Your Body's Many Cries for Water: You Are Not Sick, You Are Thirsty! Don't treat thirst with medications

Your Body s Many Cries for Water You Are Not Sick You Are Thirsty Don t treat thirst with medications This book explains a new discovery that lack of water in the body chronic dehydration is the root cause of many painful degenerative diseases asthma allergies hypertension excss body weight and s

  • Title: Your Body's Many Cries for Water: You Are Not Sick, You Are Thirsty! Don't treat thirst with medications
  • Author: F. Batmanghelidj
  • ISBN: 9780962994234
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
  • This book explains a new discovery that lack of water in the body chronic dehydration is the root cause of many painful degenerative diseases, asthma, allergies, hypertension, excss body weight, and some emotional problems including depression The book explains the damaging effects of dehydration in the fourth dimension of time.

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      F. Batmanghelidj Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Your Body's Many Cries for Water: You Are Not Sick, You Are Thirsty! Don't treat thirst with medications book, this is one of the most wanted F. Batmanghelidj author readers around the world.

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    1. If you need motivation to drink more water, this book should inspire you. According to the book Nearly every function of the body is monitored and pegged to the efficient flow of water through our system. Water transports hormones, chemical messengers, and nutrients to vital organs of the body. When we don't keep our bodies well hydrated, they may react with a variety of signals… some of which, we would never think related to our poor drinking habits. Medical research has shown that regular wa [...]

    2. This book was an interesting read and is worth reading if your library has a copy.Maintaining good hydration is an important part of any health program, although other steps are also going to be necessary for almost all of us. Food allergies, high insulin levels from too many refined carbohydrates, chemical exposures and poor nutrient levels in food and many other problems all contribute to disease and must be dealt with in addition to drinking adequate water.I wasn't at all convinced by the wat [...]

    3. I'd heard for years that I should be drinking more water, but nobody could tell me why this was so. At the same time I found it extremely difficult to increase my intake of water for apparently no good reason.Finally, here is a book that explains why we should drink more water.Dr B's explanation, which constitutes the important message of this book, is that many common, serious ailments are caused by simple dehydration.When Dr B was incarcerated in prison in Iran for political reasons, he made t [...]

    4. Ever since I discovered, decades ago, that drinking water cures my headaches, I've had a great respect for water.That was enhanced when, as a physics graduate student, I studied biochemical molecules and became aware of the incredible supporting role water plays in biochemical processes by influencing the shape of molecules. Water is never mentioned, but it is always there.So I was ready to pay attention to this book, and I'm glad I did. I feel much better when I drink water as the author sugges [...]

    5. Bad, HorribleYes, I believe that being properly hydrated is essential and under-appreciated. However, the volume of and reliance on anecdotal "evidence" reported in this book is reprehensible. While reading this book, many times I remembered what my mentor told me when I was a young Ph.D. candidate who was a little to ready to find the subject of my research to be a key element in so many other biochemical models. He told me, "when all you have is a hammer, the whole world is a nail". Well, perh [...]

    6. This book is a must-read resource that clearly explains a theory worthy of immediate consideration, in which we no longer regard the body as being regulated by SOLUTES (like minerals and vitamins). Instead, water, the life sustaining SOLVENT, regulates the functions of all systems first. This understanding of the cause of many pains and dis-eases would treat symptoms first as a simple local thirst by recommending to drink at least 2 L of water a day for 2 days. This simple prerequisite to pharma [...]

    7. This is a controversial book! But many medical advances often find it difficult to convince the AMA that the new information should be supported. But I firmly believe that after reading this book, the position that a number of diseases are caused by chronic dehydration. Here are some chapters titles, and the diseases involved:Dyspeptic Pain, Colitis, Hiatus HerniaRheumatoid Arthritis, Back pain, Neck pain, Angina pain, HeadachesStress and DepressionHigh Blood PressureHigher Blood CholesterolAsth [...]

    8. The good thing about this book is that it gets you to think differently about water and how much of it you drink each day. It gets you to consider the difference between a well-hydrated joint and a dehydrated joint.The not-so-good thing about this book is that he really doesn't bother to cite any research and pretty much just explains his view along with testimonials from people with various problems who are doing better because they are drinking water. The really dumb thing about this book is h [...]

    9. Dr. Batmanghelidj is an Iranian medical doctor working in the US. He was a political prisoner for some time and discovered by chance the amazing healing properties of water through his treatment of fellow prisoners by the only means available to him: drinking water.This is a very important book as it explains in great detail the physiological effects of dehydration. I find it so important, in fact, that I have written three articles about water on my blog: Water, ageing and disease, Why we sho [...]

    10. I didn't love the conspiratorial tone of the book, and I thought that it was not very well written. It seemed disjointed and he jumped around a lot as he was trying to explain something. At times, the medical/technical jargon was so much, that I just put it down or skimmed it and moved on. I wanted to give it 2 or 3 stars for these things. I almost didn't give it a chance because of how it was written, but it was recommended by a specialist we have been working with and I wanted to read it to no [...]

