Last Kiss

Last Kiss Naomi When I was kidnapped I thought only of survival I gave my captors exactly what they wanted my skill with computers Making millions for a crime lord who kept me imprisoned in his basement compoun

  • Title: Last Kiss
  • Author: Jessica Clare Jen Frederick Iggy Toma Kasha Kensington
  • ISBN: 9781494509804
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Naomi When I was kidnapped I thought only of survival I gave my captors exactly what they wanted my skill with computers Making millions for a crime lord who kept me imprisoned in his basement compound kept my family safe When he was taken out, I thought my ticket to freedom had arrived Wrong I traded one keeper for another This time I m in the hands of a scarred,Naomi When I was kidnapped I thought only of survival I gave my captors exactly what they wanted my skill with computers Making millions for a crime lord who kept me imprisoned in his basement compound kept my family safe When he was taken out, I thought my ticket to freedom had arrived Wrong I traded one keeper for another This time I m in the hands of a scarred, dark, demanding Russian who happens to be the head of the Bratva, a Russian crime organization He wants my brain and my body I d be lying if I said I wasn t intrigued, but I can t be a prisoner forever no matter how good he makes me feel Vasily At a young age, I was taught that a man without power is a puppet for all I ve clawed and killed my way to the top so that it is my heel on their necks But to unify the fractured organization into an undefeatable machine, I need a technological genius to help me steal one particular artifact That she is breathtaking, determined, and vulnerable is making her dangerous than all of my enemies combined Soon, I must choose between Naomi and Bratva law But with every day that passes, this becomes a impossible choice.

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    1. Jessica Clare Jen Frederick Iggy Toma Kasha Kensington

      This is a pen name for Jill Myles.Jill Myles has been an incurable romantic since childhood She reads all the naughty parts of books first, looks for a dirty joke in just about everything, and thinks to this day that the Little House on the Prairie books should have been steamier.After devouring hundreds of paperback romances, mythology books, and archaeological tomes, she decided to write a few books of her own stories with a wild adventure, sharp banter, and lots of super sexy situations She prefers her heroes alpha and half dressed, her heroines witty, and she loves nothing than watching them overcome adversity to fall into bed together.

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    1. Meet the surly Russian mafia and the germaphob American hackerThis might just be the best of the Hitman series yet. We've met Vasily Petrovich since the beginning of the series. He is some big shot in the Bratva and had allegiance with the two heroes, Nikolai and Daniel in the previous books. However, this can still work as a standalone, if you don't have the time to cover the grounds. In the previous book when Daniel was trying to save his sister, Naomi, only to have Vasily shipped her away ins [...]

    2. 5 Vasily –is-my-volk StarsLast Kiss is a standalone and is part of the Hitman series.Book 1 - > Last Hit - > Nikolai and Daisy’s storyBook 2 - > Last Breath - > Daniel and Regan’s story. Regan is Daisy’s roommate.Book 3 - > Last Kiss - > Vasily and Naomi’s story. Naomi is Daniel’s sister.I love this series. Each book gets better and better and Last Kiss is my favorite so far.Daniel saved Naomi, but she is yet again captured and this time by Vasily. Vasily needs Naom [...]

    3. Title: Last Kiss Series: Hitman #3Author: Jen Frederick and Jessica ClareRelease date:May 5, 2015Cliffhanger: NoHEA(view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]What I love about this series is that these two talented authors give you real, raw, and un-watered down stories of criminals with tons of action and suspense. These books are about killers. They're violent, they're hardened, and they are not somebody who you would like to come across in a dark alley. Too many times, we get mafia or hitman books whe [...]

    4. 3.75 - 4 StarsI was undecided on my rating for this for a bit, quite honestly. Don't get me wrong, I really did enjoy this bookjust not as much as I thought I would, I suppose. But being that book two in this series (Last Breath) is one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITES - you read that right: ALL time. FAVORITE.(Them be some bold words right there, I know)It's pretty unreasonable of me to expect book three to reach those epic proportions. But I be but a human yo, so trying to separate this book from that [...]

    5. 4.5 - "All will happen as it should." Stars!Last Kiss follows in the tradition of its predecessors in the Hitman series, in that it is an absolutely stellar read. I love the way that that Jen and Jessica have managed to take characters that let’s face it, under normal circumstances you would run a mile from and make them likeable, on some levels relatable and completely fall in love with them. I am fascinated by this man.I felt the same for Vasily, on the surface a hardened, brash, cold emotio [...]

