A Dash of Scandal

A Dash of Scandal When Millicent comes to the aid of her injured aunt she never imagined her help would require her to do all of the legwork her aunt can t do attend society s most fashionable events in order to help

  • Title: A Dash of Scandal
  • Author: Amelia Grey
  • ISBN: 9780515134018
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Millicent comes to the aid of her injured aunt, she never imagined her help would require her to do all of the legwork her aunt can t do attend society s most fashionable events in order to help write her aunt s gossip column But the devastatingly handsome Chandler Preswick, Earl of Dunraven, is on to her when he sees Millicent writing notes on her dance card OutrWhen Millicent comes to the aid of her injured aunt, she never imagined her help would require her to do all of the legwork her aunt can t do attend society s most fashionable events in order to help write her aunt s gossip column But the devastatingly handsome Chandler Preswick, Earl of Dunraven, is on to her when he sees Millicent writing notes on her dance card Outraged, he believes she s connected to the mysterious Mad Ton Thief and vows to expose her Millicent must stop him before they are both plunged into scandal If only he weren t so irresistibly attractive

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    1. Amelia Grey

      Amelia Grey aka Gloria Dale Skinner grew up in a small town in the Florida Panhandle She has been happily married to her high school sweetheart for over twenty five years She has lived in Alabama, Connecticut, New Hampshire and now lives in Florida Amelia has won the coveted Romantic Times award for Love and Laughter, the prestigious Maggie award for best historical and Affaire de Coeur s best American historical award She has been a finalist for the Golden Heart and the Holt Medallion awards which are given by Romance Writers of America and numerous other awards Her books have been sold to many countries in Europe, Russia and China Amelia likes flowers, candlelight, sweet smiles, gentle laughter and sunshine.

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    1. This was so adorably cute and unpredictable. Our characters lead us on a merry chase as they not only try to get to know each other or not to but also try to find out who in all of London is a thief that steals right under their preferable noses.Millicent has arrived from the country to aid her ailing Aunt with a most secret mission. Auntie tells her she is not to bring notice to herself but to mingle with the ton during their every evening parties gathering every juicy bit of gossip that's to b [...]

    2. Not only scandal, but love, laughter, secrets and mystery abound in Amelia Grey's latest delightful Regency historical, A DASH OF SCANDAL.A mysterious thief has invaded the ton, stealing priceless objects d'art, including a gold raven sculpture from the Earl of Dunraven. Then the earl meets Miss Millicent Blair, who always takes notes at parties and secretes herself in dark corners. Could this charming young lady possibly be the thief? Not helping Dunraven's quest to retrieve his property are th [...]

    3. Millicent Blair has come to London on the request of her Aunt. Her Aunt Beatrice has recently fallen and is covered with bruises, has a hurt leg, and broke her arm. She hasn't called Millicent to her to take care of her though. She wants her to go to the best parties for the season and find out all the gossip on the Ton. It turns out Lady Beatrice is actually the gossip column writer Lord Truefitt and now she needs Millicent to fill in for her while she is injured. Millicent goes about her spyin [...]

    4. A Dash of Scandal by Amelia GreyGrade: C“Can a startle be good?’ she asked.“Yes.”“How so?”“I’ll show you sometime, but in order for it to work you can’t have a guilty conscience.”Millicent Blair never thought she would have a season in high English society, The Ton, after twenty years earlier her mother was driven from London by scandal and never returned. An unfortunate accident involving her dear aunt, her aunt’s dog and a flight of stairs make it impossible for her aunt [...]

    5. Delightful and charming, those are the words to describe this book. It was just so sweet and wonderful. I had a grin on my face while reading and I just could not read fast enough. At the end I truly feared for them, even though I know that of course there would be a HEA.Millicent, our lovely heroine comes to London to help her aunt, who writes a gossip column in secret. But she needs Millie's help and so Millie gets her season but tries to stay under the radar. But what would the book be if she [...]

    6. Very Little SubstanceChandler, the Earl of Dunraven, is obsessed with finding the thief that stole a priceless heirloom from his home during a dinner party. He scans everyone at every party thereafter, determined to bring the thief to justice. His watchful eye brings to his attention a lovely young lady, Millicent Blair, who is new to the ton. Her suspicious actions makes Chandler wonder if she might have some of the answers he seeks.This book starts out with the beginning of an excellent myster [...]

