Taylor Made

Taylor Made Emme James southern roots and ease at reading people make her known in elite circles as one of the best image and brand consultants in the business Her gut instinct and ability to balance six male roo

  • Title: Taylor Made
  • Author: K.J. Lewis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 462
  • Format: ebook
  • Emme James southern roots and ease at reading people make her known in elite circles as one of the best image and brand consultants in the business Her gut instinct and ability to balance six male roommates, a New York Madame, a rock star and her job do nothing to prepare her for the chaos that ensues when a chance meeting places her on a path that threatens the resolveEmme James southern roots and ease at reading people make her known in elite circles as one of the best image and brand consultants in the business Her gut instinct and ability to balance six male roommates, a New York Madame, a rock star and her job do nothing to prepare her for the chaos that ensues when a chance meeting places her on a path that threatens the resolve of control Emme masters Having never mislead a woman of his intentions, Graham Taylor makes no apologies for his fuck em and leave em attitude He gets no hassle sex and they get money and notoriety The only stipulation, control His An unexpected mishap places him next to an unassuming southern girl whose honesty and kindness kindles a need to show her what it would be like to give control to him even for a short amount of time His underestimation of her tenacity soon blurs the line of who is really in control.

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    1. K.J. Lewis

      KJ is a novelist, hot tamale addict, and an abolisher of grammar When not writing, you can find her reading at the beach, exploring New York City, or hanging out in her hometown of Memphis, TN She started hitting s top 100 lists with her first novel, Taylor Made, in 2016 She is currently working on the next installment in the Sunday Love Series.Visit kjlewisbooks for informationSome ways to hang with me Facebookfacebook Kj Lewis Boo Author Page kj lewis e B01Instagraminstagram KJLewisBooks Twitter twitter KJLewisBooks

    562 thoughts on “Taylor Made”

    1. *ARC received for an honest review" Undeniably addicting and page- melting hot , Taylor Made is going to be the new obsession of the readers! Its the next FSOG & Crossfire series." Le sigh`. This book !!! Its very rare when a book grips you in its tale so deep, that it crashes into your reality. And the best thing is that you want it to be real!!!Seriously , I equally love and hate Taylor Made. I love it because it just became one of my favourite reads but I hate it because it just set the s [...]

    2. A chance meeting that turns both their world off their axis. Graham controlling in all things to the minute detail. Emme strong, smart, beautiful and a heart of gold. Neither one ready for the other both fighting for control, can they find a middle ground.This is an amazing read that will rival the best and most controlling book boyfriend around. With a hint of Christian and Gideon you aren't going g to want to put this down. We have a past that is not clearly explained, danger, a dominant and a [...]

    3. Holy smokes did this debut book by Kj Lewis blow my mind! Absolutely phenomenale chemistry between Emme James and Graham Taylor was so sizzling that at times I wondered if the pages might ignite into flames.Move over Christian GreyGideon Cross who? There is a new alpha male in town who has stolen my heart and has left me panting for more. What makes this book even better is the heroine, Emme. With a heart of gold and a haunting past that I still need answers to, Emme might have captured my heart [...]

    4. ** I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review **Taylor Made es el libro debut de la escritora KJ Lewis. Y ella con esto demostró que tiene mucho potencial.Siento que la historia es llevadera y fácil de leer Su escritura no es pesada y te pica la curiosidad por saber que va a pasar, cuando y por qué. Pero a la vez la sentí compleja y quizás por esto no le doy cinco estrellas, quizás fueron muchas interrogantes por descubrir o lo perfecto de los personajes lo que me h [...]

    5. For a debut novel I was totally blown away, KJ has captured something really special within the pages of this book and I was drawn in by the fantastic characterisation of her heroinee writing is fresh and imaginative and I just got lost in the words and this book is a must read just for the experience of being in Emme's head and her unconventional lifestyle and amazing friends. Add the bossy,dominant alpha that is Graham and the 'oh you didn't just say that' moments when you are just waiting for [...]

