Löwen wecken

L wen wecken Als Neurochirurg Etan Grien mitten in der Nacht einen illegalen Einwanderer berf hrt und erkennt dass der Mann sterben wird trifft er eine folgenschwere Entscheidung Er l sst den Mann liegen und mel

  • Title: Löwen wecken
  • Author: Ayelet Gundar-Goshen
  • ISBN: 9783036957142
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Als Neurochirurg Etan Grien mitten in der Nacht einen illegalen Einwanderer berf hrt und erkennt, dass der Mann sterben wird, trifft er eine folgenschwere Entscheidung Er l sst den Mann liegen und meldet den Unfall nicht Doch am n chsten Morgen steht die Frau des Opfers vor seiner Haust r und macht Etan einen ungew hnlichen Vorschlag, der sein Leben komplett umkrempelt.Als Neurochirurg Etan Grien mitten in der Nacht einen illegalen Einwanderer berf hrt und erkennt, dass der Mann sterben wird, trifft er eine folgenschwere Entscheidung Er l sst den Mann liegen und meldet den Unfall nicht Doch am n chsten Morgen steht die Frau des Opfers vor seiner Haust r und macht Etan einen ungew hnlichen Vorschlag, der sein Leben komplett umkrempelt L wen wecken ist die Geschichte eines Mannes, der einen falschen Schritt tut und diesen Weg dann weiterverfolgen muss Ein st rmischer Roman, der sich in der stark umk mpften Grauzone zwischen Liebe und Hass, Schuld und Vergebung, Gut und B se bewegt, und der zeigt, wie zerbrechlich unser geordnetes Leben eigentlich ist.

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    1. Ayelet Gundar-Goshen

      Ayelet Gundar Goshen Hebrew was born in Israel in 1982 and holds an MA in Clinical Psychology from Tel Aviv University Her film scripts have won prizes at international festivals, including the Berlin Today Award and the New York City Short Film Festival Award Her debut novel, One Night, Markovitch, won the Sapir Prize in 2013 for best debut and is being translated into five languages.

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    1. I actually finished his book several weeks ago but it presented me with quite a conundrum. I continually wavered in my thoughts, my rating and what to say in my review. There is no doubt that this is an important book, a brilliantly written one, but the book is so dense, slowly paced and one I didn't mind putting down. I never considered not finishing it though, as it is written about refugees in the country of Israel, and I never realized they were having their own refugee crisis.On the surface [...]

    2. La gente passa la vita sentendosi a disagioLa vita ci porta spesso a inserire il pilota automatico, ad assuefarci ad uno stato di cose che magari, sotto sotto, non ci è completamente confacente. Una sorta di torpore che ci impedisce di prendere il toro per le corna, di cambiare ciò che non ci piace, di reagire. Siamo appagati o sonnolenti? Rilassati o rassegnati?"La nostra esistenza presuppone che quel che è stato è quel che sarà. Che anche oggi sarà come ieri, come ieri l’altro"Ma basta [...]

    3. Che ruggiscano questi leoni, diamine!Tre stelle e mezzo.È questo un romanzo interessante sotto molti aspetti. In primo luogo perché ci colloca, nella sua ambientazione, nel bel mezzo di quella frattura tra “primo mondo” e “terzo mondo”, in quella faglia dove si producono più attriti e scontri, dove le contraddizioni esplodono (purtroppo in senso letterale), e benessere e miseria si guardano in faccia più che mai da vicino; si tratta di Israele, un paese dove la violenza è sempre in [...]

    4. i leoni possono essere svegliati ma riescono anche a riprender sonnoL’intensità della mia soddisfazione alla lettura è diretta conseguenza dell’impegno che deve aver dedicato Ayelet Gundar-Goshen nel tener sotto controllo la materia da lei trattata nel suo libro. E’ un romanzo dai molteplici aspetti, dai molteplici temi, colori, razze, interessi, bassezze, virtù, fatti e pensieri. E’ al tempo stesso un noir - e di livello -, una cronaca, un’accurata analisi psicologica, un report so [...]

    5. O carte pe care am citit-o cu sufletul la gură! Nu are o intrigă simplă de thriller, autoarea știind să dea o anume adâncime emoțională situațiilor și trăirilor personajelor. Ayelet Gundar-Goshen aștept cu neărăbdare și următoarea carte!!”Poate așa se întâmplă întotdeauna. Doi oameni care se întâlnesc sunt de fapt patru. Fiecare poartă cu sine figura celuilalt, așa cum i-a rămas în amintire. O clipă de deziluzie, când amintirea e mai frumoasă decât cea pe care o [...]