    7. Di bagian awal buku ini aku tertarik dengan ide penyamaran Milly yang menggantikan bibinya untuk memata-matai setiap pesta dansa di London. Bibi Milly tersebut diam-diam adalah penulis kolom gosip yang paling dinanti dan menjadi topik hangat sosialita London. Sebagai seorang keponakan dari desa, Milly tinggal di rumah bibinya dan diperkenalkan ke pesta dansa oleh sahabat bibi yang tentu saja sekaligus menjadi pendampingnya selama mengorek gosip dari sekitarnya.Walaupun sebenarnya Milly enggan me [...]

    8. A DASH OF SCANDAL by Amelia Grey is a historical romance set in Regency England.It is the story of the dashing,handsome,sexy,Chandler, Earl of Dunraven and Millicent,a gently bred lady who is in London to help her aunt,who writes a gossip column for Society's Daily Column as Lord Truefitt.It has witty dialogue,with mystery,a clever scheme,vivid characters,sensual tension,romance,thief,and a spice of love. This is an engaging story full of charm,set at a lively pace that is sure to appeal to any [...]

    9. 3.5 stars!Oh ya, this is a sweet story!-------Millicent Blair tidak memiliki niat untuk mendapatkan kehidupan seperti Ibunya-walau berakhir bahagia dengan harga yang berat sebelumnya. Namun ia tidak dapat menolak pesona buaya darat, Chandler, Lord Duraven. Millicent sudah berusaha keras untuk menjaga jarak dengan Lord itu, dan mengingat apa yang dilakukan oleh dirinya karena harus membantu Bibinya di London, Millicent percaya bahwa ia bukanlah tipe wanita yang hendak dinikahi oleh Chandler. Sean [...]

    10. A young girl leaves her country home and arrives in London to help her aunt who has suffered a fall. The aunt writes a gossip column for the daily newspaper under the name of Lord Truefitt. Since she is unable to attend the balls and soirees to learn the latest gossip, her niece has been recruited to take her place. She was warned about the Terrible Threesomes, a trio of young men who attended school together and now have reputations as hellraisers. Millicent Blair meets one of the Treesomes, th [...]

    11. Characters are engaging the plot is delicious and the ending is perfect. The characters are bold, smart and sweet without being annoying. I love that the female character owns up to being attractive to the male character without being melodramatic. I like that the male character keeps his interest to himself and doesn't exploit her and I like that he truly likes the female character and really wants to know all about her.I also enjoy the small investigative work that the characters have to solve [...]

    12. A Dash of Scandal by Amelia Grey was a quick read for me since once I started reading it, I didn't want to put it down! Grey's main characters--Millicent, Chandler, Aunt Beatrice, and Lord and Lady Heathecoute take us to the days of London's best parties of the Season. Grey throws in a few Shakespeare quotes, some society gossip, some physical chemistry, and a mysterious Mad Ton Thief and the pages just flow. The story is well written, has interesting characters, and doesn't need foul language o [...]

    13. Przyznam szczerze że książka mnie pozytywnie zaskoczyła i zaciekawiła. Nie sięgam często po akurat ten rodzaj książek ale trafiła się więc przeczytałam. Fajnie napisana, przyczepi się można, trochę oklepany temat - Dobra dziewczyna zakochuje się w tym najgorszym i mimo równie oklepanych przeciwności losu żyjemy razem i jesteśmy szczęśliwi - classic happy end - Jednak książka do poczytania i oderwania się od szarej codzienności. Polecam :)Enjoy!-JB

    14. I liked this romance with a twist of mystery. My favorite parts were the humorous and intelligent exchanges. My only complaint was something Millicent asked Chandler at the end of the book. I didn't find that to be believable, but other than that I enjoyed the book thoroughly.

    15. An okay book (not well-edited which was very distracting) about a girl who starts the story substituting as a gossip columnist for her aunt who tripped over a dog.The hero is okay too I guess, rogue who's slept with countless women but changes his reckless ways for an intriguing innocent.

    16. A great quick read Enjoyed this very much. Nice couple, good dialogue. Witty and romantic story. Another good story by this author. Will read more of her!

    17. Gossip columnist, definitely an interesting premise. But the rest of it is exactly as we expected, for the followers of this genre. The usual Regency romance.

    18. Another run of the mill Regency romance. I got through this but frankly I was bored! Someone else might enjoy this though.

    19. Loved the funny & sweet romance between Millicent (ok her name does suck) and Chandler! Many endearing scenes with swoon-worthy dialogues.

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