امرأة في برلين: ثمانية أسابيع في مدينة محتلة

  • Title: امرأة في برلين: ثمانية أسابيع في مدينة محتلة
  • Author: Marta Hillers ميادة خليل
  • ISBN: 9788899687250
  • Page: 193
  • Format: None
  • 1945 1945 1954 2003 2003 2005 2008 .

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      193 Marta Hillers ميادة خليل
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    1. Marta Hillers ميادة خليل

      Marta Hillers 1911 2001 was a German journalist, and the author of the memoir, Eine Frau in Berlin A Woman in Berlin , published anonymously in 1959 and 2003 in German It is the diary of a German woman from 20 April to 22 June 1945, during and after the Battle of Berlin The book details the author s being raped and choosing to take a Soviet officer as a protector during the Red Army occupation.The book was first published in English in 1954 in the United States When it was published in Germany in 1959, the author was accused of besmirching the honor of German women Hillers refused to have another edition published in her lifetime Having married and moved to Switzerland, Hillers left journalism and did not publish another major work She died in 2001.A new edition of her book was published posthumously in Germany in 2003, again anonymously It met wide critical acclaim and was weeks on the bestseller list A controversy broke out when a literary editor revealed the author as Hillers No one else has been suggested New English editions were published in the United Kingdom and the United States in 2005, as well as in seven other languages The book was adapted as a film and released first in 2008 in Germany and Poland In the United States it is known as A Woman in Berlin from

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    1. Poor words, you do not suffice.Indeed, words are not enough to convey that horror. We, lucky ones, born after the war, living in the time of peace, have to summon all our imagination, all human compassion and empathy to be able to catch though a glimpse of that suffering and humiliation that people then experienced. A woman in Berlin, written by anonymous German woman, spans two months of 1945, from April until the 20 of the June and is a chronicle from besieged and defeated city. And because au [...]

    2. When we speak of war fatalities, of those who have fallen, of those who have offered themselves up as sacrifices for the purpose of but to what purpose? We think of fallen soldiers on the battlefield, yet far behind those front lines that so often are saluted in honor with parades and holidays -- are the women. Throughout the history of humankind, women of all ages have been treated as the prize of the conquerer. To the winner go the spoils, and the spoils are women. "A Woman in Berlin" is a jou [...]

    3. يوميات الصحفية الألمانية مارتا هيلرز في برلين فترة الحرب العالمية الثانيةبعد هزيمة ألمانيا ودخول القوات الروسية المدينة يوميات مؤلمة لكنها مكتوبة بدقة وحياد ونظرة شاملة للأحداثأثر الدمار المادي والمعنوي للحروب لا يختلف عبر السنينلكن يبقى الاغتصاب المتكرر هو المعاناة ال [...]

    4. The end of World War Two was not the same all over Germany. It was quite civilized in the West, where the Americans and the British approached, fought, and eventually occupied. It was anything but civilized in the East, where the Russians came. There were significant differences between the Western occupying forces (namely, the Americans and the British) and the Russians. Yes, most of the Russians soldiers (and even officers) were primitive folks, many of which country population of the vast Rus [...]

    5. Two days after finishing, I still can't stop thinking about the haunting beauty of this rare journal, deeply saddened at the events described and equally saddened she didn't write more. This is the kind of book that sucks all the oxygen out of the air, that needs space once it is finished. The idea of starting something new is out of the question, almost sacrilege. One wants a moment of silence, to reach through time and hug the writer, which cannot be done.The prose is understated and often bri [...]

    6. Although this book was and still is published anonymously, in 2003 the author was identified as Marta Hillers, a journalist who had died two years previously at the age of 90. She was cultured, well-travelled, multilingual, and 34 years old when she wrote this diary, which covers only 58 days. It was first published in 1954, in English, then four years later, in German. They really hated it in Germany.Wiki quotes a German author Hans Magnus Enzensberger about the book’s reception and it’s wo [...]

    7. "Poor words, you do not suffice,"this is what she wrote in her diary.“The truth lay in the mass of closely observed detail,” says this book's editor. “The anonymous diarist possessed an eye so consistent and authentic that even the most imaginative forger would never have been able to reproduce her vision of events.” Indeed, you sense the authenticity in these words--even if the book really was authenticated. Being alongside the author during her private moments of journaling creates spa [...]

