Dead List

Dead List The latest brilliant mystery in the best selling series full of twists and turns A great read The murderer is a brilliant creation shocking but also very human This is the best book I ve read by Hel

  • Title: Dead List
  • Author: Helen H. Durrant
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The latest brilliant mystery in the best selling series, full of twists and turns A great read The murderer is a brilliant creation, shocking but also very human This is the best book I ve read by Helen Durrant yet You won t be able to put it down Emma Brown An unlikely serial killer with a bucket list of victims Police partners, D.I Calladine and D.S Ruth B The latest brilliant mystery in the best selling series, full of twists and turns A great read The murderer is a brilliant creation, shocking but also very human This is the best book I ve read by Helen Durrant yet You won t be able to put it down Emma Brown An unlikely serial killer with a bucket list of victims Police partners, D.I Calladine and D.S Ruth Bayliss battle a murderer who is working their way through a list of victims Each murder is meticulously planned and unique, and a tarot card is left at the scene of the crime When two children disappear in the local area, the stakes are raised and the team are baffled by the link between the crimes Calladine and Bayliss race against time to prevent any carnage If you like Angela Marsons, Rachel Abbott, Mel Sherratt, Ruth Rendell, or Mark Billingham you will be gripped by this exciting new crime fiction writer DEAD LIST is book three of a new series of detective thrillers featuring D.S Ruth Bayliss and D.I Tom Calladine Calladine discovers shocking new information on his complicated family background and Ruth has some surprising news for him A new detective, Stephen Greco, also come onto the scene, provoking competition with Calladine Tom Calladine is a single, fifty one year old detective inspector who is devoted to his job His personal life, however, is not so successful Having been married and divorced before the age of twenty one has set a pattern that he finds difficult to escape Ruth Bayliss is in her mid thirties, plain speaking but loyal She wishes she had time for the gym and a love life She uses her demanding workload as an excuse not to try too hard with the men she meets Her hobby is birdwatching The series is set in the fictional village of Leesdon on the outskirts of an industrial northern English city There is little work and a lot of crime The bane of Calladine s life is the Hobfield housing estate, breeding ground to all that is wrong with the area that he calls home DEAD WRONG, book one featuring Detectives Bayliss and Calladine is available now A bag of severed fingers is found in the playground by a rough housing estate DEAD SILENT is book two in the series A body is found in a car crash, but the victim was already dead Police partners D.I Calladine and D.S Ruth Bayliss race against time to catch a vicious serial killer.

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    1. Helen H. Durrant

      Helen H. Durrant Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dead List book, this is one of the most wanted Helen H. Durrant author readers around the world.

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    1. This is the third book I have read by author Helen Durrant, and while it is not my favorite, it comes a close second. I have to admit that the main character, Tom Calladine, annoys the hell out of me. He may be a good detective but the majority of the time he behaves like a sulky, self-centred, ill-mannered school boy. I was pleased to find Greco, whom I encountered in Dark Murder, making an appearance in Dead List. Calladine thinks Greco is a major 'pain in the arse', but if it came to a vote f [...]

    2. “DEAD LIST” is the third book in a series, and in my opinion, the best. with the return of D.I. Calladine and D.S. Ruth Bayliss in the hunt for a serial killer who appears to be picking people at random without any motiveThe only clue that the murders are connected is a single tarot card left on each of the bodies.On top of the murders, there are two young girls missing. In this novel the identity of the serial killer is revealed right from the start, which for some readers will not be appre [...]

    3. After reading book one of the series I decided to moved onto book three as I had this as a NetGalley read. Many thanks to those for my copy.Here murders seem to be happening randomly. There appears to be no connection between victims other than a tarot card being left at the scene of the crime. It also appears that two young girls have gone missing. Workload is heavy for Calladine and Bayliss and personal issues being thrown into the mix is only adding to stress levels. A new boss is not helping [...]

    4. Third in the series, Dead List has DI Tom Calladine and DS Ruth Bayliss investigating murders that have tarot cards left with the victims. Um, that's all I'll say about that.Calladine's personal life is in turmoil of a different sort in this book, and he's very reticent to do anything about it. He's a smart, intuitive cop, but now there are more problems at work. A new Acting DCI, a new DI that he's butting heads with, and oh, boy, does Bayliss have news for him!I'm really enjoying this series o [...]

    5. Thanks to the author, the publisher and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for my honest opinionOh! The joy of discovering a new authorThis is such a good book, and I can't believe I had't read anything by Helen H. Durrant until now.It has all the ingredients for my favorite type of read: English police procedure, a DI with a messy personal life, hard working sergeants and constables and some very bloody crimes in it.My only problem is that though you can read this book independently from the prev [...]