    6. This mafia slut just got her fix and now she's more than satisfied :DThe Hitman series are one of my favorite mafia series and this book wasn't a let down :DWhat I loved the most was the fact that the main female character is a person (view spoiler)[with Asperger's Syndrome (an Autism Spectrum Disorder) and a few associated mental disorders like OCD and a few phobias (hide spoiler)] but despite all that Naomi fits really well with Vasily who has some (Big) issues of his own.This book can't be de [...]

    7. Naomi and Vasily's story was so much better than I thought it would be! I really thought that Vasily and Naomi were amazing characters, they were just so complex and unique. Naomi has Aspergers, she doesn't process things the same way as everyone else. She doesn't understand sarcasm, she says whatever is on her mind. But she is also way beyond brilliant, she is an extraordinary computer hacker and so strong and brave, throughout the book! While Naomi was different from most heroines I couldn't h [...]

    8. Sizzling Pages Romance ReviewsNichole's Sizzling ReviewsSizzling Pages @ FacebookSizzling Pages on TSU Twitter:@SizzlingpagesEmail: sizzlingpages@gmail

    9. 5+ UNIMPEACHABLE STARS I’m speechless. What a book!! The story was action packed and kept me on the edge of my seat. It, also, had suspense, romance and hot sexy times. The dual POV worked so well, and that ‘s why I fell in love with both Vasily and Naomi. This book had many different elements making it one of my favorites of the year.

    10. The third full book in the Hitman series picks up somewhere along the same timeline as the second book. Naomi is Daniel’s (the hero from book two) sister, and while he was trying to save her, he passed her into the care of Vasily, a member of the Petrovich Bratva who’s angling to lead. To do this, he must retrieve a painting critical to controlling the Bratva, but it’s been in the wind for years. Naomi, an Aspie, is brilliant with computers and able to track anything she sets her mind to.T [...]

    11. Not going to read this.Considering Vasily:(1) kidnapped Daisy (book 1 h) and Regan (book 2 h)(2) punched Daisy so hard in the face, she lost consciousness(3) gave the okay for his partner to viciously rape Regan and thenereby(4) Regan was sold into sexual slavery where she was raped and abused for monthsNot interested in reading about this type of man in any romantic fashion. If a woman he cares about is ever mistreated, he sure as heck has no right to ever get angry or exact revenge. (not sure [...]

    12. 4.5 Contamíname con tus microbios STARSEste libro me ENCANTÓNaomi y Vassily fue una increíble pareja los amé en todo el libro, Naomi fue adorable y su autismo le sumó puntos a la historia, me sacó varias carcajadas ya que no tiene filtro y decía lo que pensaba y Vassily Aww me hizo suspirar de amor casi casi como Nick ese hombre tan frío y al parecer sin sentimientos aprendió amar junto a Naomi ya que para los dos son sentimientos desconocidos.Es un libro lleno de amor, sexy, con mucha [...]

    13. ”I don’t like to be touched.”“It is destiny”, I quip. “I do not enjoy being touched either.”Last Kiss starts with Vasily Petrovich in his quest to find the Caravaggio also known as Madonna and the Volk. Vasya, a Russian, who wants to claim the leadership of the Petrovich Bratva. A cold, calculating man who wants power to protect the people he cared about.Naomi Hays is an autistic, an asperger’s actually. She functions like a computer, a genius and have poor social skills who spou [...]

    14. ARC provided by author.My favorite of the 3 novels in this trilogy. Not much angst, interesting/unique take having heroine with Aspergers/Autism in 1st person. Real anti-hero who's likeable. Very different.

    15. Loved it! I don't think I can adequately put into words just how much I love this book. I think it might have even tied with Nick and Daisy as my favourite *tied cause of my unending love for Nick* But I really thought that Vasily and Naomi were amazing characters. Both dealing with always being on the outskirts of society, always being different from everyone else. Then they meet each other, and suddenly they fit, perfectly somewhere, with someone. Its magical. I didn't want this one to end, I [...]

    16. This has been a series that from book one I have always been waiting for more and never feel like the series should end, book one was so different from so many books that this series has been one to stand out among this crowded genre. In book two we met both Vasily our hero and Naomi our heroine and got a small glimpse into the beginning of their story. I will say that this story is different from the last two as well as the novella but after saying that, I didn't feel like this book feared some [...]

