The Killer, Volume 2

The Killer Volume A brutal bloody and stylish noir story of a professional assassin lost in a world without a moral compass This sequel to The Killer follows our nameless narrator as he tries to track down the trail

  • Title: The Killer, Volume 2
  • Author: Matz Luc Jacamon Edward Gauvin
  • ISBN: 9781932386561
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A brutal, bloody, and stylish noir story of a professional assassin lost in a world without a moral compass This sequel to The Killer follows our nameless narrator as he tries to track down the trail of those behind an attempt on his life, while trying to avoid the kind of personal entanglements that make the life of a professional assassin all the difficult

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    About "Matz Luc Jacamon Edward Gauvin"

    1. Matz Luc Jacamon Edward Gauvin

      Matz is the pseudonym for French writer Alexis Nolent He has written scripts for video games, a novel, and as Matz, a number of comics including Triggerman by Walter Hill His graphic novel, Du plombe dan la tete a.k.a Headshot, was adapted into the 2012 film, Bullet To The Head.See dargaud bd Auteurs Matz for a bio in French.

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    1. What I liked about the second volume, was how the colour palette influenced the whole atmosphere of the story. The green of the island, the alligators, the swamp and the other scenes from the past that were drawn in different tones of green really suited that kind of eerie sphere. The main character is on the run, which doesn’t scare him at all. The way the story evolves is crazy. It is worth reading. Definitely.

    2. After the events of The Killer, Volume 1, we follow our [still nameless] protagonist around as he tries to find out who had a hit put on him. Along the way he becomes a [temporary] hitman for a Colombian drug lord, then befriends said drug lord's godson, as well as a worn-out cop. Not really a hard-boiled crime story (as the blurb would have you believe), it's really an exploration of the mind of a professional hitman (who gets double-crossed and then seeks revenge on his wrongdoers). I like tha [...]

    3. Even better than the first volume. The story evolves in a way that allows for interest in the characters to grow naturally without necessarily siding with them or their views. It's very well written.

    4. Well, it was ok. I liked the first half of it for sure then it got kinda repetitive with volume 1.I really like the artwork on this series as a whole. Really beautiful.Now, the story on this one, is kinda like the 1st volume so that kinda sucks.I mean, same plot give or take, same motives give or take, same things, same theme. Same inner dialogue. I get it, I like The Killer's theme. I get that he mostly talks to himself and he's preaching about life, death, murder, right or wrong. I get it. I r [...]

    5. Our protagonist keeps painting a picture that he doesn't care about humanity or what he does, that he only cares about himself. Yet we see more of his rules being broken and connections being made: his girlfriend is still his girlfriend and he's far more protective, and he finds friends in the godson of a Columbian drug lord and a former cop who has been setup to take a fall. His jobs are also getting increasingly (intentionally) messy. He's needing to make examples of people instead of them dyi [...]

    6. Somehow I preferred Volume 1 to Volume 2. Or perhaps I came with very high standards after Volume 1. My complain with Volume 2 is quite the opposite of my praise with Volume 1. The story or at least what we have as a plot (which like Volume 1 again is quite predictable and one which you must have read / heard / seen a gazillion times) takes center stage. Matz's stories in my opinion are no trailblazers - it is his way of writing - it his choice of entry into the mind of the hitman rather than wh [...]

    7. Volume 1 of ​The Killer leaves off with the progtagonist retired and happy, ready to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Alas, his past comes calling and he's pulled back in. The second volume of Matz and Jacamon's series follows the nameless hitman as he trains another man, makes some friends, and tries to find a way out from under the shadow his career has cast over the rest of his life. Not bad, but not great either. The comic seems to be moving toward a more nuanced kind of ethic, one that sugg [...]

    8. The second volume offers an opportunity to check up on the nameless Killer from Matz's original volume. We see that he has opened up a hunt for those who may have set him up and are looking to bring him in. Despite allowing others to appear in the fringe of his life - a loyal grilfriend who accepts him and his job, a killer-in-training who can never shut up, and an ex-cop screwed over by to system he used to uphold - our protagonist is caught between the safety of solitude and the fear of living [...]

    9. Fantastic noir. The final chapter in the book has a great sense of urgency, and the ending does a good job of leaving just enough questions for the sequel volume (this one was the conclusion of the initial miniseries).

    10. Builds on the promise of the first volume to a satisfying conclusion. The art is serviceable and propels the story along well (that doesn't sound like a very ringing endorsement, does it?). I quite enjoyed this one.

    11. An excellent examination into the mind of a professional assassin. One thing I noticed about the art in this book was that the backgrounds are gorgeous! The plot take us to places like Paris, New York, and Columbia and each locale is rendered in beautiful colors.

    12. Didn't finish. While I liked the first volume (especially the faltering mental state of the protagonist), the second volume was too much talk and an unclear plot.

    13. The first book I liked but i felt that it lacked something, and what it really was was the rest of the story which this takes care of. Combined with Vol 1 this is a really good.

    14. A great mini series with one of the most interesting Assassins i have read. Plus the cool French art was really striking.Looking forward to the sequel that's coming in 2010.

    15. Killer! heh heh! yes it is. A most excellent noir/thriller following the exploits of an assassin, one whose amoral musings border on existentialism. Superbly written and illustrated!

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