    6. An excellent third book in the series. Intriguing storyline that is well thought out. Really enjoyed. A killer you should dislike but can't and a police inspector with a colourful personal life

    7. BLUF: Good for those who enjoy a focus on the relationships in their murder mysteries. (Can be read as a standalone.)**I was provided a copy of this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review**Dead List follows two stories: the one of the killer and the one of the detectives. The killer, near death, murders out of a need for retribution. She starts as a sincere killer, leaving a calling card at the murder scenes in order to avoid implicating an innocent person, but soon realizes the th [...]

    8. I received a free copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Dead List is the third book in a series i haven't read the other two. Partners DI Tom Calladine and DS Ruth Bayliss have a new serial killer to track down. The only thing that connects the murders is a tarot card which is left at each crime scene. With no other connecting clues how will they be able to piece the few leads they have together in order to stop the horrific murders. Calladine is also dealing with some huge perso [...]

    9. This book is just as good as the first two and I really enjoyed the fast paced read. This is the 3rd book about Calladine & Bayliss working together to catch a serial killer that seems to have no particular type and the methods of death are all different and the only clue tying them all together is a tarot card left at each murder. These characters are relatable and that makes this a good read. As you relate to their day to day lives you are drawn into this story until you cannot put the boo [...]

    10. This is the third book I have read by this author and once again follows the partnership of Calladine and Bayliss in their search for a serial killer. I really enjoyed the story but not sure I liked knowing the identity of the killer from the off, I think it adds to the story when you have to try and guess who it is. I would recommend this book and would like to read more involving Calladine and Bayliss.

    11. Another fantastic book in the series, An unlikely serial killer to ease DI Calladine's return to work after his heroic actions in the previous book. A great read that was easily devoured in one sitting, hoping to hear more about the newcomer Stephen Greco, book four??

    12. Another fine police story in the fictional world bordering on Manchester. What marks it out is a twist on the idea that a killer goes through a list to choose their victims. It is also a weakness of the plot as the reader is asked to accept that the murderer is endowed with superhero powers.What I do like is the advancement of characterisation throughout this series. DI Tom Calladine has been on a journey and in this book his midlife crisis and sense of identity add to the depth of the story.If [...]

    13. I have followed this series from the beginning and the writing and overall delivery is improving with each book. As with all series books, it can be read standalone (the main story is self-contained) but to get the most from it, it really is best to read from the start. The back-stories of the characters contained in this series are a little front and centre so reading as a series, in order, would be more important in this case.The author has done something a little bit different in this book. R [...]

    14. I've rated this five stars but feel the need to clarify this on this occasion, though it's not something I'd jump up and down about and scream from the rooftops about neither can I fault it in any way as a good book so I wouldn't be able to justify giving it less than 5 stars.Firstly I have to confess it was read by mistakeI'm meant to be doing a review of Dead Silent (book 2 in the same series of books) and happen to already have books 1 and 3 in my kindle library and uploaded the wrong book to [...]

    15. I was given an ARC of this book in return for an honest review.The more I read from this author the more I like. She has an lovely style of writing which flows easily and makes a great face paced gripping thriller. This is the third book in a series pairing calladine and Bayliss in the hunt for a serial killer who seems to be picking people at random without any motive, using different methods of despatch. The only clue that the murders are connected is a single tarot card left on each of the bo [...]

    16. Dead List is the second book I’ve read by Helen Durrant. I’m happy to report that I enjoyed it as much as Dark Houses. I was sure I wouldn’t be disappointed, as the author has a confident style I enjoy. The author’s characters are credible. I could picture them and their surroundings as I read, making the storyline easy to follow. I had a certain degree of sympathy for the killer, but if I say why, it would give too much of the plot away; I dislike spoilers. The interesting subplots have [...]

    17. "Dead List" is the third book in this series by Helen Durrant. This story is about a killer with a bucket list of victims that she is out to get. I'm got giving anything up as it is evident from the beginning that the murderer is a woman. Each murder is meticulously planned and unique, and leaves a tarot card with each victim. After reading three books I am still interested in the story plots and I enjoy D.I. Calladine and D.S. Ruth Bayliss as the lead police officers. A good easy detective read [...]

    18. I would like to thank Joffe Books and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book for my honest review.I love British mysteries and this one didn't let me down. I started on book three of this great mystery series and I fell right in step with what was going on. I fell in love with the strong personalities of the two main characters, DCI Callidine and DS Bayliss who play off each other perfectly. DCI Callidine is the perfect, 'let's get this case solved type" of inspector that rubs the a [...]