    17. I will start with a declaration that I love, Love, LOVE this series. So for me to give this book 3 stars is partially out of love for the series and shows that it really did not work for me. (I know I am in the minority!) The writing continues to be great. I think JC and JF make a fabulous team and I cannot wait for the next book.What did work There were some funny scenes - Naomi poking Vasily to gauge is reaction as a "science" experiment. Her discussion with Daniel about having sex with Vasily [...]

    18. ARC received from author in exchange for honest review. Thank you!4.5 glowing stars. This book blew me away. It was like nothing I've ever read before. It is definitely in my top 5 books of 2015. Vasily and Naomi were made for each other. I adored them. Both are unique with Naomi having Asperger's and Vasily having a horrible past. Together they found peace and acceptance. Their story kept me completely enthralled and while I wanted to read fast to find out how everything unfolded, I also wanted [...]

    19. *** 6 stars ***First I want to thank Jessica Clare, Jen Frederick, and for the giveaway. I didn't expect this rare opportunity and am extremely thankful for the chance to read such an amazing book! :)Soooooo…………………………………………………………………………………!!! I LOVE THIS BOOK !!!Do not expect this type of read.EXPECT THIS!I mean….Naomi = is a nerd, computer genius, Aspie, socially challenged, has a few quirks, is extremely lovable, humorous, cute, a [...]

    20. My Thoughts:The Hitman Series has been an epic reading escape full of action, danger, violence, suspense, and passion. I can't get enough when it comes to learning about all of the key players in this series. The authors continue to weave fascinating characters, with dynamic plots; leading to the ultimate reading experience.In Last Kiss, we get Vasily and Naomi's story. Vasily is trying to take over leadership within the Russian Bratva. The elders have tasked him with locating a rare and pricele [...]

    21. 3 Stars!!I was really excited to finally get this book, I've been looking forward to Naomi's book since Last Breath (she's Daniel's sister). Naomi has Aspbergers Syndrome (actually, she's is a highly functioning Aspie), flat out she's a genius who happens to be a cyber hacker. Vasily is a Russian Mobster with the Petrovich Bratva who kidnaps Naomi to help him find a painting that is important to the Bratva and to solidify his plans to take over as the head of the Bratva. This book had a LOT goin [...]

    22. 5 funny, sweet and kinky stars HELL YES!Mafia: ( A contemporary romance definition)A secret criminal organization where the capo, the enforcer or the mafia king is hot and into hard kinky fuck or BDSM. The members of that group are hard killers and doesn't give a shit if they offend someone.Autism Spectrum Disorder:( A contemporary romance definition) A disorder where one lacks the ability to interact socially. This isn't usually used in a contemporary romance novels, much alone an erotic one.I' [...]

    23. I'm a huge fan of the Hitman series by Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick, and after reading Last Breath a couple months ago I couldn't wait for Naomi and Vasily's story And let me tell you, Last Kiss exceeded my expectations and then some!Last Kiss is not your typical hearts and flowers love story. It's a beautiful, raw, no holds barred, take me as I am, love story with characters that are each unique in their own right but absolutely perfect for each other.Naomi has lived a pretty sheltered life [...]

    24. Some books are a hit or miss. This was a miss for me. I liked it but I did not love it.The writing was excellent and I loved the premise. Two very different people getting together despite everything that pulls them apart. Naomi is autistic but extremely intelligent. Vasily is a member of the Russian Mafia, hoping to gain immense power. When they meet, their lives change.I liked the refreshing storyline but I could not connect with the characters. I did not see how they clicked together. I found [...]

    25. This one is my favorite in the series! I just loved hero and heroine! They were so funny and their ''dirty talk'' was hilarious. I wasn't fan of the plot(some really disturbing shit was going there) but as romance goes it was perfect for me.

    26. Review posted at Oh My Shelves BlogWhat a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t sure I’d like this one because Naomi (aka the emperor) was quite discombobulated in book 2 when her brother Daniel finally found her. I wasn’t sure how she would work with the ruthless Vasily. But the author did it! I enjoyed them just as much as the other stories.Naomi (Daniel’s younger sister) has Asperger’s syndrome and it renders her social inept.According to : Asperger syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder (AS [...]

    27. 4.5 StarsVasily Petrovich has killed the head of the Pertrovich Bratva and intends to become the leader himself. For that he needs the backing of the council, but first he must prove himself to them by bringing back a priceless masterpiece which once rested inside the Bratva's palace walls. In order to do so he requires the services of the Emperor, an entity who travels the corridors of the Deep Web and can provide him the location of the item he seeks.Naomi Hays is different. A brilliant mind w [...]

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