    6. Blowing off steam after a hard day of work, a doctor hits an Eritrean man with his S.U.V. What he decides to do next changes everything. The next day, the victim's wife shows up at his doorstep. The protagonist is left with no other choice but to do as she says. And thus starts the thrilling Waking Lions, a powerful and masterfully translated story of secrets, surprise, and character. I took my time with this story, as page-turning as it was. Ayelet Gundar-Goshen has accomplished something I see [...]

    7. Waking Lions, by Israeli-born Ayelet Gundar-Goshen, is one of the most moving books I've read this year. While its story is complicated – mostly but not solely told from the perspectives of an Israeli doctor and an Eritrean immigrant – it considers moral responsibility. While driving fast after a late surgery, Eitan hit and killed an illegal immigrant from Eritrea, then fled the scene fearing the consequences. Sirkit, the dead man's wife, went to Eitan's house to return his wallet, which had [...]

    8. 3.5 stars.Eitan Green is a neurosurgeon at Soroka Hospital in Beersheba. His wife, Liat, is a member of the police force. They have 2 young sons, Itamar and Yaheli. Driving home late one night, Eitan lets off some steam by going offroad in his SUV while rocking out loudly to Janis Joplin. He is in his own world until he strikes something in the road. Eitan discovers he has hit an Eritrean man who is dying before his eyes. Eitan sees what this could mean for his life and his career, so he leaves [...]

    9. "Per tutta la notte, dentro di lui hanno ruggito i leoni"I leoni che ciascuno ha dentro, che nemmeno noi sappiamo che cosa li sveglierà o li farà ruggire. Un romanzo mai scontato, con lampi di intuizione che vanno fino al profondo del lettore, e un finale amaro che è l'unico possibile, un finale dell'impossibilità. E un personaggio femminile, quello di Sirkit, che è interessantissimo e riuscito, una leonessa che forse non sa che cosa sarà, ma certo sa che cosa non vuole più essere. Affasc [...]

    10. Power is a valuable commodity, and can be purchased with many currencies – social standing, moral rectitude, force, sex, violence, blackmail, and so on.Waking Lions starts out as an interesting meditation of the acquisition, use and misuse of power. Eitan, our principal, is an Israeli neurosurgeon, in high dudgeon after running afoul of his previous mentor, is "exiled" from his high-flying position in one of Tel Aviv's leading hospitals to a job in the dusty peripheral city of Beer Sheva. His [...]

    11. "La nostra esistenza presuppone che quel che è stato è quel che sarà. Che anche oggi come ieri, come ieri l’altro" Sarà che penso che l'uomo sia un essere abitudinario e farlo uscire dalla sua zona di comfort, costi una fatica immensa.Sarà che in questo periodo della mia vita, sto subendo un cambiamento e lo sto proprio patendo di brutto, che la storia di Eitan Green, l'ho vissuta proprio come fosse calata sulla mia pelle.Eitan Green, neurochirurgo affermato, denuncia il proprio responsab [...]

    12. This is a four-star caliber book in terms of subject and literary merit, but it was a three-star read for me. I bumped it up because, while it took me awhile to get into it, the book addresses issues of privilege, guilt, obligation, the worth and price of life, and morality in ways it's good for any conscientious adult to consider. That it also deals with timely issues of migration and the tensions between globalism and tribalism is another reason to pick it up. A slow, languid pace for such a g [...]

    13. Gave up - a bit dull + introspective for me. I decided to leave it in a holiday apartment in Crete and let some one else suffer !!

    14. This is a very interesting story that might have been a disaster in less deft hands.At its core is the question of who we are when faced with a traumatic life-changing event that has us going against everything we thought we were ~ and how the fear of being known as that other thing can trap us. We are so often the victim of a mirage, the glossy brochure of how we want to be seen - and how far we are willing to go to protect that illusion.The author tackles crossroads and the possibility that al [...]

    15. This is an amazing book on many levels and has some very strong messages. The underlying themes are guilt and racial intolerance. In the current climate, with so many countries facing something of a refugee crisis, it is interesting to see it from an Israeli perspective. Also to see how Bedouins are viewed by the general population. I am not sure that I felt total sympathy with Eitan but I was gripped by the book from start to finish. I think I am going to use it for my next book group choice as [...]

    16. The New York Times called this a gripping thriller, but it's not. It's a weird combo of thriller and grim, introspective literary fiction. The endless internal monologues removed the urgency of the story (which was actually interesting) and prevented the book from being a page-turner. The translation was a bit unnatural too.The themes were interesting, and some parts were pretty good. But this really was't my cup of tea.

    17. This was so good that I kept my husband posted on the plot and character developments as I read, because I started to tell him what the book was about and he kept asking for updates.This was so good that I started a list of unfamiliar locations and terms so I could look them up for a deeper understanding of the story. And I never do that!This was so good that I’m going to gush about it for like 15 more paragraphs.I don’t like thrillers, and I hesitate to label this as a “thriller,” so ca [...]