    8. وأثناء القراءة؛ بين ثنايا الأسطر وخلفها تتراءى لي رغمًا عنِّي صور جبهة قريبة مشتعلة؛ جبهة سورية لي فيها أخوات يضطرب قلبي خوفًا عليهن في معمعة الحرب أنْ يؤذيهن من لا يرقب فيهن إلّا ولا ذمّة؛حسبنا الله

    9. " امرأة في برلين " مارتا هيلرز هي المجهولة التي وثقت بشكل موضوعي واقعي ثمانية أسابيع في برلين أثناء اجتياح السوفييت لها . بدأت مارتا هيلرز بتسجيل مذكراتها بشكل سري من ٢٠ أبريل و حتى ٢٢ حزيران، تتصاعد المذكرات من بدء دخول السوفييت برلين و قصفهم للمدينة ، هروب الناس إلى الملاجئ [...]

    10. كتاب مؤلم إلى أقصى درجة، يفضح مدى حقارة الإنسان تجاه أخيه الإنسانأفعال تشعر أنها فوق طاقة البشر ولكن للأسف قد فعلها الانسان مليون حالة اغتصاب وقعت في ألمانيا بعد سقوط النازية واجتياح قوات التحالفنسوا معنى الإنسانية واذكر عبدالوهاب المسيري في احد كتبه كان يقول أن كلمة إنسان [...]

    11. The book is a journal that covers first eight weeks of Soviet occupation of Berlin at the end of WW2. This is one of the better written journals and one of the most honest.The author was a gifted writer who didn't sugar coat the subjects of war-time rape when women became nothing more than the spoils of war. The victors were entitled, plain and simple, and no orders, or threats, or pleas could stop the daily assault of Red Army on the female civilians.The German women knew it was coming. They we [...]

    12. I think everybody should read this book. When I began it I warned others that it is about rape in wartime. And that is true. Any subject in a good author’s hands can be worth reading. It is the ability of the author to make that subject comprehensible to readers that distinguishes a good author. We know now who the anonymous writer of these diaries was. Her name is Marta Hillers. The German writer Kurt Marek was responsible for the initial publication of the book in 1954, in the United States. [...]

    13. امرأة في برلين – مارتا هيلرزمارتا هيلرز 1911 – 2001 هي صحفية ألمانية قادها حظها العاثر لتتواجد في برلين في الفترة التي لم يعد بإمكان أحد الخروج من برلين قبيل إجتياح القوات السوفييتية للمدينة في نهاية الحرب العالمية الثانية وقد تمكنت من تسجيل مذكراتها في الفترة المؤرخة ما بين 20 [...]

    14. I was floored. Jaw on the floor, heart in my stomach, tears in my eyes floored. This book should be required reading for all women everywhere. It should be on high school reading lists and mandatory for all new military recruits. About what war does to women and children, about how the men go and fight and forget that if they lose it’s the women who suffer. Who are raped repeatedly and who watch their children starve to death in the rubble of their lives. But Anonymous writes her journal entri [...]

    15. أجمل ما استلخصته من هذه القصة التي أسهب الكثير من الأخوة الكتاب هنا في شرح تفاصيلها هو حالة الخوف والذعر التي انتابت الرجال الألمان بعد سلسلة الهزائم التي تكبدتها قواتهم شرقا وغربا الى الدرجة التي جعلت الجنودالسوفييت يأخذون نساءهم أمام أعينهم دون أدنى مقاومة الرجال الألما [...]

    16. امرأة في برلين: ثمانية أسابيع في مدينة محتلةلا يمكنني أن أصف كم هيَّ شاقة كتابة مراجعة لهذا الكتاب بإمكاني تقييمه وتركه بدون مراجعة ولكن ليس مع هذا الكتاب ومع ظروف كتابته ونشره .لا أستطيع أن أتركه هكذا بدون تعليق .كتبت هذه اليوميات خلال آخر أيام الحرب الثانية .من برلين المدين [...]

