Kings In Grass Castles

Kings In Grass Castles When Patrick Durack left Western Ireland for Australia in he was to found a pioneering dynasty and build a cattle empire across the great stretches of Australia With a profound sense of family h

  • Title: Kings In Grass Castles
  • Author: Mary Durack
  • ISBN: 9780733801563
  • Page: 170
  • Format: None
  • When Patrick Durack left Western Ireland for Australia in 1853, he was to found a pioneering dynasty and build a cattle empire across the great stretches of Australia.With a profound sense of family history, his grand daughter, Mary Durack, has reconstructed the Durack saga a story of intrepid men and ground breaking adventure.

    Kings in Grass Castles TV Mini Series Mar , The title is derived from a complete line in the source novel which reads If it s kings we are, it s kings in grass castles that may be blown away in the wind See Frequently Asked Questions This FAQ is empty Add the first question User Reviews A stirring tale to make all Australians feel good, or anybody else who has ever Watch Kings in Grass Castles Prime Video Aug , Kings in Grass Castles depicts both the atrocities committed against the indigenous peoples of Australia and a family s fight to escape and survive the famine in Ireland Several subplots come into play, artfully woven into the fabric of the story. Kings in Grass Castles TV Mini Series Full Cast Kings in Grass Castles TV Mini Series cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and . Kings in Grass Castles Kings in Grass Castles Mary Durack Mar , Kings in Grass Castles is a true story of how one man and his family made a huge impact on settling the outermost areas of Australia The author is kin to the main characters in the book and has done well researching and coralating information to provide as Kings in Grass Castles Cast and Crew Moviefone Kings in Grass Castles Cast and Crew Chronicling years in the lives of an Irish family who established roots in th century Australia. Kings In Grass Castles by Mary Durack KINGS IN GRASS CASTLES provides an absorbing read, provokes admiration of the guts of these people, sorrow for the fate of the Aborigines, brushed aside and often murdered , and disappointment that no one now will ever see that magnificent, untouched land again The only flaw is that, as a Kings in Grass Castles Australian Historical Drama Kings in Grass Castles is an Australian historical drama that chronicles the tumultuous settlement in colonial Australia of three generations of a pioneering immigrant Irish family.

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    About "Mary Durack"

    1. Mary Durack

      Dame Mary Durack was an Australian author and historian The Durack family were pioneers in the settlement of Australia by Europeans The story of her family s history, beginning with the mid 19th century migration from Ireland, is presented by Durack in Kings in Grass Castles, and its sequel, Sons in the Saddle.Durack married the aviator, Captain Horrie C Miller, and had two sons and four daughters She was appointed a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire DBE in 1977 for her services to literature.

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    1. You have to be ready to read this book; its very detailed and can be a bit slow in places, but, the wealth of knowledge it contains about early white settlement in Australia is outstanding. So is the follow-up: Sons in the SaddleBoth books have to be read in the context of their time and the social, geographical and political environments of the timeI've just read it again and thoroughly enjoyed it. This time however, I was in no rush as I already knew how it ended. So, I got to read and savour [...]

    2. An Outback Family SagaThough Australia, like North America, came to its present form through immigration and pioneering settlement, its history contains major differences, perhaps partly because everything happened much later, and partly because it was so far away from the mother countries. Whatever the case, Australia's pioneering stories are not nearly as well known in the wider world as are those of the USA. American mythology dwells long and lovingly on those pioneer journeys, the struggles [...]

    3. Yes. It absolutely has to be a classic. A forever tale of Australia. Because it is based in hstorical fact. Enamouring, enthralling. I read this when I hadn't long been in Australia It may have been in the cards but not yet certain, that I would stay.The descriptions of characters, the land, the genuine trails opened and used. The Droving lifestyle in evidence even today is all genuine material.Another such is the story of Heartbreak Corner by Fleur Lehane, building upon the life of another Dura [...]

    4. I'm torn on how to describe this book. It was obviously thoroughly researched and describes the lives of squatter families in unique detail. But this fact also means the story moves at a sluggish pace. As I listened to it on audio I just tunes out for some of the (unnecessary detail) and just took in the broad strokes which I enjoyed. I don't think I would have finished it if I was reading the hard copy.

    5. I finished it but it was a hard slog.Yes it is a classic of Australian literature but it was very dry and had too much detail (e.g. How much inventory was purchased by each item). By the time I got to the great tick disagreement I just wanted the book to end. I would say it is a 2 star for enjoyment but it gets an extra star for being so well researched.

