Before There Were Three: Ethan & Rhett

Before There Were Three Ethan Rhett Before Kieran Seattle Ethan Mallory is counting down the days until he moves back to Toronto He loves Seattle but it s time to go home So it s just his luck that with a month to go he meets R

  • Title: Before There Were Three: Ethan & Rhett
  • Author: L.A. Witt Charlie David
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Before Kieran Seattle, 2000 Ethan Mallory is counting down the days until he moves back to Toronto He loves Seattle, but it s time to go home.So it s just his luck that, with a month to go, he meets Rhett Solomon Their chemistry is off the charts, and in bed, Rhett is everything Ethan s been craving He s witty and charming outside the bedroom too.Ethan s not about toBefore Kieran Seattle, 2000 Ethan Mallory is counting down the days until he moves back to Toronto He loves Seattle, but it s time to go home.So it s just his luck that, with a month to go, he meets Rhett Solomon Their chemistry is off the charts, and in bed, Rhett is everything Ethan s been craving He s witty and charming outside the bedroom too.Ethan s not about to change his plans for a man he s just met, but what could this become if they had a little time Is this just a sizzling hot last hurrah before he returns to Canada Or is leaving Rhett behind a huge mistake Before There Were Three is a series of prequels to m nage stories written by L.A Witt or Lauren Gallagher Ethan Rhett is the prequel to The Distance Between Us.

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    1. L.A. Witt Charlie David

      L.A Witt is an abnormal M M romance writer who has finally been released from the purgatorial corn maze of Omaha, Nebraska, and now spends her time on the southwestern coast of Spain In between wondering how she didn t lose her mind in Omaha, she explores the country with her husband, several clairvoyant hamsters, and an ever growing herd of rabid plot bunnies She also has substantially time on her hands these days, as she has recruited a small army of mercenaries to search South America for her nemesis, romance author Lauren Gallagher, but don t tell Lauren And definitely don t tell Lori A Witt or Ann Gallagher Neither of those twits can keep their mouths shutVisit her website at gallagherwitt.

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    1. The Distance Between Us is still my favorite book by L.A.Witt, and Rhett and Ethan one of my favorite couples. When we met them, they were already together for many years, but their marriage was going through a rough patch (don't worry, "The Distance Between Us has a very strong HEA). So when I saw this prequel, about how they met and got together in the first place, I was ecstatic.The story is told from Ethan's POV this time, and I loved having his perspective. Their story starts with an explos [...]

    2. Prequel to the “distance between us” series, more specifically to book 1 of this series, this is the story of Rhett and Ethan and how they met.You get what I love from LA Witt : lovable characters, great banter, out of the charts chemistry, HOT sex and a swooning story. To be honest, this book reminded me “The best man” a lot, but I didn’t care. I loved this short story and am ready to jump to read the distance between us and find out more about Rhett and Ethan.

    3. This is another retro release from L. A. Witt and it acts as a prequel to The Distance Between Us and tells the story of how Ethan and Rhett met.This one's in Ethan's voice and its wonderful to get the insight into his developing feelings for Rhett after only having the later's PoV in Distance.I adored this, it's shorter than the other but it still packs a lot into its length from the initial random meeting between the two men, through to the I love you's and where to go next.It explains all the [...]

    4. Ecco una storia bellissima, hot e dolce, che è riuscita a conquistarmi. Ethan e Rhett si incontrano, una sera, per caso, in un ristorante di Seattle. Il primo si ritrova con un appuntamento mancato e l’altro ha un pessimo e noioso accompagnatore.Fra loro l’apprezzamento è immediato e la passione divampa fin da subito, regalandosi scene molto erotiche, che sfumano nella dolcezza e in piccoli gesti premurosi.La sintonia istantanea fra le lenzuola li induce a rivedersi e a godere della recipr [...]

    5. I loved this. When You've read a book about a couple that then adds a third to their relationship, and you'd never had the opportunity to meet that couple prior? YES PLEASE. I always loved Ethan and Rhett, but this was how they met, what they had to go through to be together, how that all played out, and it was so much fun and full of feelz. So worth the read.

    6. After reading the book to which this is a prequel, The Distance Between Us, I was definitely interested in seeing how Ethan and Rhett had come to be in the first place. Since I became perturbed with Ethan in Distance, I was hoping to see a better side to him when he and Rhett first started out. I’m happy to say that was the case, and while that leaves me a bit more aggravated with him for Distance, here in Before There Were Three I thought his character was much more likable.I loved the way Et [...]

    7. As an enthusiastic fan of L.A. Witt's 'The Distance Between Us' series, I was pleased that she decided to write a prequel with Ethan & Rhett, before their marriage fell apart, before Kiernan, when they first meet and fall in love. This prequel gave me a much better picture of these two men back when they first became a something.It was just as entertaining, or maybe even more so, to watch the debacle that ended up putting Rhett and Ethan on their first date, versus having heard the story in [...]