    17. امرأة في برلين مرت شهور طويلة على آخر مراجعة كتبتها، لم أتوقف خلالها عن القراءة طبعاً ولكني تركت الكتب تتراكم على مكتبي في انتظار المراجعات، ولكن لأنه لم يكن لدي الوقت ولا البال للكتابة لظروف متراكمة وهموم معيشية مختلفة صارت هذه الكتب تلاً مزعجاً، ولإنسان تعود على الكتابة م [...]

    18. اعتقد المفروض جودريدز يعمل أوبشن يضربني بالقلم لما اجي اقرا حاجة كئيبة و يقولي ماتعمليش كدة ف نفسك يا ندى.قوي جدا.

    19. Since writing the reaction below, I have come to think that the strength of this book is the empathy and intelligence of its author. And yet, I also still feel that the anger is appropriate. Maybe she is simply a different kind of person than I am: better equipped to practice tolerance and empathy and understanding. Also, more practical: a virtue I know that I lack. ______________________________________________I was prepared for the rapes. Here is what I was not prepared for: the words of the m [...]

    20. هناك مايكفي من القذارة في هذه المذكرات. إنها الوحشيّة الطاغية للحياة، فعل الغضب الأعمى للقدر. "لعلها تنتهي" قالت "هذه الحياة السيئة القصيرة".

    21. . This review contains spoilers This is the story – told over a couple of months – about the Russian invasion of Berlin at the end of the Second World War. It is the story seen through the eyes of one woman, a well-travelled journalist, who now finds herself, like millions of other Germans, struggling to survive at the end of the war. She writes without self-pity, suggesting a steely robustness that carried her through the innumerable challenges she had to face. The book was written anonymou [...]

    22. للأسف حروب زمننا هذا ليس لها أهداف سامية و الأسف الأكبر أن ضحيته في النهاية تكون المرأة

    23. This blew me away. What it might be like to live in a city that's subject to invasion, occupation and destruction by an enemy whose force you cannot hope to match -- that's what it offers us a glimpse of.The fact that it's from a German perspective only underlines the reach of this diary. It's an anonymous woman's account of the 20 or so days during which the Russians took Berlin in April 1945. When a city's unarmed citizens (especially the women) become spoils for the victors, and we see humani [...]

    24. يوميات تُرتب مفرداتها مرارة الهزيمة وصدمة المهزوم والذل تحت نظام الجيش المحتل، في هذه اليوميات تلامس ماعاناه الألمان أثناء معايشتهم لسقوط امبراطوريتهم في الحرب العالمية الثانية وكيف تعايشوا مع نهب السوفييت لثرواتهم واغتصابهم لنساءهم

    25. 5 stars for her courage, her bravery, her resilience, her determination, her ability to survive and, most important, her wiliness to share this story with the world. This is an amazing real-life account, by diary entries, of a 34 year old woman that was living in Berlin when the Russians stormed the city. It was terrifying from the first moment she first saw a Russian to a week or so later when some civility was finally put in place. Rape in war has for sure happened many time before in history. [...]

    26. There’s a certain type of survival story that requires the reader – decades later – to weep, commiserate, or at the very least remark on the courage of the one telling the tale. Every time I had even the slightest inclination to do any of those things while reading this book, I felt as if the author was cocking a brow at me, cynically, half-laughing, rejecting my sympathy. She didn’t need it. She wouldn’t want it. It was so refreshing. This is an incredible book, probably one of the be [...]

    27. This is quite a stunning book - some have questioned its authenticity, some on the contrary have carefully explained why it can only be a real document. The fact is, this diary of an ordinary German citizen who lives through the fall of Berlin, during WWII, is breathtaking, and transports us like no other book does into the heart of a nightmare that did happen. As any diary written by a simple citizen, it's all about daily life - yet daily life in Berlin in 1945 is far from normal. It's actually [...]

    28. حسنا مشاعر مختلفة متداخلة مع بعضها البعضلا لن افعل ما افعله كل مرة مع الريفيوهات حيث اقوم بالتحليل و النقد فليس هناك مجال لفعل ذلك مع هكذا اعمالدائما أؤمن ان الاعمال التي تحكي عن حياة اصحابها في الحروب و المحن غير قابلة للتقييم فأنه ليس من حقك ان تقيم ان احدهم قد استطاع ان يعب [...]

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