    11. It took me a while to get into this book because I don't like his writing style or the copious amounts of letters from patients (it felt really salesy) and it came across as pretty hokey a lot of the time. I felt like I couldn't trust a lot of his claims because there didn't seem to be much scientific backing or citing of sources for many of his claims. Additionally he was pretty hyperbolic about water curing practically everything and being almost all you need to reverse problems and stay healt [...]

    12. Being well hydrated helps in one's energy management, or health, in so many ways. This helps to decrease stress and increase function, so this can help with poise for performing. Also, one's water level affects one's phonation, or vocal expression.

    13. Here I will share my rather saucy review I wrote for class:1. What is the "Big Idea" of this book?To quote the author, I think the big idea of the book is that “dehydration is the number one stressor to the human body.” 2. List three things you learned about water and hydration from this book.In retrospect, I suppose that the importance of hydration to all the body’s functions should have been obvious. I’ve struggled for years with keeping plants alive, presumably because I can’t find [...]

    14. This was a very dense and technical read, but, for a non-expert, still beneficial. I've learned a few things I can implement in my day-to-day, but would have appreciated more pointed guidance, especially as it pertains to the salt requirements. What about the sodium contained in our daily foods? How does that affect Dr. B's guidance? I was left with a few questions.

    15. I enjoyed listening to the audiobook. I've read reviews of this book here and other places and a preponderance of them say something like, "That much water? cures all those ailments?" And they go on to say that they will never get to the recommended level of water intake. There are testimonials in the audiobook, however, that indicate that they did take in the recommended level of water and got the results the author purports.Along with the testimonials, Dr. Batmanghelidj posits that the reason [...]

    16. Great book Definitely a must read for those who wants to improve their health without knowing how water can be a powerful medicine in their lives despite being cheap It also contains a lot of testimonials of people which suffered from several diseases such as ulcer being benefited through the water consumption Another highlight is the right mindset in regards some people who thinks that sodas can be a good substitute for water which in the reality doesnt contain the nutrients that water has and [...]

    17. An interesting premise that the author presents and then explains. I read this book years ago when the author was still alive. He has passed away now but I still recall reading this and being impressed. I can't speak to all of the medical conditions that the author postulates may be due to or at least exacberated by insufficient water in our diet. But I can speak to one of them. He states that people with chronic heart burn, should drink more water and presents a plan for doing so. At the time I [...]

    18. My only complaint with a very good book is that Dr Batmanghelidj does not really, other than indirectly on a recital of his sister's sunstroke, address the issue if one is too ill to get that water that one needs. That of course is a "fatal" flaw. Superb work. I highly recommend it for a good and healthy life though following it, drinking that much water, really is "work". I bought a gravity fed system, my third in this life, and added a water filter to my shower. I am definitely happier and som [...]

    19. I was living in California when I heard about this book. I was coming out of a store in Encinitas when a guy walking into the store said, "What your body needs is water," and then he told me about this book. I bought it and still own it. Over the years doctors have constantly told me that I needed to drink more water. Last year it was my urologist who said that all my issues were due to lack of water. I keep trying.

    20. Some people think this book's philosophy is outrageous. I find it believable. If the composition of the body is primarily water, does it not make sense that we need to keep it topped up? Does it also not make sense that the water we take in should be pure? Some of the reading gets a little ponderous, but overall I think what is presented here should be taken more seriously than it seems to be taken,

    21. Well the premise of we are all dehydrated and don't drink enough water is a good one. I don't believe that all the diseases listed in this book will be cured by drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day with a few crystals of sea salt on your tongue. I was disappointed in his lack of information about tap water. Finally it needed more than just testimonials to make all his claims legit. If you are looking to read an informative book on water, there probably are better ones out there.

    22. I wish I could give the book a better rating due to its content but it just doesn't measure up higher than a 3 out of 5. It's not incredibly well written, it is extremely repetitive & the "stuck in the 90s" design of the cover as well as of some randomly inserted illustrations (of little globes in front of oceans or rainbows) almost acts as a repellent from letting you pick it up.Nevertheless, I would absolutely recommend it to everyone who has heard the phrase, "You should drink more water! [...]

    23. This is a terrible piece of work, purported science with not a single study to back it up. Testimonials are not equal to scientific study, tests, trials. All Dr. Batmanghelidj has is some ideas, some good sounding chemistry, and a pile of letters from people that testify that their MS, allergies, heart disease, and more were cured by simply drinking more water. Don't waste your time on junk science.

    24. About unintentional chronic dehydration and how it produces stress and chronic pains often leading to disease if the signals are missed. Worth reading, an easy read and backed with science, alerts you to the many reasons why we can so easily slip into this destructive pattern without really noticing it.

    25. Aside from the Holy Bible, this book can change and save lives. Everyone should read this book. My Doctor needs to read this book! Everyone has heard they should drink water, but many don't, or won't, and still others don't drink enough. I learned much from this book.

    26. I read this book and was amazed at how easy it is to cure yourself. After reading this book I increased my water intake and my knees stopped aching within weeks and I do not suffer from allergies any more. I wish I knew this years ago.

    27. Learned a great deal about the subtle symptoms of dehydration and the simple way to alleviate or prevent it.

    28. I listened to this audiobook while working out and found myself constantly going to the fountain for water! Some interesting opinions. I like the chapter on salt get it into you.

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