I Just Want You to Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith, and Family

I Just Want You to Know Letters to My Kids on Love Faith and Family Using excerpts and written prayers from her journal Kate Gosselin offers an intimate look at the heart of a mother during the three years her family transitioned from obscurity into television fame

  • Title: I Just Want You to Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith, and Family
  • Author: Kate Gosselin
  • ISBN: 9780310318965
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Using excerpts and written prayers from her journal, Kate Gosselin offers an intimate look at the heart of a mother during the three years her family transitioned from obscurity into television fame.

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    1. Kate Gosselin

      Katie Kate Irene Gosselin, n e Kreider is an American television personality and author She is best known for the reality show Jon Kate Plus 8, which profiles her and her then husband Jon Gosselin as they raise their atypical family consisting of sextuplets and twins.

    130 thoughts on “I Just Want You to Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith, and Family”

    1. This book would be a cute idea for any mother who wants to let her children know where they came from and why she loves each of them individually.Aaaaannnnd, that's exactly what it should have stayed. Personal. Not for public consumption.

    2. *a book to borrow, not to buy*I probably shouldn't, but I do like Kate. Of course she is ridiculously difficult, but I do think that she's a good mother (there are worse out there). Either way, this book is really only meant to read by Kate fans, anyone else might find it so unKatelike that it seems disingenuous. Which, even as a Kate fan, it does at times.It's a quick read, a bit of repetition which happens naturally when you have eight kids and eight letters to write. A mother's love is indeed [...]

    3. I liked that this book focused on family, memories and traditions. Faith keeps Kate going and it's clear she wants to pass on her belief that having God in your life can make a difference (she writes about this to six of her eight kids). She trusts God for her kids' safety and any other time she can't control an outcome and it seems there are many situations she would like to have more control of with regards to being in the public eye (I don't watch her show or read the tabloids; I did see her [...]

    4. Writing Style: 3.5/5 Overall Rating: 4/5 stars So here we go yet again, the third book by Kate Gosselin.Don't get me wrong, I love her, and find her to be quite the inspiration but it makes me sad. I miss the old Gosselins', and I feel like they've all changed SO much! They definitely are not your typical average-income neighbourhood family anymoreOther than that bit, the book itsef was good. It was sort of a follow up to "Multiple Blessings", which I loved as well. In this one, Kate continues o [...]

    5. A very touching living memory book for her children. Whatever one thinks about Kate Gosselin, it is clear that she loves her children. I really enjoyed reading this, but it made me so sad. My heart was truly broken for this broken family and I intend to begin praying for them. Definitely a well-written book straight from the heart and very touching.

    6. Why does this book exist? Really, I'm never reading it, I can't even be bothered to spare the 20 minutes or whatever for the show. If you were going to read this, do yourself a favor and read something of literary value, it might make you smarter and the world will thank you.

    7. I know that there is a lot of controversy about Kate and her family. It seems like either people hate her or love her - no in between. I have been a Kate fan from the beginning. I have watched the show from the time the very first special aired. I think that the show really kind of cast her in a bad light. But, if you have kids, you KNOW they can try your patience. Just think about that times 8! I know that I would be going crazy, and if I was on a reality show I would not come off as the perfec [...]

    8. I really and truly am a fan of the Gosselins. They were the only TV family I ever watched or cared about. I think that they are very misunderstood and I feel bad for them a lot of the time. I don't agree with all of the decisions they make, but I don't agree with all of the decisions ANYONE makes, including myself.It was nice to revisit the family after what seems like such along time and again, I found it nice to be able to picture an event actually happening or actually "see"/"hear" a story pl [...]

    9. I was pleasantly surprised by this title. Her previous book was, to me, a pointless read: if you watched the show, you already knew about it. Any major problems were 'solved by God and prayer' which I don't have a problem with, but it sort of messes us your plot. Major problems the family faced: sickness, job loss, a stillborn baby; were all 'solved' without any clues as to what actually happened. It was like watching Entourage: everything always works out perfectly in the end, so it's boring to [...]

    10. I would give this 2.5 stars- better than just ok. I'm "stuck" in some other books that I'm reading, so when I saw this at the $1 store, I thought it would be a good quick read and it was.I watched the show often through 2008, when we got rid of cable. I can't say I was a Kate fan- started out that way, but then I saw the meaner, nastier side more often and I stopped watching before we got rid of cable.The one thing I couldn't help but think when reading this is that I was wondering if I was read [...]

    11. I am astonished at all the bad reviews which are mostly written by people who have decided they do not like Kate Gosselin, though they do not know her, I thought the book was redundant of the events that occurred on the show, and a little boring because of that but by no means was it a bad book. I also do not know her, so I do not feel right in judging her. I do know if I were a mom with that many children and TLC offered me millions of dollars to film us going to the zoo and living life, I woul [...]

    12. This was a very quick (~1.5 hours) and extremely easy read. I've watched the show because for some reason, I've always been fascinated about how others go about and organize their daily lives. The book wasn't poorly written for a memoir and it did offer some insight on the hurdles that the Gosselin family has had to jump over. However, some parts of the book were just obnoxious (for example, when she listed all the free items, money, and help they received and then immediately afterwards claims [...]

    13. A quick read, with some overview from Kate Gosselin's perspective on her children and family events. Fans of Ms Gosselin might find a lot of the the material to be "old news" (like I did) - but the letters are generally sweet and heartwarming. Critics should probably skip this one.Great for inspiration if you are looking to write letters to your own children, less fulfilling if you are a fan looking for a Gosselin fix.There are a few recipes in the back, which are perfect if you have a young Gos [...]

