, but the main characters lack the appeal of Brock and Kolla. It's Mike Hammer in Sydney, so if you liked I, the Jury and its follow ups, this hard-boiled saga down under will appeal to you, and it's part one of a trilogy, so there's plenty more action ahead for Harry Belltree. I dislike the 'rule of law is an obstacle to real justice' s [...]

    28. Mixed feelings about this one. Well written, faced paced, gripping but I cannot like the promotion of vigilante action and I cannot believe how stupid the protagonists colleagues are made out to be. But it did draw me in and I might read it again, so ****.Sgt Harry Belltree is a Sydney cop, son of a famous judge. He believes his parents were murdered and that the investigation into their deaths was flawed. In between his regular work, he is still investigating the case. But what happens when wor [...]

    29. The first Harry Belltree crime novel (of three) set in Sydney, Australia. Harry is a homicide detective with a personal interest in the current case, which seems tied to the crash that killed his parents and blinded his wife, Jenny, three years ago. Joining forces with reporter Kelly Pool, he gets involved with an outlaw motorcycle gang, the Crows, as well as local politicians, lawyers, accountants, real estate developers, and others whose professional façades hide their degenerate hearts. Co [...]

    30. Although there were interesting elements to this police procedural, there was too much violence for my taste - and not just by the baddies. There were some interesting elements e.g. Harry Belltree's blind wife but she felt more like a useful IT colleague than a real woman.

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