Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead Out of the night they come Filling the air with chilling howls the dead are rising from their graves bent on feeding on the flesh and blood of the living They seek out human life And these monstrous

  • Title: Night of the Living Dead
  • Author: John Russo
  • ISBN: 9780446764100
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Paperback
  • Out of the night they come Filling the air with chilling howls, the dead are rising from their graves, bent on feeding on the flesh and blood of the living They seek out human life And these monstrous corpses will let nothing stand in their way as they hunt down the living to satisfy their own evil desires.

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    1. Me ha encantado recuperar este clásico del género en un momento en el que el fenómeno zombi parece hacer perder la fuerza a lo que fue en su día.Interesantísimo el uso de la tensión narrativa e imprescindible el prólogoentremontonesdelibros

    2. Well, this abridged dramatization/audiobook is a good choice to listen to for an eerie hour of after-dark driving. The story is essentially the same as the film with two interesting differences that caught my ear. Anyone who might read this review has surely seen it multiple times, but I'll call spoiler alert here just in case. First, zombie Karen talks to her mother before dinner (which is pretty much opposite everything we learn about the living dead in the film), and, second, she also infects [...]

    3. Nos encontramos ante la novelización del clásico cinematográfico de terror del legendario director George A. Romero: La Noche de los Muertos Vivientes (Night of the Living Dead), proyectada en 1968. Antes de adentrarnos en mi opinión sobre el presente libro, me gustaría ofreceros un prolegómeno muy personal y de igual modo muy interesante al respecto. He de sincerarme diciendo que nunca han llamado mi atención este tipo de adaptación literaria y es la primera que leo. Partiendo de esta p [...]

    4. Ya sabéis que soy amante del género Z, por lo que ya estaba tardando en leer este clásico entre los clásicos, el detonante de los maravillosos zombies. Esta novela está basada en la película con el mismo título que se estrenó en 1968, siendo un gran éxito y pasando a formar parte del cine de culto. Sí que había visto la película, pero no la recuerdo muy bien, así que volveré a verla y próximamente os daré mi opinión sobre ella.Todo comienza cuando los hermanos Bárbara y Johnny, [...]

    5. Basado directamente en la película del mismo nombre de George A. Romero donde se sentaron las bases del zombi moderno, La Noche de los Muertos Vivientes nos narra lo ya vivido en la granja Miller.Con prólogo del mismo Romero, en el cual nos explica un poco cómo se desarrolló el rodaje y los entresijos del mundo cinematográfico de aquella época, la novela está escrita por John A. Russo, guionista de la película, por lo que suponemos de antemano que va a ser fiel a ésta, y no nos equivoca [...]

    6. NOTE: This is a review for the Abridged Night of the Living Dead fully dramatized audio narration.As a fan of the original movie and the 90's remake, I can say this "dramatized" audio narration is an incredible departure from the source material. I'm not actually sure if the intention of the audio production director was to make this as silly and as campy as possible to make it comedic or if this was a serious attempt at producing a work based upon Night of the Living Dead. If it was meant to be [...]

    7. First published back in 1974, the novelisation of the 1968 cult classic film ‘Night of the Living Dead’ was released a surprising six years after the initial release of the controversial yet highly successful movie. The novel was Russo’s debut literally release, which was later followed by a number of similarly pulp horror titles. Having co-written the screenplay alongside the legendary George A Romero, Russo was in the perfect position to extend the success of the N.O.T.L.D. franchise wit [...]

    8. I believe there were two events in the twentieth century that established the era of the post-apocalyptic zombie. The first was the publication of Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend in 1954; the second was the release of the 1968 film Night of the Living Dead. Now, purists might argue that Matheson’s creatures were actually vampires, not zombies. Correct. But what he envisioned was a monster born of some global catastrophe not unlike the events depicted in World War Z. In previous decades, zombi [...]

    9. La noche de los muertos vivientes es uno de los clásicos del cine de terror. Criticada duramente por su gran contenido violento, la obra fue dirigida por George A. Romero, quien después abordó la película desde diversas perspectivas y de quien nos encontramos un prólogo hablando acerca de lo difícil que lo tenía el cine independiente en aquellos momentos.Crítica completa en: alibreria/2018/02/05/la-n

    10. "Night of the Living Dead," the movie, is a classic (and in the public domain), and I spent the summer of 2017 working on a stage adaptation for a Halloween event, since "Rocky Horror" rights were unavailable that year. This is the birth of the classic style zombie, which basically displaced the hypnotized "voodoo zombie" of the previous era. The plot is a little slow, the dialogue almost all exposition, but respect for the classics is in order here.

    11. Magnífico en su crudeza y realismo. Aparte de ser una adaptación perfecta de la película, suple la carencia cinematográfica con una credibilidad en la psicología de sus personajes que hiela la sangre y eriza los pelos.

    12. Το βιβλίο βασίζεται στην πασίγνωστη ταινία τρόμου του Τζορτζ Ρομέρο και συγγραφέας του είναι ο σεναριογράφος της ταινίας, Τζον Ρούσο. Δεν μπορώ να καταλάβω γιατί επιλέχθηκε αυτός ο τίτλος και όχι ο πολύ καλύτερος Η νύχτα των ζωντανών νεκρών, αλλά αυτά έχουν οι φτηνές ελλην [...]