    19. This book is the third in the Calledine series and I was intrigued to read it as I have had an interesting relationship with the previous two books in the series.After a slight disappointment with the second book of the series, I did enjoy this novel as I was really intrigued by the killer. The idea of the killer having a bucket list of victims was definitely a little bit different. Was there a reason that they had not only each been chosen, but was there a clue in the manner of the killings? Ea [...]

    20. Thanks to netgalley, Helen H. Durrant and Joffe Books for the advance copy for my review and I also purchased it from amazon. Something I do for a select few authors that I really like. Probably the coolest thing about netgalley is, discovering new authors and one that you instantly get hooked by their writing. Dead List is bloody brilliant, has a murderess that you can't help but cheer for since it's retribution day for several criminals on her list and it's time to pay for their sins. DI Tom C [...]

    21. Dead List asks is justice worth killing for? DI Tom Callandine is recovering from a bullet wound. His DS Ruth Bayliss convinces him to return to investigate an unusual set of murders. The series of murders begin with a well known oncologist. The victims are vastly different and the methods differ. The only indication that there is only one killer - a tarot card left with each body. What unites the victims? How is the killer deciding who to kill? Meanwhile, two young children are missing, and lit [...]

    22. Recently reviewed the second in this series, with this being the third, so it read a little easier even though I still haven’t done the first. This is one of those rare books I read in one sitting on a lazy afternoon off. As it should be, the plot is simple: a dying lady has a kill bucket list, using such oldies-but-goodies like the blade-in-cane trick; I usta have one of those during my spinal surgery rehab, but I only used it to slice cheese. Did I say the plot was simple? Technically it is, [...]

    23. This is the third in the DI Calladine and DS Bayliss series and what a joy it has been to read them so close together. Helen H Durrant has created two vivid and convincing characters in Calladine and Bayliss. Yes, Calladine does have a lot going on in personal life (in the last book I did comment that it was close to a soap drama character), however, his responses are lifelike and recognisable. In Dead List his responses to young, fresh DI Greco are childish. Ruth tells him so, he knows it and s [...]

    24. After reading just one book in her series, I became a big fan of Durrant’s. This is just the kind of thriller I like: a serial killer who seems unstoppable, smart detectives who are dead set on stopping that serial killer, and some serious flaws in the personal lives of those detectives—just to throw a little variety in the mix. That’s the formula Durrant seems to be using for her books and it works in a huge way. Partners DI Tom Calladine and DS Ruth Bayliss have a new serial killer to hu [...]

    25. Great readThis is my favorite book so far in this series. I love Amaris, and Tom Calladine’s sudden feelings for her. But then, anything was better than Lydia.And, believe it or not, I really liked the killer. Not crazy about the killings but the killer was sweet and you really could understand. I liked the story that came out about Tom’s parentage. That was somewhat of a shocker! I also liked how Tom had his partner Ruth read the letter his mother left him before she died. Ruth and Tom are [...]

    26. Third book in the Calladine/Bayliss series and in my opinion, the best. Read it immediately after the first two books and thoroughly enjoyed it. This time, the killer leaves a tarot card at the scene of each murder as a clue, they want the police to find the body and to work out why they have been killed. Running alongside this case is that of missing children and Calladine is convinced there is a connection between the two.The murderer is revealed fairly early on and like her first book Dead Wr [...]

    27. Book 3 in what has so far been a brilliant series of books. I really have enjoyed these, and read all 3 pretty close together. I started this one as soon as I finished book 2 as I couldn't wait to start it.​Again, brilliantly written and thoroughly enjoyable. A great story line that keeps you wanting to carry on reading. I've seen a few reviews that say it doesn't matter if you haven't read any of the other books, but for me, I like the background and the history of the characters that you rea [...]

    28. AmazingCouldn't stop reading. The story is yet again so addictive page after page such interesting twists and turns.n book 3 was just as good as 1st 2. As well as amazing writing I love the fact that the charactures all have home lives and their personal lives carry on throughout the three books. Highly recommend they are read in order, purly to keep track of their personal l!Ives.

    29. I would like to thank NetGalley and the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this in return for an honest and open review.I have read and enjoyed the previous two books in this series, I was delighted to be accepted to read "Dead List". Although it is book 3 it can be read as a stand alone.After being off sick, DI Tom Calladine returns to work ans has to deal with a murderer who meticulously plans their crimes.Tension is also developing between Tom and a new DI, Stephen Greco.The cha [...]

    30. ARC received from: NetgalleyRating: 3.5*Cover: YayReview: Most British crime novels are heavy on procedure, light on personal but this one if the opposite. Don't get me wrong, I love characterisation but even I have to say that the balance was wrong in this latest addition to the Calladine/Bayliss series. Calladine seems to go through women like water, each relationship more full of drama than the last, and combined with the revelation about his family, there just wasn't enough time spent on the [...]

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