    6. This review was first posted on For The Love of Fictional Worlds in exchange for an honest review :)Disclaimer: This book ends on a cliffhanger. I did not know that before going in. It did not end well for my iPad. It has now cracks like it’s crying and I can’t even sincerely apologise to it.Can I be honest? I have not read Crossfire Series and I read Grey Book 1, before I left it. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for Alpha, Possessive Heroes – I like them just fine (in fact, I more than lik [...]

    7. Move over, Mr. Grey. Graham Taylor is the new sexy businessman. This is KJ Lewis's debut novel and I already want more. She definitely started off with a bang. Emme James leads a crazy life. She has 6 roomates and is basically the modern version of Snow White to her Six Dwarfs ;). She has a well paying job that she loves and gets to have one of her best friends as a boss. She is an image and brand consultant. Emme knows her job and does it perfectly. She always seems to have it together, but her [...]

    8. SWOON!!! This book was so freaking HOT!!! I caught myself laughing out loud quite a bit. Emme is just adorable and I love her mouth. I think it is awesome that she lives with six men. She is a mother hen to all of them. The men in this book are just unbelievably H.O.T. and they fall so hard for Emme and she doesn't have a clue. Then there is the SMOKIN H.O.T. Graham. Oh My goodness the man just oozes it. He is now my new book boyfriend. I absolutely had a hard time putting this book down to go t [...]

    9. This book surpassed my expectations. It didn't take me long to fall for Emme. I love smart, decisive and independent women in books. I loved the way she was so caring and loving with everyone. Graham took my breath away. It's been a long time since i laughed out loud at a male character when the novel is not a rom com. Everything is waved exactly as needed to be, leaving the reader with enough answers but also additional questions. I'm not a huge fan of cliffhangers, so I hope the next installme [...]

    10. Couldn't put Taylor Made down! 1st book for this author, and I loved every minute of it! Story was new and refreshing plus anything with HOT lap dance works for me! Graham is so freaking sexy, and I want Emme's clothes and friends! Writing is sexy, funny, and drew me in! I beta read for the author and was dying for the next chapter! I can't wait for the second book - Taylored to Perfection.

    11. I wasn't sure how I felt about these characters at the beginning, but then KJ Lewis expertly developed them until they were wrapped around my heart. It was a lovely read.

    12. DNF Not a proper review. Sorry not sorry but I cannot stand this bullshit anymore. I cannot stand the heroine at all. She's potrayed as a Southern girl who's nice and saintly enough to take care of the men she share I a house with. It should end at that. I don't mind that. What I can't stand is her condenscension.1. She thinks she's "real" because apparenty she's curvy. And she refers to skinny girls as "hanger-girls". I mean, yes, I'd prefer curvy and fat heroines over skinny ass heroines ANY D [...]

    13. Wow! I loved this book. The Sexyness of it; the mystery of it, that ending?!?!?! Oh my! There is so much that I want to say about it but I really can't put into words how much I love it! The chemestry between Emme and Graham was amazing! You could feel the connection that they had from the start and it went up in flames as the story went on! The secondary characters were great! Emme calls them the Dwarfs and it was a cute nickname for the friends in her life. They added to the story with their p [...]

    14. Emma's southern roots makes her perfect for her job. Being one or the top personal consultants in the city definitely has its perks. But taking care of her 6 male room mates, her job and some unlikely friends, she feels her life is full.Graham has a love'em and leave'em life style. He gives the women notoriety and they give him their body, no questions asked or promises made. When their chance meeting leaves them both wanting more, in different ways they are surprised when they both find out tha [...]

    15. OMG I abso freaking loved this book. Emme is the glue that holds sooooo many people together and OMG Graham just makes her panties melt. Emme is a strong career woman and Graham is a rich man used to getting his way in everything. I love books with multi characters and this book had that in spades. The mark of truly good writing in my opinion is having mulit characters, keeping them straight, making them loveable, and add in humor. Kj Lewis has NAILED THIS! I will admit that Ms. Lewis has left u [...]