    14. I used to be a huge fan of Jon and Kate Plus 8, but now that it is only Kate Plus 8, I haven't been as much of a fan. Regardless, I was still intrigued by this book, so when I got it on sale, I was pretty happy. After reading it, I feel slightly disappointed. It was interesting - even inspirational - but it also lacked specific details at times. Overall, it's a great book for Kate to give her children to help them understand what their lives were like behind the scenes in the early years, but it [...]

    15. Although the last one was only okay, I still couldn't stop myself from picking up this current title/sequel to Multiple Blessings. I liked it a lot more than the last oneybe because it was very genuine and she seemed really relatable. She explains a lot of the choices she has made and has been criticized for. I also love reading about how she handled so many kids. I skipped over the letters she wrote to each kid. A very quick read.

    16. Ok, I admit I liked the show, it was kinda like not being able to not look at a wreck. It was fascinating to see how in the world to handle and organize all the children. Yes, she was hard, but she had to be when the dad wanted to be a kid too. Had no expectations of the book, just another insight how she mothered and loved kids. She's making the best of what happened, which is more than can be said for honor octomom.

    17. I read this book in just a few hours last night. It was very quick and I was sad when it was over. I thought it was positive and uplifting. It made me want to be a better mother and more organized. I love getting tips and ideas from other moms. This one had a few recipes in the back that look great. I tried the No Bake Cookies today and they were fabulous! I guess she is coming out with a cookbook next.

    18. I didn't know if I would enjoy this book as much as I did the first one after everything that has happened to them, but I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed reading it because I liked reminiscing on the earlier years of the baby Gosselin's. I remember loving to watch that show every week and being inspired. Unfortunately I quit watching the show, but if I could, I would watch reruns over and over of the earlier years. I miss those years as I'm sure they do too.

    19. I only read this because I found it at the dollar store one day. I used to be a fan of the Jon & Kate Plus Eight show, for the first couple seasons, then it got really old with her bitchiness and OCD stuff, but that kind of is what drew us to like her, right? Anyway, the book gets boring pretty quick because it becomes redundant and it's piecey and frankly I didn't read any of the letters to her kids beyond the first two. I dunno. I wouldn't have read it if it wasn't a buck.

    20. I thought this book was pretty good. I know a lot of people do like her or her family that well. But she did a great job at explaing about her life and telling her kids what amazing joy they brought to her life. I connect to that because my parents tell me that they are happy to have me around even though they get so mad at me sometimes. But this book shows how much she loves and really does care for her kids. Its not just all about her.

    21. One of the BEST books I've read to date.A good guide to assist parents/parents-to-be of mulitples with organization. She has this thing down to a Science.The book was written in Journal entry format, which was nice. She used real words and "baby talk" (which she'd later translate) to describe particular situations in and outside of the home. The letters were heartfelt and the pictures were adorable.

    22. I don't even know why I read this book. It's not that it is bad or anything- I just personally cannot stand this woman. She drives me crazy with how she talksor screams all the time. But I loved the show, I love watching those kids grow up, and Ive read her other books. So I read it. If you like Kate, you will like this book. If you do not like hearing how you should quit your job because the Lord wants you to and will provide for you through other people- you will not like this book.

    23. It was an easy read personally preferred to read the stories over the letters to her children. The letters seemed very similar and she said a lot of the same things to each of them so they were somewhat repetitive. Overall though I got through it pretty quick. Some parts were very touching and even though I don't have children I admire the sacrifices her and Jon made for their kids, and everything that they did and still have to do for a family with multiples.

    24. This book was ok. I was bored and on my lunch break at work and had put this book away earlier that day. I decided that i would read a little and see what customers were talking about. I stayed about an hour after work and finished it it wasnt that bad. Just talks about the family, and faith, and how no ones family is like the rady Bunch Happily ever after at the closing of the thirty minute show.

    25. I'm glad I read it, but after awhile it became a bit boring. A lot of the "letters" she wrote to her children were very similar. I was glad she did not speak ill of her now ex-husband, but told the children of their lives when they were too little to remember. It told little stories that were not in her other books, so it was a nice "continuation" on the other books.

    26. This book seemed a lot more genuine than "Eight Little Faces." I didn't read her letters to her kids. I take that back--I read the first one and skipped the rest because those were the only sections I found to be, for lack of a better word, scripted. They were just too perfect and cutesy to seem real to me. But maybe I'm jaded. Yeah. That's probably it.

    27. I loved her show. Those children tugged at my heart strings. This was a quick and easy read. I guess it was predictable. I couldn't quiet that nagging voice in the back of my head, " Did she only write this to try and change public opinion"?.This is a worthwhile read, I wouldn't want you to pay full price for it though. SO, maybe borrow from the library, purchase on EBay. etc.

    28. Was good. I think I enjoyed the letters to her children and the pictures the most probablyever they were someone repetitive. I kind of have more respect for Kate after reading thist that I didn't beforebut I think she is misunderstood mostly. Those people the misunderstand her are the people that should read this bookor at least certain parts.'

    29. As I read this book I wondered if all the attention the family received effected them. In the book Kate explains how she could have done things differently, regrets doing and acting some ways, but all in all she is a mommy and does everything for her children. they are her life which she will always be thankful for. This book is good and those interested in the Gosselin family will enjoy it.

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