    13. This is one of those graphic novels that a parent must read before allowing their child to read it. It is not appropriate for children. It's not overly violent but there is a lot of drawn nudity and sex. I was a little shocked at how graphic that was.This graphic novel is based on the original Night of the Living Dead movie. It jumps around various characters and scenes as the first wave of zombies happen. There is some interesting insight to some of the characters that wasn't in the original mo [...]

    14. The Night of the Living Dead novel resembles the film in many ways. Though the beginning contains an odd introspective introduction that is not included in the film and the ending is changed ever so slightly. Other than that it plays out the exact same way, often including many of the same lines, though sometimes improving them for a less clumsy read.Russo is a rather adept author, after a somewhat bumpy intro he hits his stride and the novel begins to flow. Like the film the suspense rises as t [...]

    15. Book adaptation of the classic horror film by one of its two creators.You know the film, you know the book.One of the few additions to this novel is in the depiction of the posse that roams the land to shoot the zombies (or ghouls as they are still called here).The famous downbeat surprise ending of the movie is left intact (though there is a small but somewhat crucial change about Ben's physical state that waters that ending down a bit) but we get more of a back story into the individuals that [...]

    16. Being the progenitor of an entire genre, I had high hopes for this book. The plot and story line follow almost verbatim the movie. In fact, the book appears to be a mere adaptation of the screenplay into a fiction novel. Unfortunately, I felt the writing was poor and needed to be updated/edited for a more modern audience. From a proliferation of run-on sentences to head-hopping four or five characters in a single scene, I found it all too distracting to focus on the actual story. I really did wa [...]

    17. Poiché mi sono appassionata al genere alla veneranda età di trentadue anni, ho cominciato solo di recente a esplorarne i classici; e questo vecchio racconto, firmato John Russo, non delude: datato nello stile, complice anche il filtro della traduzione, porta in scena paure e topoi compositivi che avranno poi una lunga e fruttuosa vita editoriale.Fin dalla scena d'apertura la tensione narrativa è altissima e il sentimento di tragica ineluttabilità che pervade i protagonisti è trasmesso al le [...]

    18. If you liked the film, then you will enjoy this basic straight port of the Russo script. There are some extra small touches along the way which help add some new colors to the tale as well, including [SPOILER:]the posse trained to decapitate the ghouls, and Ben's fate handled with some extra cutting remarks by Sheriff McClellan and his posse.[/SPOILER:].Recommended for fans of the film and zombie-fu followers in general.

    19. This novel was fast paced and action packed, it was definitely a page turner but I didn't feel that the characters were developed enough for me to care if the lived or died. I think if the novel was slightly longer and it gave more of a background of each character I might have felt more suspense and fear for their lives. Still an enjoyable read though and I would recommend for all Zombie lovers.

    20. The first chapter is nearly word-for-word identical to the opening scenes of the film, but after this point, the novel does vary a little bit. I enjoyed learning quite a bit more about Ben and his motives. Harry Cooper is still the same ol asshole. I was also amused to read the word "zombie" in one spot; you'll notice the film never once mentions the z-word. George Romero's introduction was enlightening; he's an intelligent, well-written man.

    21. Una maravilla de historia, un clásico del terror contemporaneo, que no puede faltar entre las lecturas obligatorias del género del terror.El bajo nivel literario del libro no merma el interés de la narración, llena de tensión, claustrofobia, miedo y escenas espeluznantes.El libro engancha mucho y la tensión va increscendo hasta llegar al final, un final brutal!Un buen libro cortito perfecto para iniciarse en esto del terror sin agobiarse!

    22. I don't normally read novelizations, but when I saw that this was written by the man who wrote the original movie, I couldn't resist. Although it clearly follows the story of the movie, it is much more fleshed out and adds to the orinal movie. I have always loved this movie and am really glad I found this book!

    23. I had never even heard of the movie when I bought this book, which is a good thing, because reading it was and still remains one of the most viscerally terrifying experiences of my life. Seeing the movie first would have most certainly diluted that affect. My mother borrowed it when I had finished and returned it the next day. It scared her so much she couldn't even finish the first chapter.

    24. Una obra maestra del género de terror sin duda. Me ha tenido enganchada y temerosa desde la primera página. Desde Hellraiser no leía nada igual. Sabía que me iba a gustar porque reunia todos los elementos para que lo hiciera, pero Russo lo ha elevado a otro nivel. La semana que viene subiré reseña completa en el blog: capitulo-26/

    25. If you are a per or hardcore fan of the zombie genre this book is for you the story is one of the classic stories in the zombie world. It the beginning of the a world wide sensation that has what a zombie fan would want just enjoy the masterpiece

    26. If you like the movie, this is perfect. It really helped me understand a few things about Barbara and made me like her a bit more than I originally did. This movie is a classic and the book is a great companion piece.

    27. It was ok I thought that it could have more details with the zombies. for those you like zombies book without great details then you would like it. but those like me who like the gruesome description of the zombies with more creepy nest than it not for you

    28. A very satisfying fun read. A novelization of the movie by one of the screenwriters. Some paperback editions include a section of photos from the film. See also Russo's Return of the Living Dead.

    29. The dead shall walk the earth. Excellent narrative of the black and white movie that started the zombie craze! Good read if you are a zombie fan.

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