    18. Damarlarınıza damla damla psikolojik gerilimi iç ederek hikâyenin kahramanı Eithan Green'in tüm duygularını başarılı şekilde yansıtan oldukça başarılı bir anlatım.Kader ya da değil, insan hayatının bir olayla nasıl farklı bir boyut kazanabileceğini, kontrolün ellerinizden bir anda nasıl çıkabileceğini ve sizin hayatınızın kontrolünün başka birinin ellerine geçebileceğini gözler önüne seriyor.Oldukça başarılı kurgulanmış bir hikâye.Henüz okumadıysa [...]

    19. Etan Grien, israelischer Arzt und Familienvater überfährt nachts auf einer Wüstenpiste einen Mann – und flüchtet in Panik. Dabei hinterläßt er unbemerkt einen Hinweis auf seine Person und wird fortan erpresst. Er muss medizinischen Dienst in einer Art Wüstencamp-Krankenhaus leisten, die Patienten sind Flüchtlinge, Afrikaner. Auch das Unfallopfer war Eritreer und die Erpresserin ist dessen Ehefrau.Aus dieser Zwangsgemeinschaft entwickelt sich nach und nach Sympathie, Zuneigung und schli [...]

    20. This book started well, a Doctor who is dissatisfied with his job, tired after a night shift travelling along a desert road hits someone, and he flees the scene and leaves the man to die. Later there is a knock at his door and the dead man’s wife is standing there, in his haste to flee the Dr has left his wallet at the scene. The Doctor offers the women money; she does not want money, but something else entirely. He has to go along with her wishes or else give himself up to the police; he hate [...]

    21. Waking Lions from Ayelet Gundar-Goshen billed as a novel with a psychological edge set in Israel centring on the fall out of a hit and run incident, where a privileged doctor, Dr Eitan Green, kills an Eritrean migrant. The book then revolves around his intense involvement, and developing relationship with, the migrant’s widow, and his entry into a world of the desperate and the poor, as she blackmails him into providing medical assistance for the unseen migrant community. Indeed, Gundar-Goshen [...]

    22. This story that is set in Beersheba in the desert of Israel tells of how an eminent city surgeon accidentally runs over and kills a man when returning home from out of town very late one night, and drives off without reporting it. It tells of the effect that the accident has on his family and the family of the man killed. More significantly the man killed was an Eritrean refugee and this is their story, how they live and survive and their conflict with the Bedouins. Sirvit, the wife of the man k [...]

    23. Recensione originale: sonnenbarke.wordpress/201Eitan Green è un neurochirurgo dalla storia professionale un po' travagliata: lavorava a Tel Aviv ma, scoperto un giro di mazzette, è stato costretto a trasferirsi a Beer Sheva, perché come sempre sono gli onesti a pagare e non i disonesti. Dunque insieme alla moglie Liat e ai due figli Yahli e Itamar si trasferisce nel deserto. La moglie è ispettore di polizia, i bambini vanno uno all'asilo e l'altro alla scuola elementare.Un giorno Eitan, fini [...]

    24. Eitan Green is a neurosurgeon, a family man, a man with a strong moral code. Until The night is dark, the off road track deserted, and then bang his SUV collides with a man. When Eitan gets out of his vehicle he finds the man, an Eritrean refugee, critically injured. He quickly assesses the situation, his mind reeling out of control. The man will not survive, that is clear. There are no witnesses. What will happen to Eitan's career and family if this becomes public? He makes a decision that will [...]

    25. "He's thinking that the moon is the most beautiful he has ever seen when he hits the man." and Janis Joplin screams in the night.So begins the waking of the lions, an Israeli story of a man who falls through a hole in the universe from his comfortable life of clean house, gorgeous wife, and pre-school sons into a world where Eritreans don't look at white people, white people don't see Eritreans, and everyone blames the Bedouins for all that is wrong. Eitan is a brain surgeon who is pressed into [...]

    26. A young doctor accidentally his a man with his car. He thinks he has killed him, but when he gets out to check, finds the man barely clinging to life. The man is a refuge. In his panic, the doctor runs away. The victim's wife shows up with an challenging demand for her silence. And so begins a relationship between the two that ultimately changes both their lives.I have mixed emotions about this book. The premise was very interesting. There was some suspense. This did open my eyes to the plight o [...]

    27. The first two-thirds of this novel is fantastic. Gundar-Goshen's observations and the way she presents them (and the wonderful way they appear in Silverston’s translation) are what make this novel so special. The third-person translation, which sticks closely to the three protagonists, is also excellent (when it spreads to more and more characters, I found it less effective).Considering how unbelievable it is, it’s best to treat the story as a fable rather than, as it appears too often in th [...]

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