    6. I always find it difficult to review and rate biographies. Are you rating the quality of the story (i.e. the person's life) or the quality of the writing. Kings in Grass Castles was not originally written for publication and was a chronicle of the early history of the Durack family in Australia. It was interesting and entertaining enough to be published but at times it gets a bogged down. It has taken me a very long time to finish the book but I never felt that I was going to abandon it.

    7. I came to Kings in Grass Castles looking for an Australian novel by an Australian woman author published in the 1950's for a book challenge. I cannot recommend it. The story is promising. An account of the author's Irish family emmigrating to Australia in the mid-ninteenth century and building a ranching empire in Western Queensland and Northern Western Australia, it has the scope and potential of a James Michener or Herman Wouk saga. The writing in this book poorly serves the grandeur of the st [...]

    8. A rewarding, enjoyable read about the settlement by pastoral families of two of my favourite parts of Australia–Cooper’s Creek in SW Queensland and the Kimberley region of WA. The Irish Durack family first arrived in Australia in 1849 to escape the squalor and starvation of post-1845 potato famine Ireland. The story, recounted by the grand daughter of Patsy Durack, is one of optimism, determination and physicality as the men and women battle drought, flood, government legislation and economi [...]

    9. A fascinating history of pioneering farmers - graziers - in 19th century Australia. I have been to many of the places mentioned, and I really enjoyed this book. I found Patsy Durack, Mary's grandfather, a wonderful character who she depicted really well even though he died almost 20 years before she was born. The picture of her grandmother was less well done, but the story was very moving in the way that so many people died, of things which would not cause death today. Recommended.

    10. This is a personal tale, of the Irish migrant family’s toils and troubles in Australian cattle-farming in the mid-1800s. It doesn’t attempt to present a balanced view of the times, nor honestly present the impact such settlers had on Indigenous Australians. A glorification of the Durack’s rise from poverty to outback ‘royalty’, Kings in Grass Castles is a very real story of the acquisition of power and its effects.

    11. Too boring and too much of the same thing year after year. I thought it was going to move along much faster than that. Can't fault the historical research and certainly opens your eyes up to how very tough times were and you have to admire the settlers that paved the way. Great story if you're into history and early Australia

    12. Since it is a true story of the Durack family from Ireland to Goulburn to Cooper Creek to the Kimberley in the 1800's it is an intense book but so well worth the read. Hearing about life in outback Australia when there was nothing there brought home the seriousness of their struggle and how determined the Durack's were.

    13. Fantastic book! Amazing what our pioneers went through in order to travel to, clear and attempt to farm not only our coastlines, but the Centre and North of Australia. The hardships, the loss, the pain and of course the wonder of discovering and attempting to tame a wild land.The Durack family and other courageous pioneers of Australia are truly our heros!

    14. Although interesting and full of history I found this book a real slog. It is the story of the author's family who were among the first ranchers to settle in Australia. They were from Ireland and she has done a great job of research and filling in with letters and diaries. However, it is a very long, slow read.

    15. I can't finish this one, it is a bit ordinary for me. I have enjoyed some of what I have read and I think it a great book if you are part of the Durack family. I wish we had a book similar on our family. It has been interesting to read about the early settlement in Australia but I have got about half way and I have had enough.

    16. 88% through audio book- it's a very long and very detailed account of one Irish family, especially the story of the author's grandfather and father settling in Australia and the cattle business in the late 19s.

    17. Move over Dallas or Gone With The Wind. If you want sweeping saga, this is the book for you. It is about early Australian settlers and cattle kings in the 1800s. It is a bit slow in places but very interesting. The sequel Sons In The Saddle is also worth a read.

    18. Enjoyed this book very much but then I love Australian History and the stories of the hardships of the early pioneers and how they lived and survived the floods and the droughts. The people on the land are survivors and always have been.

    19. Not the easiest book to read but interesting to find out how someone went from having so little to having so much with ALOT of hard work and to find out the amazing distances they travelled and things they went through to settle outback Queensland and the Ord

    20. An interesting historical account of the Durack family and their pioneering efforts across Australia in the late 1800s. I didn't expect to feel so much a part of their history - which is somehow also mine, and I couldn't help crying at the end.

    21. Looking forward to reading this one, have wanted to read it for a while. It will be interesting to read it after spending some time in the Kimberley.

    22. Incredibly detailed and somewhat dense, this epic of one of Australia's pioneering families is an incredible account of our pastoral foundations.

    23. Fascinating history and a real family saga, which showed the strength and endurance beyond all hardships. I relished the experiences of what my forebears would have also survived and prospered in.

    24. Fascinating book about the beginnings of colonial settlement in Australia and pioneering cattle ranching in Queensland.

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