    16. Emme James and Graham Taylor meet by chance on a flight that wasn't the usual for either of them, but once they met, it became impossible to stay away. The southern born Emme has her charm and her pride and both tend to keep her distant from those around her, even the 6 men she lives with, affectionately called "the dwarves." Graham Taylor has his dominant, business only personality but also has a family that surrounds him with love. That family, who embraces Emme before she even meets Graham, i [...]

    17. Emme is from Memphis originally and she now has a fabulous job in New York. During her plane ride back to New York she meets a hot guy named Graham Taylor. Graham is drawn to Emme, but he has a rule about not getting too deeply involved with any women and all relationships are short termed and Emme has to convince him that she is the woman that he will never let go. Emme challenges Graham and since he always wants to be in control he is not sure how to handle it. Good romantic story. The story k [...]

    18. First off Kj Lewis you have seriously out done yourself!! I have the Kindle version of this book and I now want it in paper or hardback!! I couldn't put it down and if I did I kept wondering what was going to happen next. Screw Christian Grey, I want Graham Taylor!! This book was such an easy addictive read that it took me no time to read it. All I can say is I want more!! I think that everyone should read this book!! Thank you Kj Lewis!!

    19. Another fab new author for me to follow. This series may well become a new addiction.Love these books where you have complete opposites meet and turns everything upside down. Graham likes order and to control things to the smallest detail and Emma is strong, smart and Sassy. Both like to be in control, Graham has to assert his Alpha Male Controlling nature that gives Christian Grey a run for his money. You can never resist a bossy dominant alpha male

    20. Emme James and Graham Taylor wind up sitting next to each other on an airplane. Emme, or Emelia, grew up in Memphis and is a true Southern girl at heart, down to the way that she can groom and ride a horse, play sports and drive a stick shift car. She also has a very charismatic personality, where people are drawn to her because of her big heart and how she gives so much love in return, but demands so little back. There was so much to like about Emme, but I couldn't quite bring myself to love he [...]

    21. Taylor Made is one of my all-time fav books! I love everything about Emme: her awesome job, her fashion sense, her friends, her gumption. Graham is delicious and the evolution of their relationship is organic and riveting! I read this book in one day and immediately dove into Taylored To Perfection <3 <3

    22. What a solid, fantastic read an amazing, page turning debut.I absolutely loved this book, for a debut I thought it was pretty damn amazing in truth. KJ Lewis created characters who all had their own personality and rights within the storyline. You were never left in doubt who was who but at the same time Ms Lewis was able to focus on her main characters Emme James and Graham Taylor.Emme is a Southern gal, full of that Southern charm and accent that wins people over and makes her so endearing. Sh [...]

    23. I love this story The Taylor family may have money but they have a great family unit. I love how they all interact and how close they are. They welcome Emme as if she were part of the family. There is some drama and some things that need to be said. Hopefully it all comes together in the next book.

    24. This was such a pleasant surprise. The well developed characters and plot make the reader wanting it to never end. It is a cliffhanger and I hope the sequel is coming out soon!

    25. Just love this book. It had me drawn in from the first word. A great weekend read. I can't wait to see what happens next.

    26. OMG!!!!! Can someone put out the fire!!!! This book was so hot and funny and crazy and has some pretty cool twists and turns! I am so happppppy right now! I wish I could un read this book so I could read it for the first time! JUST WOW! I loved everything since page one! I can’t believe this is her debut NOVEL! She is amazeballs. It was like a movie in my head and the scenes are described as if you are there. I wish I was Emme lol. I love how relatable she is and how I find some of myself in h [...]

    27. "I don't date or do relationships. I fuck. The girls I'm with understand the rules and what is expected of them. I don't want there to be any confusion of what this is.Yes ladiesis is your next Alpha Male that you are going to fall in love with and his name is Graham.This book starts off with Emme James catching a flight and she has a seat right next to Mr. Alpha Male himself~Graham Taylor. And he is allll about that "I'm in Control" attitude. Of course he has met his match in Miss. Sassy Emme J [...]

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