    8. Nice preludeThis was a very touching look at how Rhett and Ethan began their relationship. As with many of LA Witt's novels, there was a strong dose of sex. But that's all it was supposed to be as Ethan wound down his time in Seattle before returning home to Toronto. The emotional connection grew and that was shown quite well. We also get to see where other characters from the Wilde's collection started; Dale as Rhett's roommate and A.J who worked with Ethan. It wasn't a deep and meaningful stor [...]

    9. A great prequel to The Distance Between UsBefore I get to my review I want to explain something. Before There Were Three: Ethan & Rhett is considered a prequel to The Distance Between Us which is also a series title – or it was. It appears that The Distance Between Us didn't start out as a series but ended up a part of a "universe" of books that all have Wilde's dance club in common. Thus, you may find references to a series called The Distance Between Us and one called Wilde's on . It can [...]

    10. I haven’t read any of this series, so I approached this as a stand-alone, which didn’t detract from my enjoyment of it. Ethan and Rhett’s attraction toward each other is convincing, and well written. The way they meet is amusing and I wasn’t surprised when a favour for a hot guy soon turned into something else. I liked both characters, and especially how each complemented the other. The story is written from Ethan’s perspective but although he might doubt Rhett feels the same way he do [...]

    11. 4.5 Stars! Before There Were Three: Ethan & Rhett is the prequel to The Distance Between Us and it can be read as a standalone. Just be warned that if you read the prequel before reading The Distance Between Us, it might make reading this last book harder as it did for me.Ethan saves Rhett from a date gone wrong and the two hit it off, quickly falling into bed together and finding in the other what they each needed sexually. Now, if only Ethan weren't moving from Seattle back to Toronto, he' [...]

    12. What can I say. I don't think L.A. Witt has ever written a bad book, lol. This one included. It was good to see how Ethan and Rhett's story started. This book precedes The Distance Between us, which is the full story of their life after years of being together. I did like knowing how their story starts but I'm not quite sure it's actually needed, since book one is great by itself. I also did read the entire series before actually getting to this book. But overall this story was well written just [...]

    13. I read The Distance Between Us so very long ago but I remember it breaking my heart and making me cry. I loved these two all that time ago and to get to walk these steps with them when they began their long history together was a great treat. And after reading this, it's even that much more devastating to think they were going to let it all go. But reading this makes me want to revisit The Distance Between Us and reunite with these two lovable MC's. Now, if I can only remember what box it's pack [...]

    14. Great bookThis book was a slow burning love story. Ethan is getting ready to go back home to Toronto, while waiting for his no show online hookup he spy's Rhett enduring a dreadful dinner date. The two make eye contact and escape to another bar where they get to know each other. The two guys start a friendship that soon blossoms into a love affair. There are plenty of love scenes as well as some steamy bedroom adventures. The plot is captivating and lots of fun.

    15. I love Rhett & Ethan and this book made me want to read the Distance Between Us again, that being said, adding his would gave been a solid 4-4.5 stars if they talked some more, even at the end, it did not feel like they were comfortable. It is nice to see a different face to their relationship though

    16. FunI liked this prequel story. There were some errors, but nothing too major. I highly recommend that you read the rest of Ethan and Rhett's story.

    17. Great!L.A. Witt never disappoints! This story is soooo good. A helping hand turned hookup turned love. Loved it! Ready to read the entire series now!

    18. Excellent!Something about the way the author writes makes you a part of the story and the characters lives. Not like your looking in from outside.

    19. Always liked these two. Makes me sad to think about them going off the rails a bit before figuring it out, but I enjoyed their backstory.

    20. 3.5 starsYou definitely need to read this after The Distance Between Us. I don't think I would have liked it otherwise.

    21. I love everything about this authors books! Such amazing writing about love. Going back to the beginning with Ethan and Rhett was such a journey. I loved getting to see how they fell in love the first time. Ethan has been stood up. Rhett is miserable with his boring annoying date. Their eyes meet and the spark is there. Sometimes when your not looking for Love it just pops right up and smacks you. They weren’t looking for anything real. Just a extended hookup. But destiny has other plans for t [...]

    22. **I have been given an ARC for an honest review***This is one of my favorite LA Witt's books. I was hooked right from the get go. I loved both of of Ethan and Rhett, they are rounded, very well balanced, and the chemistry between was unbelievable. The story flows seamlessly and it kept me guessing till the end, especially since there were a couple more viable option of how the story arc could have progressed. But, as it is, the ending is perfect! If you are looking for sweet but scorching romanc [...]

    23. I really loved The Distance Between Us, so I was psyched to read the prequel. It was great to read about how Rhett and Ethan met. Yes, of course there were sparks and plenty of heat from the beginning, and we also see how they became something more, even as Ethan was planning his move back to Canada.

    24. The Distance Between Us is one of my favorite books and I love Ethan & Rhett. This is definitely a necessary read if you've read TDBU. I loved how they met, and their instant and intense chemistry was exactly how I would have anticipated. Like TDBU, this book explores how much Ethan and Rhett are drawn to each other physically, and how that feeds their emotional bond. And, it's told from Ethan's POV, so that was nice. Highly recommended.

    25. A Great Look BackAs a big fan of LA Witt and The Distance Between Us, it was great to finally get that look into the past and see how it all began between Ethan and Rhett. Perfect!

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